"10 thousand gold coins, little dragon"


I couldn’t help laughing when I saw that the price of Jianbang token broke through to 10 thousand. Haha, when the auction is over, I will be a multimillionaire. No, I remember that when I looked at the leaderboard not long ago, the highest price was only 70 thousand. How could I quote 10 thousand at once
To prevent players from quoting at random, you must have so much money in your bag before you can shout out the price.
Quickly hit the wealth list
First place, 1.54 million gold coins bite the gods.
Second place gold coin 1.25 million small dragon
Third place gold coin 960 thousand Qinglong
Fourth place gold coin 9.55 million rose purple
Fifth place gold coin 9.53 million skyfire magic dragon
Sixth place gold coin 9.42 million bully axe
Seventh place gold coin 9.35 million iron wolf arrogant
The first gold coin was 9.14 million.
Ninth place, 90,000 gold coins are arrogant.
Tenth place gold coin 70 thousand I love gold coins
A drop of sweat! The wealth list has changed dramatically, and the major gangs have lost so much blood. The first place eats God and the second place Xiao Feilong has exceeded 10 million. These bosses are really willing to spend 10,000 yuan to buy a help token.
Hey, I seem to have seen the name "Little Feilong" somewhere. I remember that I used the name "Little Feilong" when I created the name. At that time, it was said that there was already this player. Could it be him? Forget it. I’m too lazy to think about these things. Let’s keep betting on the auction.
Just when I was about to close the list, the wealth list changed again. This time, the top three first-place gold coins were 1.27 million. The second gold coin is 12.72 million small dragons; Third place gold coin 12.61 million Qinglong
It seems that except for the three men, the gold coins of other bosses have reached the limit, and 10 thousand gold coins have gone beyond their scope. It seems that they have lost their competitive qualification. After all, even if they can’t come when they exchange gold coins at the moment, it depends on the competition between God Bite and Little Dragon Qinglong, and I don’t know how much cash they exchange into the game.
"120,000 gold coins bite the God". Just after the quotation, the God bite immediately reached an order to the deputy beside him. "Go quickly and exchange 10,000 gold coins for the game." Now God bite has some regrets that he has been conservative. He has exchanged 10,000 gold coins for the game this time and added the usual funds of 21.27 million, which is his limit.
Now he has to speed up the quotation in an attempt to deter his opponent and make him pause. He believes that the other two people’s funds have reached the limit just like himself. Now, who can exchange the second funds more quickly? At the same time, he prayed and hoped that the deputy could exchange the gold coins before his GAMEOVER.
I love gold coins, and the price has stopped at 120 thousand gold coins. It seems that all players will remember the name of the money auction house for a long time to come, and the most important thing is that they can earn about 50 thousand if they say less.
"Has anyone increased the price of 120,000 gold coins?" Watching the price stop, I love gold coins and finally bid. This price has finally appeared, instead of just a list of quotations. "Does anyone increase the price again?" Does anyone want to increase the price again? 120,000 gold coins for the first time "
"120,000 gold coins for the second time" If no one raises the price again, when I love gold coins for the third time, the transaction will be considered successful.
"1.21 million gold coins, little dragon"
"Oh, is there anyone who will increase the price of 1.21 million gold coins?"
"Has anyone increased the price of 1.21 million gold coins for the first time?"
"Didn’t anyone increase the price of 1.21 million gold coins for the second time?"
Although "1.22 million gold coins bite God" has made sufficient preparations and has not underestimated the token of building gangs and the fierce competition, it is really a big mistake for God to admit that other gang leaders will die from 70,000 to 11,000, but he never thought that Four Holy Beasts Qinglong and Xiao Feilong, the abnormal dark horse, should prepare funds and be quite themselves.
Now he hopes that the other two parties will give up, or his deputy will quickly exchange gold coins.
