The big fellow’s face was confused. He stared at Qing Lin for a long time, then went to Qing Lin, knelt down in front of Qing Lin, lowered his head and said nothing.


Qing Lin is bold, and the big fellow is so close to him. His heart is pounding with fear, but his steps never move back. "Who are you?" Why don’t you talk? "
The big fellow raised his head, pointed to his throat with his finger, and then waved his hand.
Qing Lin guessed, "You can’t talk? Something wrong with the throat? "
The big fellow nodded repeatedly.
Qing Lin asked, "Are you a soybean?"
The big fellow nodded again.
Qing Lin thought for a moment and then asked, "Soybeans can become you, can you also become soybeans?" I don’t need your help now. You must consume a lot of aura to keep this state. I have no place to add it to you. "
The big fellow did not move. Green forest is in a hurry. This big fellow who is transformed from soybeans is powerful. If used properly, he can certainly help a lot in many cases. He is working here now, wasting his aura in vain. Green forest only has a piece of defective spar, which is not enough to supplement the loss of small soybean people. I am afraid that a piece of defective spar is not enough.
Qing Lin said urgently, "You’ve changed! You’ll change it for me! "
A warm current came into being in Qinglin’s mind, accompanied by a difficult and obscure spiritual formula, which Qinglin subconsciously read out. A faint green light emerged from the big fellow. In the blink of an eye, the big fellow disappeared and was replaced by a soybean lying on the ground. The flashing green light on it was not much different from when Qing Lin just found him.
Qing Lin took a long breath, bent down and grasped the soybean in his hand, carefully putting it away. After that, Qing Lin was prone on the ground again, and his hands kept pulling among the soybeans spread on the ground, trying to find one or two soybeans that could emit green light. I planed back and forth for seven or eight times, but the soybeans were still those soybeans, and none of them could emit green light.
Qing Lin put the soybeans into the cloth bag. He looked out of the window at the sun and found that it was already west. It was time to prepare dinner.
When Qing Lin got the food ready, it was sunset. Qing Lin rang the iron bell hanging in the dining hall. A moment later, Lu Shangpeng and others took their seats in the dining hall, and Qing Lin handed out the food.
Qing Lin observed that everyone was trying to deal with the meal in front of him, and no one noticed him. Qing Lin hesitated, finally made up his mind and walked beside Lu Shangpeng. "Brother Lu, can I ask you a question?"
Lu Shangpeng just picked up a green vegetable and put it in his mouth. He said vaguely, "What can I do for you?"
Qing Lin said in a low voice, "I want to ask, where can I get spar?"
Lu Shangpeng misunderstood, thinking that Qing Lin was still thinking about the disappearance of talent. He quickly chewed a few mouthfuls and swallowed the green vegetables. After that, he said earnestly: "Qing Lin, the disappearance of talent is irreversible, even if you use spar, it is impossible. As far as I know, after the talent disappears, that person will become worse than ordinary people, and his understanding will be greatly reduced, which is no longer suitable for cultivation. I advise you to save your energy Save the money for buying spar, go home and build a house, get a wife, buy two cows, a few acres of barren land, and live a moist life. Why are you so stubborn? "
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Chapter 12 Aoki tactic
Chapter 12 Aoki tactic 【 collection, recommended votes 】
Second, more tickets! Ask for a collection!
Qing Lin knew Lu Shangpeng misunderstood, and he was afraid to tell the strange things he met today. When Li said storytelling, the most commonly used sentence was that every man is innocent, and he is guilty of his crimes. Qing Lin doesn’t want to be the kind of person who gets into trouble with his arms. He smiled. "Brother Lu, you misunderstood. I bought spar not for my own use, but for a friend. Didn’t I go to Inge Town to buy rice noodles today? I have a friend who is very agreeable. He said that his father wants you to practice. I heard that spar can be used to build a foundation, but I just don’t know where to buy spar. He knew that Brother Lu was knowledgeable, so he entrusted me to inquire about you. "
Lu Shangpeng didn’t doubt that there was him. He smiled and said, "So that’s what it looks like! Your friend asked you to ask me, and you really asked the right person. To say that the most complete and cheapest place for publicly selling SPAR is in Beijing, there are many SPAR for sale among the biggest shops of our blockbuster group, which are also cheaper in the whole country. However, it’s a long way from here to Beijing. Even riding a horse, you can’t catch up with Beijing in a month or two. Your friend doesn’t have to go to Beijing if he wants to get the spar as soon as possible. As long as you follow the official road and walk a hundred miles southeast, there is a city-Xuanwei City. In Xuanwei City, there are also shops selling spar, but the price is much more expensive than that of Beijing. "
Qing Lin secretly kept Lu Shangpeng’s words in mind. "Brother Lu, I thank you for my friend. Enjoy your meal, I’m going to the kitchen. "
Lu Shangpeng ha ha a smile, continue to lower the head to deal with dinner.
