Maybe in fact, if he wants to pull a person casually, they will eat the new cover, and their waist will not be sore and their legs will not hurt … This is not to tease him! Just tease him!


The soy sauce makers didn’t notice their Wang’s raging anger, but assiduously worshipped the Great God and handed the star-eyed admiration to Zuo Tangtang, trying to pull this beggar chef to fight together.
To tell you the truth, Zuo Tangtang is a little embarrassed and a little embarrassed. He is now a bad old man who can get this group of goods. He likes to pull them together to fight, which seems to be quite fulfilling, although she suspects that this group of people wants to see if she can fight with a spatula.
They are here at the right edge of the main entrance, and they gather together like a bonfire dinner, and she is just sure that she saw the hanging bottles coming in from the left door in a serious way, looking for the soy sauce.
I can’t tell you a feeling of guilt.
Let’s go! Let’s go!
The soy sauce makers urged.
After taking a look at Zuo Tangtang, I have no objection. After nine days, I looked at myself and didn’t reveal my identity. I was very happy to agree to the soy sauce request to be continued.
[47] Chapter four hundred Stewed pork trotters with rice noodles]
Ouch ~ This beggar can tree!
Ouch ~ This beggar can hide chimneys!
Ouch! This beggar can also play a good piano! ! !
The soy sauce players were so happy that they followed Zuo Tangtang like finding something precious. Even the progress of gang warfare was really forgotten.
Looking at all this from a distance for nine days, I wish I was the chimney and then burn some firewood to suffocate this group of soy sauce!
No, he has to do something
I went out for nine days and said to Zuo Tangtang, who was still jumping around for some reason.
[Team] Nine days later, er … the beggar gang!
It took nine days to realize that I didn’t seem to think of a suitable name for Zuo Tangtang. I hesitated for a long time and decided to make do with the "Beggars".
[Team] Just follow me in nine days.
Zuo Tangtang was stunned by the flashing team news.
Beggars? Said it was her?
But when I look up, I can see that the direction of the old Wang’s nine-day role alignment is like this.
Oh, Zuo Tangtang sent a private chat to Jiutian and immediately took action-it’s really embarrassing for her to stay here. Since she left soy sauce, she has never participated in the help battle. This is doomed to be impossible to have a resident help, and it also taught her. If she was born in the wild, she would like to occupy the highland and play the piano. She still can’t jump after so long …
However, she jumped down the chimney once, dropped once, and finally tried to jump in, but she couldn’t see anyone. Unfortunately, the soy sauce people couldn’t feel her grief and indignation, but it was very strange. She kept watching her like a summoner, and she felt that she could hardly carry it.
It can be said that when Zuo Tangtang ran to nine days at a brisk pace, the soy sauce makers protested physically, and just as they were preparing to make a good theory with him, their attention was diverted …
How did the little friend get there so fast?
This is to burn the rhythm!
Ah! How fierce is the firepower? ! What’s going on? ! Can’t the friends think of it?
Just as the soy sauce makers are still speculating with a pious mind, the hanging bottles are walking forward with a silent face. They are really fed up! From the initial dawdling in the hot field, I beat them at the speed of talking after I became addicted to watching movies, and now I’m in a circle like a barbecue stove. These idiots really ignore them completely!
It seems that they don’t make any soy sauce and they are really natural enemies!

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