"140,000 gold coins, little flying dragon"
"Wow …" This player broke into a roar. This little dragon is so abnormal that it has thrown out 140,000 gold coins, and the price has soared again. Now all the players are speculating whether the little dragon is a sacred party, and it has paid 140,000 gold coins, which is equivalent to 140,000 RMB auction to help token players make a fortune this time.
On the other hand, when this price appears on the screen, God knows that he has lost 140,000 yuan in this competition. What is the power of the other party that has prepared so many gold coins to buy the help token? Is it the Dragon Soul Help that has been hidden in the dark? Well, it must be the dragon soul gang, too. They can be so well prepared
"150,000 gold coins Qinglong"
God is thinking about whether the Dragon Soul Gang is going to surface when the screen quoted again, which surprised him. He even had money to fight with Xiao Feilong and immediately hit the first place in the wealth list with 15.74 million gold coins. Second place: 14.32 million gold coins, little dragon.
I can’t believe that Qinglong has prepared so much money. Four Holy Beasts’s strength is indeed not small, but think about it. It is more than enough for Four Holy Beasts’s four eldest brothers, Qinglong Suzaku Xuanwu White Tiger, to unite financial resources to prepare funds naturally.
"150,000 gold coins for the first time ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
Sitting in the VIP area, Qinglong saw that I love gold coins, and the nerves finally relaxed. With the joy of victory, Qinglong slowly walked to the auction stage and took his help token from the hand of I love gold coins. He held it high to pay tribute to the audience. All the players in Four Holy Beasts screamed because they would be the first gang member in Four Holy Beasts.
"Ladies and gentlemen, the building help token has been taken. We wish Qinglong Four Holy Beasts a vigorous development. Then we will auction three sets of suits. As we all know, it is possible to open the properties of suits only when they are fully dressed, but it is not as difficult as usual to prepare them. Now, if you pay enough money for three sets of suits, you can have a suit."
The competition of these three sets of equipment is not worse than that of the help token. The price of the last three sets of equipment is about 20 thousand, which was accepted by Xiao Feilong, God Eater and the bully axe.
After the auction of three sets of suits, the silver bulk and other bulk equipment are also rising with the help of the previous equipment, but fortunately, the rich in VIP area love these low-level equipment, and they all tacitly do not compete. It is precisely because of this that these bulk equipment can be pocketed by non-VIP players.
Chapter sixty-four I love the choice of gold coins
The auction was very successful. As soon as it was over, I entered his office with my gold coin, and we divided the stolen goods. We built a token auction and sold 150,000 three sets of suits. I paid nearly two and a half sets, so I got about 50,000 in my account, and then strengthened other loose equipment. This auction alone was 20,000.
I received a 250,000 transaction order from my favorite gold coin, and I said in a daze, "This … this seems a little too much. You charge 5% and 1%. You should give me more than 170,000."
"Ha ha Avengers, you helped me make a name for the money auction house. How can I ask you for a kickback? I charge 1%. You deserve it. "
I love gold coins, although I really want this rebate, after all, it is about 150 thousand, which is a drop in the bucket for him because of the serious shortage of funds, but I can’t bear to collect this 5% rebate at the thought of the other party helping the auction house to make a name for myself, and finally I have the heart to return the 150 thousand rebate that should have belonged to me to the other party
"Then I’ll take it." I don’t think too much money. After all, who can have a hard time with money?
"Always calling you Avengers is too welcome. Can you tell me your game ID? Of course, if it’s inconvenient for you to talk, let’s just say that I didn’t ask, "The Dragon Soul Gang has been lurking at the bottom." Then the main members of these departments should rarely leave their own game ID. I love gold coins. A businessman wants to know the Avengers game ID out of curiosity, so he is a little grateful.
Yes, it’s really a little grateful. You know, I love gold coins to buy this money, but the auction house pawned all the valuable things in the real world before buying it. So the auction house is his life, but both Huitong and the merchant want to monopolize Shuo, so his money auction house has been suppressed by both sides.
Just when I love gold coins, the Avengers suddenly appeared and brought the first help token in Shuo. What surprised him most was that the Avengers planned to auction the help token, which made him a little confused. Did the Dragon Soul Help give up the advantage of being the first help?
