Chen Yue nodded his head as if talking to himself and saying to Ye Qing, "My decision this time must be very cautious. I believe I won’t be wrong again." Ye Qing didn’t understand her meaning of this sentence and looked at her blankly.


Chen Yue’s face turned red and quickly changed the subject. "Thank you, I know how to be an old classmate. You are really a good man and better than everyone in our class!"
"This is a good card? If I had pursued you, I would have gotten a good friend card, right? Fortunately, I didn’t be stupid and let this good card person be late for many years. "Ye Qing smiled wryly.
Chen Yue couldn’t help secretly exulting when he heard this. "This is not a good card. I really think you are a good person and a lifelong person!"
"You flatter me. If I am a lifelong person, why don’t I have a girlfriend yet?" Ye Qing wry smile way, in fact, he is thinking that if I am a lifelong person, what Su Yanbing will not like me?
Chapter 9 Analysis of Dong Laoer
Chen Yuegang rented a room that was not very big, but it was very warm. There was a 32-inch LCD TV hanging on the wall, a pot of green radish TV cabinets on each side and a pot of zhengyan Phalaenopsis.
When Ye Qing was talking to Chen Yue, Dong Laoer was observing the arrangement of Ye Qing in the living room. He felt that it was almost time, so he elbowed Dong Laoer and said to Chen Yue, "We should go back. You should go to bed early!"
"Sit down a little longer!" Chen Yue’s eyes sparkled with anticipation, and Ye Qing waved his hand and said, "No, I’m tired after playing the game all day today and training in the club for so long. It’s time to go back to bed."
Chen Yuenai said, "Well, if you come again, you should always contact your old classmates!" I’ll cook for you next time! "
Ye Qing nodded and smiled, "Come with food." Then he and Dong Laoer got up and walked towards the door. Chen Yue followed them and prepared to send them.
After Ye Qing knocked on the door, Chen Yue leaned against the door and watched Ye Qing and Dong Laoer go out of the door, and then some reluctantly said, "Remember to come again!" It felt like I had just picked up the guest, and both Ye Qing and Dong Laoer couldn’t help feeling embarrassed and then flew away.
Ye Qing and Dong Laoer got a car and went home. When they got home, they sat on the sofa and watched it. Dong Laoer smiled and said to Ye Qing, "Boss, your high school classmate’s boyfriend is really wonderful, but he is a soft egg. He was scared by the old one and almost spit it out."
"What does that kind of waste do for him? What kind of climate can a man threaten a woman with a knife!" Ye Qing is interested in Arqie.
"That’s it! But the boss really said that your old classmate is really good-looking. Was it the flower of your class in high school? " Dong Laoer asked Ye Qing and nodded, "Yes, I liked her in those days, but at that time she was a proud white swan who didn’t dump my brother. This looks a little ordinary!"
"Eldest brother, don’t flatter yourself. At that time, girls in high school didn’t know how to appreciate it. A tall, brave and pure man like you now attracts women’s attention. I think your ladies are much better than me. Look, the big boss likes you. Su Yanbing also has a crush on you. Your female apprentice He also likes you. This Chen Yue probably likes you, too." Dong Laoer snapped his fingers.
Ye Qing smell speech quickly, "he things haven’t sure you don’t blather in Chen Yue should be impossible? Why does she suddenly like me? There’s no reason. It’s impossible for me to suddenly become handsome, right? "
Dong Laoer shook his head very tunnel "eldest brother, you are really like a blank sheet of paper in this respect. You also saw Chen Yue’s boyfriend, and you are a tall and brave man who is kind and has helped her a lot. Do you think she will compare you with her boyfriend in her heart? By comparison, I definitely think you are a very good man, otherwise she wouldn’t say you are a man worthy of being entrusted for life! Think about how sure this sentence is to you. "
"Can’t you? If so, why didn’t she tell me directly? "
"You are stupid. Women are more reserved. How can they tell you directly? But I guess she will contact you more and more slowly and will keep trying to contact you."
"Do you think I should promise her or refuse her?"
"That depends on whether you like her now! Or do you have any expectations for Su Yanbing? "
"Su Yanbing will probably never like me. We are too far apart. She is a goddess. I’m just a diaosi root counter-attack. Forget it. I really liked her in high school in Chen Yue, but now I don’t seem to have the enthusiasm at the beginning. Seeing her is like seeing other students."
"That is to say, there is no heartbeat?"
"Yes, but really, Chen Yue is more beautiful than when I was studying."
"By that, do you think she is beautiful or a little attractive to you?"
"Beauty attracts me …"
"Then forget it …" Dong Laoer is very authentic, and then he asked, "What do you mean now? I don’t have a crush on Chen Yue, but I think her beauty is very attractive to you, right? "
Ye Qing held Ba for a while and thought very seriously. "It’s not simply because of her beauty that attracted me. Maybe it’s because I felt a little unforgettable in high school. Anyway, I don’t know if I have a complicated feeling for her."
