"People still have classes. Look at Dongyang. He grew up eating and wearing a lot. What kind of friends should he have around him? Xu Yi will carefully arrange them. Because Dongyang was born different from others, everyone in his world is as arrogant as him. He suddenly met you and he felt very fresh."


She took a deep breath. "What does Miss Tang want to tell me?"
Tang Kexin had to say, "Dongdong, maybe I told you this on purpose because I told Dongyang. Yes, I still love Dongyang, and I want him to come back to me, but I won’t mean to let you leave him so that I can get him. Dongyang is a very independent person. He doesn’t like to force it, and he doesn’t like it, and he will never let go."
"What does Miss Tang mean?" She stopped looking at her and asked
"You and Dongyang are not suitable for each other, not because you and Dongyang are not from the same world. He may like you. You are very new to him. He is willing to spoil you, take care of you and help you, but he doesn’t love you. He has his own political ambitions. You certainly won’t. He plans that you are a passer-by in his life. Maybe he is a part of his romantic past."
"But women are not the same as men. Women’s youth is very precious. Women are the most precious, and they can’t afford to waste it in just a few years." Tang Kexin said it was very true, just like she was really worried.
"Miss Tang thinks she will be the other half of his life, right?" She found herself smiling from indifference.
"I don’t know if I’m still the other half of his life, but you’re definitely not quitting while you’re still in trouble."
Meng Yudong smiled gently. She carefully selected a sparerib and then said, "Did Miss Tang ever think that maybe he and I were never together? I can decide to go this far, and I am even less qualified to stop. It is meaningless for me to say this because I know who I am better than anyone else?"
Tang Kexin was shocked. She found that she had misjudged the girl. She was a weak little rabbit, but now she found that the little rabbit might be hiding claws.
"You really didn’t expect me. I didn’t mean anything to him? I’m nothing, "she said, pushing the shopping cart to the front.
Cheng Dongyang looked at the office early in the morning. It was almost ten o’clock when he came out. When he came out, he saw Zhan Longhai. He laughed. "What’s the matter? Are you worried that your little lover will be eaten by Ke Xin?"
Cheng Dongyang gave a white look and said coldly, "You’re just afraid of chaos, aren’t you?"
"I’m not afraid of chaos, but my cousin, are you playing too much?" Zhan Longhai asked, "You can’t deny that you still have Ke Xin in your heart. I can also see that Meng Yudong is a good girl and not a game object. Is it meaningful for you to stimulate Ke Xin with her?"
"Aaron, am I a game player?" Cheng Dongyang sneered, "When did you watch me play games with women?"
Zhan Longhai was stuck. He knew Cheng Dongyang. He was always meticulous. Men had strong self-discipline.
"If I want to use women to stimulate Ke Xin, I did it when she was stranded in the United States." Cheng Dongyang turned to the French window. "Meng Yudong and Ke Xin have nothing. Ke Xin and I are over, even if I still have feelings for her, she and I are over."
"Don’t tell me you and Meng Yudong are serious. Are you going to marry her?" Zhanlonghai asked to come over.
Cheng Dongyang smiled. "Meng Yudong is a special girl who is very comfortable with her. It’s as simple as that. I don’t want to think too much about things for the time being, and I don’t have time to think so much. I don’t have much time to think about whether I like it or not."
"You are really different from Meng Yudong, otherwise you wouldn’t throw away business and run here." Zhan Longhai suddenly had some worries. If Dongyang really recognized Meng Yudong’s real family, it would be a big storm.
"Meng Yudong is a very special girl, and I am willing to help her. It’s as simple as that. Besides, she is a woman beside me now, and I have no reason not to help her." He looked out of the window and said with deep eyes.
"I think these two days you can go back to Meng Yudong and me. I believe you can keep a secret for the time being, right? I don’t want a simple thing to end up complicated and difficult to clean up. Chapter 93 Give me a chance.
Meng Yudong and Tang Kexin bought vegetables and came back. Meng Yudong took them into the kitchen. The kitchen here is open. Zhan Longhai sat at the bar and watched her wash vegetables and cook. It was very fresh. "It was the first time I saw a woman cooking."
Meng Yudong smiled. "It’s not unusual for women to cook. It’s normal."
"Women around me don’t cook." Zhan Longhai seems to be very interested in chatting with her. "Like my mother, she doesn’t know how to cook. It’s a blessing for a man to marry you after winter."
Meng Yudong decided to keep this man straight. Didn’t he appear because Cheng Jia was Tang Kexin at this time? "I will take this sentence as a compliment and thank you."
"I can feel that you are a very good girl. A good girl should be happy. I’m not saying Dongyang is not good, but he won’t marry you. It’s a waste of time for you to follow him." Zhan Longhai was really not used to saying such things, but looking at this girl, he couldn’t help but want to pull her out.
"You are just like Miss Tang," she smiled faintly. "Doesn’t Mr. Zhan know that I have no choice but to say these things to me?"
Zhan Longhai also smiled. He looked at her and found that he had misjudged her. Her eyes were full of forbearance and she insisted that Nai was not stupid. Fate had wronged her.
Cheng Dongyang also called and saw Tang Kexin’s door when he finished speaking.
"I knocked at the door and you didn’t seem to hear it." Tang Kexin slowly walked in and smiled.
"What can I do for you?" His tone is still cold
"Dongyang, do we really want to become like this?" Tang Kexin showed a helping expression. "Even if we can’t be together for so many years, do we have to be like this?"
Hearing this, Cheng Dongyang’s face slowed to "Ke Xin, we can’t go back"
"I know I hurt you too many times. I’m so sorry," Tang Kexin said with tears in her eyes. She held his hand. "I always thought you must be me. I wanted to see you later. It took me a long time to find out that it wasn’t like this. When I was on the line of life and death, I couldn’t see you anymore. I really regret that I didn’t go back to China with you. When I woke up, I got it back, but you still left me. I realized that Dongyang could not live without you. I couldn’t lose you."
Cheng Dongyang looked at her without words.
"Dongyang, I really regret it, and I know what I did wrong. Don’t be angry with me again, okay? There won’t be another woman in this world who knows you better than me and loves you more. We have been surfing for so long, so don’t continue to wave." Then Tang Kexin hugged his waist
Cheng Dongyang was shocked. This body is all too familiar, but her scent can be recognized when he closes it. He unconsciously rings her shoulder and then slowly pushes it. "Do you really think it will end when you say it before us?"
"I know it’s not that I don’t expect you to forgive me now, but would you please give me a chance? Dongyang also gives you a chance. I don’t want to see you like this. I hope you can get up. "Say that finish, Tang Kexin raised his head and lips to meet him.
Her soft lips stuck to Cheng Dongyang, but he was too familiar with this feeling, which was an indispensable part of his life.
"who!" When the horse was about to kiss deeply, Cheng Dongyang vaguely felt a figure outside the door quietly. He let Tang Kexin push the door, but there was no figure.
He strode out again. Zhan Longhai didn’t know when he went out. Meng Xiaodong and Meng Yudong cooked in the kitchen.
Meng Yudong saw him coming and then followed him out. Tang Kexin trembled slightly and said, "The meal is not ready yet. Mr. Zhan has something to do and went out first."
"You have been cooking here just now?" Cheng Dongyang suspicion looked at her and asked

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