Although I don’t know what the Dragon Soul Gang is thinking, it is the first token auction to build a token auction, which will lay the foundation for the auction house to surpass Huitong and businessmen in the short term.
All this is given to me by the Dragon Soul Avengers. How can I not be so grateful for the gold coins?
"The boss made a joke about my game ID. I think you should have heard of it, so it’s called Dragon Soul." Personally, I love gold coins. This person is very clever and has the nature of not losing. He asked him to help auction the help token this time, but he helped to sell it at a good price and didn’t get any kickbacks. I intend to join him for a long time. After all, it’s relatively easy to build high-class equipment with our’ Dragon Soul’ now. We can have the money to help the auction house sell it. Most of the time, we have left it.
I love gold coins. I spit them out when I smell jasmine tea. I looked at them in horror for a long time before I said intermittently, "You … your game ID…… … is … a dragon soul? Don’t … don’t you just … is the dragon soul gang … boss? "
"I love the gold coin boss. Let me be honest with you. We dragon soul members have no intention of setting up our own gang." Seeing that I love gold coins, I absolutely don’t believe it, so I can explain that "in fact, we intend to set up our own organization."
I nodded and said, "Yes, it’s an organization that scares the bosses of major gangs. Now I’m netting some of the best players and wizards in the game. I think you should be familiar with Coca-Cola and Coke with ice."
"Well, they are all members of the Masters List, and they are also members of the Dragon Soul Gang." You know, Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola with ice have been combined into a group with the name of Avengers, and I love gold coins. Naturally, the owner of the auction house has no idea.
"Hey hey!" I smiled mysteriously. "I love the gold coin forum, so it should all be in our information. Tell me how many talents ordinary players need to raise if I join hands with Coca-Cola and ice?"
I love gold coins. After thinking for a moment, I was surprised, but I won’t still answer, "It takes thousands of ordinary players to tie up with you three. If I want to hang you up, I guess I need two less people and lose half of the previous conditions."
The combination of Avenger frost wyrm’s breaking and Xuan Bing’s flowing ground crack and knight’s rushing wave is not to kill ordinary players’ super abnormal skills and add destructive power. It is said that the first thunder magician Coca Cola and the water variant ice magician Coke with ice need thousands of players to tie this combination.
The most important thing is that the Avengers frost wyrm, Coca-Cola Tianlei, and Coca-Cola Ice Goddess Spear are all able to kill the super skills of the big players, and whether the strength of these three people is really this little. Others estimate the Coca-Cola and Coke Ice Method, but it is at least certain that the Avengers must have some powerful tricks that have not been exposed to the sun.
The Dragon Soul Organization recruits powerful players to join gangs, but it is stipulated that members of the organization can also join other gangs, which is just created by themselves. Suddenly, he said seriously, "I love gold coins. I think you know something about the Dragon Soul. I sincerely invite you to join our Dragon Soul now. I don’t know what you mean?"
I love gold coins without saying a word, but I bowed my head and thought about it. If the Dragon Soul is to create a gang instead of an organization, I love gold coins. After all, I will choose to join the Dragon Soul Gang. However, it is said that the development potential of the mysterious gang is amazing, but once the organization is established, it is bound to be a big fight because of the fixed manpower.
Now I love gold coins, and I’m caught in a dilemma. If someone invited me to join an organization, he would definitely know whether the other person was crazy or stupid enough to make such a joke, but now it’s the "dragon soul". It’s a mysterious "dragon soul" in the world and it’s also a "dragon soul" to help his money auction house tide over the difficulties.
Yes or no?
Chapter sixty-five Dragon Soul Organization was established
I love gold coins and I don’t urge them. After all, it depends on whether his "Shuo" can be based on major events.
After a long time, I love gold coins. I slowly raised my head and said firmly, "The soldiers are more expensive than the essence. I can promise you a token under construction, but you must promise me one condition first."
"Go ahead."