"That I white is not the first love complex? Although you were secretly in love at that time, it was the first time that you liked someone. The impression was very deep, and the feeling was unforgettable. When you saw her, you would think of your high school days. She was a memory of your high school days, and you would have such complicated feelings for her. Boss, my advice to you is to let nature take its course. It’s really good for Chen Yue to be a girlfriend. Look at how she treats Arqie, but if you really don’t have a crush, you don’t have to force it, and you choose many big bosses, Nalan … Hey! " Dong middle child lewdly say with smile
"Depend! The second child didn’t expect you to be so stupid in analyzing emotional problems. It’s a good idea! " Ye Qing praised that he thought Dong Laoer’s analysis was really very reasonable.
"Hey, hey, that’s because I grew up among the flowers, and I’m good at this." Dong Laoer said with a smile.
Ye Qing was about to speak when his cell phone rang again. This time, when he saw it, it showed that Chen Yue was calling. He took a surprised look at Dong Laoer and said, "Your sister, are you a prophetic emperor?"
Chen Yue?’ Dong Laoer asked Ye Qing with a smile and nodded, then picked up the words and said softly, "What happened to my old classmate?"
"Nothing. What do you want me to do? I just want to make a message to see if you have arrived home. "Chen Yueyin is very gentle and full of tenderness. Usually speaking is really different. Ye Qing felt it carefully, so he was a little convinced of Dong Laoer’s analysis.
"Oh, we have arrived home. You didn’t go to work yesterday. The boss didn’t say anything about you, did he?" Asked the leaf obliquely.
"No, I called my boss and asked for leave later. That bastard lost his job and it’s not worth it. He will never be so stupid again."
"That’s good. You should go to work and go to bed early."
"Well, do you have a night? I invite you to dinner and thank you for helping me a lot today. "
"It’s all small things. Don’t be so polite." Ye Qing declined politely.
"Don’t attendance? I know that although we were classmates before, we were not very close to each other. Now it’s understandable that we can’t even invite you to dinner. Well, it seems that you just treat me as an ordinary classmate or have no classmates’ affection at all. After all, we didn’t say a few words at that time. It’s very good for you to help me like that. Thank you. "
Ye listened to Chen Yue’s words and knew that she was deliberately provoking him, so he laughed. "You don’t have to say that. Since you are determined to invite me to dinner, of course I’m happy to come and have a big meal. Can you bring your brother with me today?"
Chen Yue hesitated for a moment and then said, "No, I want to invite you alone. If he comes, we will talk about pre-high school. He doesn’t know anything and can’t talk. It is estimated that it will be very chat."
Ye Qing said it casually, the purpose was to test Chen Yue. Sure enough, Chen Yue wanted to be alone with him, which means that Dong Laoer’s analysis is correct and she will contact him frequently.
Do these flowers really like me? Ye Qing thought a little unexpectedly and then said into his mobile phone, "Well, what time is the address at night?"
"Can I cook for you at my house at six o’clock?" Chen Yue was overjoyed to see Ye Qing agree.
"Ok, then I’ll have a taste. Cooking by beautiful women in our class is definitely better!" Ye Qing joke tunnel Chen Yue sloped smile out shy tunnel "you will coax people’s hearts".
Ye Qinxin said, "I didn’t coax you into making polite remarks …" But the mouth said, "I’m telling the truth, so I’ll come directly to you!"
"good! Be sure to come! " Chen Yue hung up the words carefully and looked at Dong Laoer, Dong Laoer winking at him. "Call you to dinner?" Noon or late? "
"I depend on that! Boss, your happy life will come one night. Maybe she’s already washed and waiting for you in bed! "
"Don’t be so obscene! Chen Yue is not that kind of person, but I guess she will say something to me someday. How should I deal with it? "
"How can I deal with direct bai! Somehow, she is also a great beauty, and her figure is so great. If I were you, I’d be reckless first and then talk about later development. If you then talk about men, you should brazenly live a life without so many concerns. "Dong Laoer picked his eyebrows and said.
Ye Qing thought for a moment and then said, "I’m not that kind of person. I can’t do it. When I go, I’ll tell her that I don’t have a crush on her."
"That’s a pity! ! So big a beautiful woman is willing to give up even if you don’t want to last forever! " Dong Laoer Ye Qing feels sorry.
Chapter 99 Unexpected arrangement
"With a hair, I take my feelings very seriously, which is different from yours, okay? I don’t want to hurt her. She has been hurt badly enough by that bastard Arqie." Ye Qing said to Dong Laoer very seriously.
Dong Laoer nodded and said, "Well, we have different outlook on life. You are a standard and good man, and I am different. I think Li Bai is right. oh, let a man of spirit venture where he pleases can do whatever he likes."