However; The main reason why others don’t move is that it takes a long time for medicinal materials to grow into medicinal materials, which is not a problem for having Sunday; Not a year and a half; If you plant those herbs on Sunday, you can grow up. If you plant any herbs then; There will be no shortage of that kind of medicine on Sunday in the future.


Meanwhile; For Sunday, those kinds of medicinal materials are quite large in addition to the continuous supply of medicinal materials in the future; That is to help Zhou Tiansheng limit himself.
But remember Sunday; At the beginning, I just transplanted some ginseng into my final limit and made a breakthrough. Directly, it changed from ten to one to twenty to one, and the time difference doubled. That saved Sunday half the waiting time.
Transplanting ginseng, a medicinal material, has already brought so much benefit to Sunday. Sunday believes that; When I plant the seeds of those medicinal materials that I have got from my eyes into myself, I will definitely make a breakthrough when I get there, and I will not only get several new medicinal materials to limit myself; It can also save more mature medicinal materials on Sunday when planting.
Action is not as good as action; If I hadn’t been afraid that my collection of medicinal materials would be discovered by the royal elder sister or the little girl, I would have been ready to look for medicinal materials on Sunday, and now I accidentally got such a package of medicinal materials. At the same time, it happened that the royal elder sister was not around; It’s natural to get the seed package when it’s such a great opportunity. Immediately at that time directly into the …
Chapter 31 The situation
"Lele; Hurry up and put these kinds of "just entered it on Sunday and immediately called Lele to come and help it grow medicinal materials."
Lele, the elf, didn’t complain. He took the herbs from the outside and immediately planted them …
If you do it yourself on Sunday; I believe that in a few days, it is impossible to plant those herbs. Because the elf Lele is the place where the spirit can control every inch of land with a conscious move, it may be a task that takes a long time to complete for Sunday, but for the elf Lele, it is just a matter of finishing things at will.
Waving a small hand; When the elf Lele controls a piece of grassland, it immediately becomes the ground, and then the elf Lele waves again; Those medicinal materials brought in on Sunday will automatically be classified into several different boundaries in less than a minute; Those kinds of excrement brought in on Sunday were planted by Lele the elf.
And then after the elf Lele brought in all kinds of medicinal materials on Sunday, it was really as expected on Sunday, and as soon as he sensed that a new plant appeared in his department, he immediately rose for a week to limit it
"master; Because you have brought more than 100 kinds of different medicinal materials, you have once again obtained the promotion time, and the proportion of external time has been readjusted. The warehouse is static, and everything put into it will remain the same as it is when it enters the warehouse; Straight out again. "
I heard the news from Lele the elf; On Sunday, I was so happy that my mouth turned to the back of my head. This time, I really made a fortune with more than 100 different kinds of medicinal materials, and then the overtime ratio increased again. Finally, I got a new warehouse. Everything seems to be developing in a direction that is beneficial to me, and now it is rising again with the limit; Believe in yourself, and it will surely intensify.
And then on Sunday, I settled down and accidentally got those medicinal materials. On Sunday, I didn’t have to stay inside. I looked at the new field at random, and then on Sunday, the elf Lele said hello and hurried back from the inside.
My eyes know on Sunday that I stay in it, too, and if I stay in it, I will have fun chatting for a day, but if I am outside; There are many things that can be done on Sunday.
It’s hard to meet such a rich opportunity; But also has a good harvest; Such a situation; Zhou Tianru may be in the waves in vain; No matter how slow it was in there, Sunday just stayed there for a few minutes; Finally, I ran out from the inside because of the unbearable itching.
Inside when you pick it up; This kind of medicinal materials has a lot to do with Sunday, but it has never been obtained again; I haven’t found many things on Sunday, but I’ve really gained a lot like some worldly valuable things. Maybe those sects outside didn’t think of it! Although the Tieniu Gang is not a famous faction, it is precisely because they are not a famous faction that there is nothing to pay attention to. In terms of ability to collect money; They’re better than those famous schools, but they don’t.
Finally; Plus, the expenditure of the Iron Cattle Gang is far less than that of those famous schools. It also makes Tieniu Gang, a small faction in the countryside, monopolize this Tieniu Gang for decades, and now that its wealth has reached an alarming level.
Sunday didn’t get all the savings of Tieniu Gang. After all, Tieniu Gang was so big. When Sunday comes; Iron cow help those things have already been moved by people in such a situation; It’s good to be able to grab some things on Sunday. I really want to fight all the wealth of Tieniu Gang. That body is an impossible thing.
