"No, you lie down and I have a few words to say to you and then go!"


Night away from dazed, dazed to see him go and return, and a face of dignified, serious I don’t know what happened.
Lying back in doubt, I looked at him and waited for him to continue.
And devoted to thousands of feathers is like some hesitation turn your back on her silence for a long time before he said, "No matter what happened, I can let bygones be bygones, but you must promise me that I can abide by my own points from today."
Then he turned to her and asked, "Can you do it?"
Night from leng for a moment.
You came back to ask her this question?
To be honest, she was a little shocked and surprised.
This sentence seems to be another trading condition, and she will stick to it and let bygones be bygones.
But she knows that this is actually putting herself in the lowest posture for a man like Mo Qian Yu.
It is not easy.
Does she have a choice?
not have
She heard her answer.
Anyway, it’s gone, so she can’t keep the points.
It was like waiting for her to say "can". At that moment, she saw his eyes shining and said, "Go to sleep!"
Left Ziying Palace again.
I never came back this time.
Long palace devoted to thousands of feathers go ahead and Huo An follows.
He has accompanied this man twice tonight.
But it seems that the problem has been solved.
When I first came here, men were heavy-footed and preoccupied, but now they are much lighter.
It was at a fork in the road where the man suddenly stopped.
This intersection is familiar to Huo An, because he accompanied this man every night before tonight.
One leads to Chaoyang Palace and the other to Longyin Palace.
The emperor of Longyin Palace lived in Chaoyang Palace, where Min Fei lived.
Seeing the emperor there, Huo An hesitated and carefully asked, "Should I inform Chaoyang Palace to pick up the driver?"
"No," the emperor left for Huilong Yingong Road.
Huo An dazed for a while also hurriedly step with.
After walking for a while, I remembered what happened in Fengfu at night and couldn’t help but ask, "Is it really a sovereign to have a private meeting with Empress Min?"
Although he felt a little incredible, chasing bees was really stopped at the end of the king’s head
The emperor returned simply.
Huo An was puzzled. "How can the emperor be so sure?"
Devoted to thousands of feather side first glanced at him without saying anything.
How can he be so sure?
Of course he’s sure
Because he sent someone to follow Duan Wang all the time.
Duan Wang has been in Xiyuan Pavilion and has never been to the flower forest by the hot spring pool.
It is obviously a lie that Ye Li said that she was going with Duan Wang.
Judging from her weakness at that time, she was attacked secretly.
But she wouldn’t let them find the real killer, but she deliberately pointed the finger at Duan Wang?
There is a possibility.