It’s not the first time I’ve met this kind of situation and scolded my mother. "Why does shit always come to this set?"


Fortunately, it didn’t take long to get out of control and then "ah!" "ah!" It hurts to hit a floor, and we can hardly get up and land with the rubble.
Can you imagine what it feels like to "play with people"
Even the awakened ones can’t stand the pain one by one, and they can’t get up soon. The people who help each other get rid of the rubble.
"Is this another layer or two?"
"It seems to be three floors. I don’t know."
Pang Botige didn’t get hurt. He picked up the fire extinguisher and looked at it. It was still a big field. There was still nothing to say.
"It’s a feeling of dying here again."
The fire pendant complained that the main reason was that it didn’t give us access and the way was completely confused.
Yi Xue said with experience that "the vice will not be a dead game, even if it is difficult, it will not be because not only we are playing, but also the players are playing. If it is a dead game, what else are the players playing? There must be a way that we haven’t found yet."
"This is also my feeling. There are still more than three hours to go. What’s the hurry? I’m sure I can find it."
Zhu Yeqing also encouraged himself and said, "So many players’ equipment can be points, and maybe they can pick it up first and then act."
Anyway, I have to rest and search for equipment. After searching, I will explore this layer and try to find a way to escape from Ascension early.
Chapter 77 Mirror mirror
There are a lot of equipment, one death and nearly 20 people killed by the sword blade storm. At this time, the equipment is naturally all over the ground as the floor collapsed just now.
We can pick it up almost as soon as we bend over, and pick it up one by one. Some of them are caught in the sword, storm, knife, wind and flash.
But after all, it was twenty people, and it was quite fruitful. Everyone didn’t work in vain.
The fire fell in that euphoria and first gained something. "These players are really good. They are much better equipped than the awakened ones and have necklaces that can bless them."
It seems that the ninja warrior picked it up and wore it happily.
He is a magician, which is more logical this time.
Pang Bo took a pair of hammers and a silver armor, but there was nothing to find a pair of boots. "This has a bouncing effect and knee pads. I’ll take this."
Just sit on the floor and change.
Anyway, I was looking for myself among these 20 people, so I gave them all to me. "I didn’t give Xiaofan his backpack and went back to sell it, so I could change the points and unify it."
Did not make it clear
She gave me the equipment, and she herself found a protective mirror to wear to protect her.
As for me, the equipment is fairly well-equipped. At the bronze level, no matter how many stars, I can’t play the effect of my equipment. I didn’t feel anything with my writing equipment, so I put it in my backpack and converted it into points.
Also changed a lot.
Of course, Yi Xue and her teammate didn’t have to give it to me, and we didn’t ask. They all contributed, and they should get a share.
While resting, I searched and found some garbage collectors. It seems that I feel that there is nothing good and I have almost rested. I am ready to leave. "If there is no rest, let’s go. This is not a long stay for three hours. It is better to leave as soon as possible."
There’s no point in staying
Bamboo leaf green, fire falling, Pang Bo got up.
Yi Xue and that girl are still looking for something that seems to have little chance to annihilate the players and they don’t want to give up, and then we all have to leave.
Yi Xue suddenly said, "Look, there is something shining here."
It’s really because it’s in a dark tunnel. Although there are torches, the light is still easy to be found.
It glows red and green. It’s small but weird.
We immediately leaned over and said, "What is it? Take a look."
Yi Xue cleaned the surface soil with his specialty, and then something similar to a dressing mirror appeared, with a handle and a blue glass on the surface, which was dark blue like sea water.
What’s not clear about the surface? I can’t see it clearly, but it’s not clear what a red dot is flashing and a green dot is moving.
"What the hell is this?"
We all puzzled and looked at Yi Xue. "You are a senior awakened one. Do you know what this is? It should be that the player will not explode the package and the equipment should be in hand. "
I can’t think of any player who had this in the fight.
Zhu Yeqing suddenly said, "These players must know more about participating in the game than we awakened people, such as a preparatory class. Do you remember that they said that they would kill us first when they played against us, but it is hard to guess what this big event is, but they must know something, such as how to complete the game or other things?"
What you said really woke me up.
We looked at each other there and said, "Then ask if there is anything about the system. If there is a system with the assistant, we can’t answer it. We can’t disclose it and the assistant has something, but if not, we will say it."
It’s ok after such a try.
I’m going to ask when I take it.
As a result, the fire suddenly held my hand and said, "didn’t you see my expression?" What do you ask about this little thing? If I don’t even know this, what are you mixing? "
A face of pack to force also her hair.
We stared at him directly on the head, "pretending to be struck by lightning, but we didn’t hurry to say that we had to show off in an ostentatious manner and blow your head off like this again."
Zhu Yeqing also said, "Children should learn to keep a low profile and talk about it quickly. My sister will give you candy to eat." She picked her eyebrows.
Fire pendant angry pie mouth also want to show off.
Only to see that we raised our fists again and pouted and said, "Okay, okay, this is the magic mirror, which is a relatively precious thing, but if there are players in large guilds and awakened guilds, there will be large guilds, of course, mainly in the middle. If you disperse the magic mirror and see the position of your guild members, this green dot means that there are still some guild members or one here, but when you get together, it should be a lot of people."
In addition to finding the guild members, there is also the determination of coordinates. First, the coordinates can be determined, and then they can be found according to the instructions. It is not clear where they are set, but they must tell them that there is something important. This is the magic mirror.
Many people from large guilds will take this as a consensus root, not to mention that senior awakens know it, but I didn’t expect you not to know that you are really rookies. "
Still can’t help but vomit a sentence.
We did, but we laughed. "That’s much easier. This marking point is probably the location of the Qianlong underground palace. When they got there, they decided to know that it was there, and then they were sent here, so it was much easier to get it back."
"It feels the same to me."
The main reason is that since the most important thing is set to facilitate the search, it may be that it has created a street lamp for us in the end.
It doesn’t mean much to those guild members, whether it’s the snake pill guild or another guild
"Then take action to find this red dot."
Although confused, we can feel how far we are from the red dot to determine whether we have arrived.

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