Of course; There is no one-time income for the iron cow to help the wealth; Although this makes Sunday a little uncomfortable, it is only the fact that Sunday is greedy; It’s definitely worth returning the ticket this Sunday. After all, it’s like buying and selling without paying anything and getting that kind of money is tantamount to saying that it’s a pie in the sky; Take whatever you have, no matter how much you earn.
Until Sunday, I threw all the things I could grab and take into myself; On Sunday, this just stopped manually at that time; Sneak in front of the iron cow gang station gate where the battlefield is located.
Zhou Tianke didn’t forget that he came to fish in troubled waters this time, but it was just an idea that came on Sunday on the spur of the moment. The real purpose when he came on Sunday was to wipe out the iron ox gang, but he hasn’t reached his goal yet. Sunday may leave again.
It was easy to find a place to hide; At that time, no matter which side was busy dealing with their enemies, their energy was already high, and those who were behind were fine; Those people near Sunday have no idea to observe the situation around them. Although Sunday just found a place to hide at random, in the end, no one found him.
It is also the time to arrive near the battlefield on Sunday; It was only at that time that the white iron ox helped those high-level people to behave in disorder and did not come forward to stop it. It was not that they didn’t want to stop it. It’s true that they have the heart, but they already don’t have the ability.
The situation of Tie Niu Gang’s eyes is far worse than Sunday thought. Maybe Sunday didn’t even think of how much loss he had brought to Tie Niu Gang in the end! After losing a lot of help, I suddenly found out that my gang had encircled the enemy and disappeared for no reason. When morale suffered a big blow, the Tieniu gang was afraid that it was only 30% to 40% of its usual strength. If there was no big problem for one or two challengers, now suddenly it was right, including when the Lord of Tieniu Town attacked by a large number of hostile forces, although the Tieniu gang was still the most powerful force in Tieniu Town to face that Coalition; However, it also seems that there are some difficulties.
It was fine at first; Relying on the advantages of superior level, the iron ox helped to keep the enemy out of the door in the future. Although it is said that the enemy could not be defeated in one fell swoop, at least it can be seen from the situation. At that time, they still occupied a certain advantage
But; This situation has changed for a long time, but the iron ox gang masters are much more than those scattered forces. However, due to the bucket of poisonous soup on Sunday, most of the low-level members of the iron ox gang are left after they die. Finally, after the encirclement and suppression of Sunday’s action, the number of ordinary gangs left by the Iron Cattle Gang; There wasn’t much at that time.
Institute; When facing a foreign enemy, no matter the enemy’s strength, such as the final iron ox gang, those experts can personally make moves. Although they didn’t see any disadvantages at the moment, they grew up at that time. Without ordinary help, the Tieniu gang exposed their shortcomings at that time.
Enemy ace is the iron cow help master to deal with the face of wannabe; They are also needed to deal with the iron ox gang, who are not robots; Naturally, it will be as tired as ordinary people; Need to have a rest, but it is naturally impossible for those forces who besieged the iron ox gang to give them such an opportunity for such a long time; It’s time for Iron Bull to help those masters gradually lose their fighting power; The situation of the Iron Cattle Gang will naturally turn sharply; Almost all of them are already a little untenable.
Chapter 32 Wang’s arrival
Thirty years in Hedong, thirty years in Hexi; I thought that when I ran to the other side’s encirclement on Sunday because of a miscalculation, there was no shortage of iron cows to help those people suffer, but now I didn’t think that the tables have turned; It’s time for Tie Niu to help those people try to experience their own situation at that time.
The special situation of the iron ox helps the eyes; Sunday nature is the most happy to see for such a reason; Sunday also didn’t mean to immediately intervene into the war, if you just want to intervene into the war now; Sunday is confident that he has his own help; It’s only a matter of time before those people outside can immediately break through the defense of the Iron Bull Gang and destroy it.
It turns out that this is exactly when the action was planned on Sunday, but when I saw that the Iron Cow gang was humbled by the opponent in that way, I couldn’t lift my head. Didn’t it feel good to beat yourself immediately before Sunday changed his mind? Sunday has made up his mind; I have suffered a loss in this respect in the iron cow helper, so I will let the iron cow help eat some losses in this respect on Sunday until this situation can no longer bring me pleasure; At that time, Sunday will decide whether to kill the Iron Bull Gang or not.
I didn’t expect it on Sunday; Because his picture is fast at the moment; In the end, it was a big variable to destroy the Iron Bull Gang. If it wasn’t for Sunday’s strength, it almost lost the opportunity to destroy the Iron Bull Gang again because of such a variable.