Qing Lin retreated to the kitchen, picked up the dishes and chopsticks, and with a lot of worries, she ate her meal without a bite. Qing Lin now hopes to get two more pieces of spar with wood properties, so more is better. With SPAR, small soybean people, black pockets and big men can play with Qing Lin or do some menial work for Qing Lin.
Of course, it’s not the spar that worries Qing Lin. What makes Qing Lin suspicious is that he has never been able to do this before. How can he suddenly see the beans flashing green today? Not counting this, he has the ability to turn beans into little black dogs and big men. Where did this ability, or skill, come from? Also, whenever he wants to make beans unreal, because there will be a heat flow in his mind, where do those difficult and obscure formulas come from?
After putting the last bite of food into his mouth, Qing Lin got up and went to the dining hall. Lu Shangpeng and others had already gone, leaving only the dishes and chopsticks to be washed. Qing Lin simply tidied up and washed the dishes.
Sitting in the yard, blowing intoxicating warm spring air, lying on a couch covered with cotton mattress, covered with a thin quilt, Qinglin narrowed his eyes. In a daze, Qinglin felt that he had come to a magical space. At his side, there were countless beans flashing green. There were all kinds of beans with different colors, such as tender green, yellow-green, grass green, turquoise, emerald green, oil green, dark green, dark green, etc., and more of them were green that Qinglin couldn’t name.
As far as the eye can see, Qing Lin vaguely saw some beans flashing with non-green light. When Qing Lin rubbed his eyes and tried to see the distant scene clearly, all those beans were gone. Qing Lin can’t help but wonder if his eyes are seeing flowers. There are more than a thousand kinds of beans around him, so it’s not surprising that he is seeing flowers.
Qing Lin bent down, took a bright green soybean in his hand, and suddenly two formulas flooded into his mind. Qing Lin didn’t even think about it, so he read it. As expected, these two magic tricks are exactly the magic tricks to turn the beans in your hands into puppies, or to change the puppies back into beans.
Qing Lin picked up another bean, followed by two other spiritual formulas. After trying, the functions of these two spiritual formulas are the same as those of the first two. What Qing Lin doesn’t understand is that since the role is the same, there are many differences in the content of the spirit formula.
Qing Lin has picked up more than a dozen beans, and each bean will be passed to Qing Lin for two spiritual strategies, but no two spiritual strategies are repeated. Qing Lin stopped picking up beans, and he began to carefully observe more than a dozen beans that he had just had close contact with.
Qinglin’s super observation ability and excellent understanding have played a great role here. Soon, Qing Lin found that any two beans here are different, either in different varieties or in different colors. After the corresponding spiritual formula is read out, the animals or people transformed from beans are also different, such as cats and dogs, small fish and shrimps, mules, horses, cattle and sheep, my fair lady and big man. Obviously, each spiritual formula corresponds to a different illusion object.
Observing this, Qing Lin wisely stopped making association. He has few spiritual formulas now, and it is not time to study and summarize the laws contained in these spiritual formulas. All he has to do now is rote learning. Every two spiritual formulas are content, and the corresponding ones are colors, types of beans, etc. These are all things that need Qing Lin to remember accurately.
Qinglin abandoned all distractions and immersed herself in the joy of communicating with all kinds of beans. Qing Lin was not greedy. When he learned fifty pairs of spiritual strategies, he stopped and reviewed them again and again from beginning to end. I don’t communicate with other beans until I make sure I write it down.
Qing Lin looked at the distance. The vague sight in the distance is very attractive to the youth’s green forest. Qing Lin didn’t think much, so he walked in a certain direction. Beans around the green forest seem to be psychic, jumping on both sides one after another, making a way for the green forest.
This road is not straight, with several bends in the middle. Qing Lin didn’t insist that he must go straight, and walked along the road that beans dodged casually. In a trance, how long did it take? Qing Lin didn’t know, maybe a few seconds, maybe a few months. How long did it take? Qing Lin couldn’t feel it, and no one reminded him.
This road is extremely long, as if it has no end, and it seems to be coming to an end. Suddenly, at the end of the road, a towering tree with lush foliage came into the eyes of Qinglin. This big tree is very strange, and it looks different from all the trees seen in Qinglin. There are many immature beans hanging on the branches of the big tree. What’s especially amazing is that there is a bean shining with colorful divine light above the tree, and the whole space is bathed in the divine light emitted by this bean.
When Qing Lin tried to lift her head back, trying to see clearly what the bean with the divine light was like, the bean suddenly shot a colorful divine light and went straight to Qing Lin’s forehead.

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