"I’m sorry I didn’t get the last goal," Tianyu said the other night.


Party night one leng smiled and answered "the ball don’t blame you"
Tianyu was so relieved that he said, "I just saw that you should really want to win their team. I didn’t expect to laugh so easily now."
"The basketball game is a game, but there is always a game to win or lose. Is it that important?" Fang Ye smiled and then said, "The important thing is that we all tried our best. We had a good time today. Thank you and the four-eyed pheasant around you."
"Hey, thank you for saying that about me. You are hopeless." Erxiu complained.
"Well, we’re leaving, so you should go back to take a shower," Tianyu added immediately. "By the way, are you also a student here?"
Fang Ye shook his head and said, "I’m not staying in a hotel now."
"hmm?" Tianyu frown said
"I followed my mother to see the shop. If the shop can be implemented, we may rent a room nearby," Fang Ye replied.
"It really is," sighed Tianyu, and then the other night said, "He and I live in Chenguang residential area and rent a lot."
"Well, we have also considered it, but let’s wait for my mother to negotiate with the merchant first. If the store can’t sign, we have to look elsewhere."
"Well, that’s it. You should go back to take a shower. He and I will go first." Tianyu said that he planned to take Erxiu away.
"Well, thank you so much today. Let’s meet by destiny." Fang Ye waved behind them and shouted.
"Well" Tianyu and Erxiu should answer after the first one.
Out of a Zhejiang university, they went straight home.
(The ps game is finally over, and I still have to apologize to everyone. These chapters do have some off-topic topics, but there are still two real events, mainly to consolidate the friendship between the two partners.)
Chapter 153 Smuggling
It’s nearly eleven o’clock when Tianyu and Erxiu get home.
"You first" Tianyu opened the door and said to two whew.
Say that nature is to take a shower first.
Erxiu didn’t refuse to go back to her room immediately, took out her washing tools and rushed into the bathroom.
After two people take a shower and have a meal, they will do something.
Sure enough, they don’t know what else they can do if they leave the game.
The next day, because their clothes were soaked with sweat yesterday, they went to the shopping street to buy clothes under them.
To tell the truth, it’s a little hard for them to wear it in summer now. Fortunately, if Yunyun funded them for 10 thousand, Tianyu and Erxiu could afford to let go.
The day finally came to the early morning of January 9, 9.
Tianyu gave Erxiu the software of "Flying Pigeon", and both of them have already installed it, just wait for the moment.
In the past two days, Tianyu and Erxiu have some itching in their hearts, as if they have lost the game, they have a feeling of missing each other, which may mean that they are addicted to Internet.
They are almost at the same time, and they can’t wait to see the game after it is changed.
But after Erxiu Gang chose the channel and characters to enter the game, he hurried to Tianyu.
"Silly bear what trading floor is crowded? Moreover, the better areas are occupied by other businessmen. We have already opened the number. Do you know why? " Two whew asked doubtfully.
Tianyu also chose a good channel at this moment and just went in.
"It’s" smuggling ""Tianyu said lightly.
"Smuggling?" Erxiu is puzzled.
"One is to use an auxiliary software called’ stowaway’ to make the stowaway play during the game maintenance period, and it will not be investigated when it is opened during the maintenance. Another kind of auxiliary software is not beneficial, and it can be directly logged into the game after selecting a large area before maintenance and entering an account for more than one hour after maintenance." Tianyu explained.
"There is such a means … no wonder the trading floor channel is always crowded after every routine maintenance, or am I slow? But I didn’t expect the shops to line up in the trading floor at the beginning of this time …" Two whew some nai said.
A good storefront location is called "golden location" in reality, and the rental price is naturally much higher than that of those corners.
In the game, Hutton Mar and the West Coast are the best, but the place with the right location will have better business opportunities.
"Well, after that, we all managed to occupy a good location for the first time … can we wait until those guys are disconnected?" Two whew asked with a sigh
Tianyu nodded and replied, "The" smuggling "line is a violation of the game agreement, and it is likely to be blocked, and sometimes there will be a G patrol station during maintenance. I have never done this."
Two whew nodded and answered, "Well, I’ll go back and feel the breath first to see what the new picture looks like."
After two whew out of the tianyu room, by the way, take the door.
"I remember that’s when I started to play roaming. At the beginning, it was mainly a novice who got his red eye into pk and was beaten by a roaming maniac. The other party’s volley skill was very handsome, so he also played roaming." Tianyu created a roaming id "Gorgeous Dancer" at the thought of this.
Because Tianyu is more clear about changing the base, he has roughly visited a map, so he doesn’t care about the large "unlucky bear" but plays the gunner’s trumpet.
On the other side, Erxiu is in high spirits and fascinated by the tower.
When he brushed to the 15th floor for absolute defense, the female qigong ap really didn’t cover a few handfuls of two wheezes, causing blood residue and two wheezes, and ate a lot of shame.
Then on the 16th floor, I met three green names. No wonder it’s disgusting not to say silence, Hempley’s cooperation with caution and an agile Moby.
One kept burying mines, and the other two kept recruiting archers and crippled Goliath, and remained silent. Hempley kept hitting the ground.
In those days, the number of trumpet quilts was a "dead" word if the final grade of this layer was not high.
In addition, to break the cautious height, you must have grasping skills. Once you put him on the defensive, the blood speed is really scary.
Fortunately, the second whew level is high and it is 11 hunting, but even 11 is forced to default to 1, which is the setting of the tower of illusion
After he broke the silence one by one, Hempley solved it first, and then Goliath’s little soldier was killed. Moby was agile, because his mines were too disturbing, and finally he was cautious. He stepped on the high ground and broke his defensive state. When he first got up, he shot a volley and then stepped on it, and several shots were taken away.
The next few floors were relatively simple until the fourth floor was caught by the street fighter and taken away directly.

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