On Sunday, it was impossible to observe the specific situation of all the personnel on both sides just by seeing the Iron Bull gang guarding their defense line in the offensive of the scattered forces alliance. Estimate the strength of Tieniu Gang; It can’t be said that Sunday’s estimate was wrong, but some people made Sunday almost miss the opportunity to destroy the Iron Bull Gang because of this momentary miscalculation.
Tieniu Gang can stand out in Tieniu City; It is very important to change the city star to drive the duke out of the duke’s house to do all this; Naturally, it can’t be just relying on the old, otherwise, can’t people around you see that a force has improved? If the real iron ox gang is in that way; That eye was lost by the Lord of Tieniu City, the Lord’s mansion; It is really deserved.
Facts; Although the Iron Bull Gang has eyes and such power, there is a successful management mode of the Iron Bull Gang, but the main reason is that the Iron Bull Gang has a strong Wang. It was precisely because of the strong strength of the Iron Bull Gang Wang that all the larger forces in the Iron Bull City were killed. The iron ox gang has achieved an important period of development, otherwise, it doesn’t matter if the iron ox gang is interested; Want to do this; Unless it is a general situation with the help of external forces; It is impossible for them to do it at all.
Tieniu gang leader doesn’t have a surname. He has been called Er Niu since he can remember. He should have been mediocre, but he didn’t want to meet him accidentally one day. At the beginning, Tieniu gang leader finally let the other party find that his physique is very suitable for practicing layman’s kung fu. Finally, Er Niu was lucky enough to join Tieniu gang and have the gang name. After decades of penance, Tieniu finally reached the pinnacle of practicing a kung fu outside the door. Only then did others take advantage of the opportunity of not knowing its strength to kill all the heads of Tieniu City in one fell swoop, thus achieving the hegemony of Tieniu City for decades.
The strength of the original iron ox should have reached the second-rate to first-class level the day after tomorrow. Unfortunately, this knife that kills people without seeing blood has already destroyed the original strong body of the iron ox. If the iron ox training is a kung fu, its strength will not be too weak even if it is not as good as its heyday. Unfortunately, the iron ox training is a layman’s kung fu; And it has no ability to enter the congenital realm until the eyes are old; Because of weakness; The strength of the iron cow has been reduced to a third-rate level the day after tomorrow.
Third-rate strength the day after tomorrow; Compared with the former strength of the iron cow, the doubt is really ten times weaker than that; Even if it is only a third-rate battle force the day after tomorrow, the famous expert in Eye Iron Cow City has been killed by Iron Cow at the beginning, but it is still the strongest one to be ashamed of.
Sunday has been no matter when he was making trouble in Tieniu City or when those forces outside his eyes came to invade; The face is the fact that all the strength of the Iron Bull Gang can be realized; This statement is not correct, at least I don’t know it on Sunday; Until the eyes stop; He has met some senior thugs of Iron Bull Gang, whether it is Iron Bull or his younger brother’s descendants; But it hasn’t appeared until the eye stops.
Because the Tieniu Gang ruled Tieniu Town for too long, it was already forgotten that Tieniu Town was not only the level of their gang, but although the former duke’s mansion became the station of Tieniu Gang, Tieniu’s cronies’ families did not live in it, but zoned a piece of land in another part of the city. I built a house to live in.
On Sunday, when the Iron Bull Gang was in trouble; Tie Niu sleeps in his own house. When the strength of Tie Niu Gang is greatly damaged on Sunday, he encounters a rebound attack from other forces in Tie Niu City. Tie Niu just went out and came over with his cronies, but he encountered many snipers. Although he did not encounter any great danger, it also made Tie Niu almost be destroyed until his own gang. This just risks and risks.
Although it is already a bit old in recent years; But a muscle is a bit stronger than the average strong man, and the iron cow is not only like practicing kung fu fighters outside the door, but also has a temper as hot as those ordinary fighters outside the door without much difference.
In addition to just entering his legacy for a while; Iron ox is the overlord whether it is helping or in iron ox city. Generally, no matter what it is; He believes in the method of dealing with the problem of prosperity and rebellion, and everyone must obey his instructions. If anyone dares not obey them; It’s almost impossible to live afterwards.
And it is such an old man who is quite overbearing and now suddenly sees it in his absence; Since your own gang has become what it is today, it is not slow to come back if it is not your own; Now that I was almost breached by others, I cursed my hands while the iron ox had to hurry to take out my weapons and command my disciples to attack those who came to attack the enemy.
Although in terms of understanding; All Wulin people agree that the outside world’s kung fu is not as good as its ability to charge; But I have to admit it; According to the history of superiority, nearly 90% of military commanders are masters of external skills, and now an iron ox is such a strong arrow to form a tackling team; When forcibly advancing on those invading enemies; How can those people resist the attack of Iron Bull and his party?