I also heard about the massacre, when he felt unhappy and sad for those who died, and now it is even more so


The flowers filled the floor and remembered that when he first picked up Li Qi, it was also in the barren hills. She was injured and almost died.
Hua Manlou is a very considerate person, no matter who he is, he is willing to think from their point of view.
Some people have their own difficulties in doing things and can’t judge the truth from outsiders’ eyes.
But this time, the flowers were full of flowers, and I didn’t know what the vendetta was, and I hated the fact that the Li family was destroyed with so many lives. How did the murderer get it?
Li Qi’s words went on. "After several years, I found the murderer and killed them. I tortured them as many times as they killed my Li family. The murderer paid for it!"
Now that you have said it, you have said it well in vain.
Li Qi, Li Qi, I can’t believe you told me all about killing your enemies. You killed them, but you tortured them and killed them again and again.
Qilang will look at you like that. Does he think you are too cruel?
The sound in Li Qi’s heart came out again with malice, and Li Qi was most worried about that matter and stabbed again.
But the flowers are always different.
I have something to say.
To tell the truth, they need to sort out their emotions now and then they can get rid of Huashan! Don’t be too little, little lovelies. I was too uncomfortable to eat when I came to menstruation, so I drank a glass of water and collapsed in bed for a day. I still stayed up late and wrote for two days, so I love you more and more!
Chapter 75 Chapter 75
Li Qi’s hand was still held in the flowers, and the wind outside the window became louder and louder, but his words were so clear every word: "Those things have passed, and I will accompany you to protect you later."
It’s ….. It’s not as big as she thinks.
Li Qiding looked at the flowers, as if she didn’t know enough about him!
In this short moment, flowers filled the floor and actually thought a lot about people who didn’t say this sentence easily.
In fact, Li Qi’s telling the truth is a huge impact compared with the full house. Perhaps he thought about it before and later learned that Li Qi was not as beautiful and kind as he imagined.
But he didn’t expect Li Qi to take revenge by such means, and tortured life to death. What cruel means was it? He didn’t dare to think about it.
But Li Qi said it was so calm that she never admitted that she was wrong.
Huamanlou is a person who loves life. In his view, human life, including flowers and trees, is precious.
This means that his beautiful and kind lover is full of flowers and his heart is shaking.
Hua Manlou is a very principled and calm person. However, he will sometimes lose his cool when he hesitates, and that is love.
At the moment, the flowers are full and he has to think about something he didn’t think about carefully before.
Think about it carefully. From the first time they met, Li Qi was a person who didn’t want to be close to others and trusted others. She was careful and guarded against everything around her.
But no one was born like this. So what made her like this?
Li Qi was found all over the building several times at the moment of her life. She was a weak woman alone, covered in scars and dying. What kind of danger did she encounter?
But human nature is good. If you have a choice, who doesn’t want to be an innocent, kind and worried child? Who doesn’t want to live a happy life with his family?
Li Qi has no choice but hatred.
Li Jia, Li Qi’s parents, brothers, housekeepers and servants were killed overnight. What a blow it was for a weak woman. It was almost imaginable that he could understand how Li Qi felt at that time.
Usually, a weak woman like Li Qi is alive, but Li Qi’s revenge when she lives is enough to prove how strong and determined Li Qi’s heart is, and she has suffered a lot that ordinary people can’t.
My heart is full of pain and I am struggling with what he should do.
Hua Manlou is a little older than Li Qi. He has met a lot of people before, good people and bad people, and there are many pseudo-monarchs.
Everyone has his own reasons for doing things. The so-called bad guys may have other reasons, and the good guys may be devil wears prada. These cannot be generalized.
Once upon a time, he didn’t meet a loved one who was killed, and that person took revenge. Compared with Li Qike, one more person made a mistake, and that person actually killed dozens of people in the wrong family.
Yes, Li Qi did go too far in torturing people to death, but she did it for revenge.
Who can lightly say "let go" when it happens to him?
As hatred used to be weak, she can still stay awake and rational, and she is not influenced by hatred into a crazy twisted person.
She chose revenge but never killed anyone in vain.
Li Qi’s practice is full of flowers, although he doesn’t agree, but he can understand it.
He has his own persistence, but he will not influence others’ ideas because of his persistence and ask others to do the same.
He also knew that Li Qi would do this at that time because she thought she was doing it because she didn’t dare to tell him before, and she felt that it was not good for him to accept it!
And she and those people he once helped, and they were with them all the time, and these are all real.
Does he love that person or is he a kind, gentle and considerate person?
Who can guarantee not to make mistakes in life?
Now Qier is alone in this world. What will she do if he leaves her again?
The past has happened, but can you give up loving that person in your heart?
He doesn’t think he can do it.
It is better to look at the present and the future than to be confined to the past.
Li Qi’s mind is delicate and sensitive, and she thinks more and more deeply than the average person. If she hadn’t told them everything frankly today, it might take them some time to understand each other’s truest thoughts.
What’s the point of not telling each other about guessing when two people are reluctant to do so? Just take advantage of this opportunity to spend a lot of money today and tell Li Qi all the thoughts in my heart.
He wouldn’t have so much worry if he spoke so early.
In Li Qi’s mind, the flowers are full of kindness and gentleness, which is not like earthly laity, but like a fairy.
Chapter 76 Chapter 76
"What exactly is Huashan going to do for your family? Is there any treasure? " Lu Xiaofeng drank a glass of wine, some curious asked.
Although Lu Xiaofeng got a general idea of what happened from Dazhi Chase, everyone has curiosity, and Lu Xiaofeng’s curiosity is not small.
Li Qi glanced at him. She knew that Lu Xiaofeng was not the kind of person who was greedy for money, and Qilang was there. She said that if Lu Xiaofeng really coveted her, Li Qi would not be afraid of her confidence now.
"Tianwu Nerve is in the Li Family"
Come on, who is not white when Li Qi comes out?
This long-lost secret book of Wulin is just like Lu Xiaofeng who wants to see it, but not everyone can do such a thing.
Huashan is really a ruthless character! Lu Xiaofeng can’t help but be tongue-tied.