"By the way, do you know where the rest of our country is?" Lin Yuan looked for one side when he first came, but he didn’t see it.


"They’re in the back. Look there!" Said Liu Long pointed in their direction.
Lin Yuan just saw many familiar faces when he looked in the direction of Liu Long, but to his disappointment, he didn’t see Wu Xiao’s face, and he couldn’t help but be disappointed.
"Brother Lin Yuan, don’t worry. Everyone has their own opportunities. Maybe Wu Xiao has something to do now?" Liu Long naturally knows what Lin Yuan is disappointed.
"Well, Brother Lin Yuan, I have to go back first. I tried this war, so I won’t take part in it. You have to work hard." Liu Long said that your body disappeared and you appeared behind the general representative of Tianwang.
In the huge site in the middle of the ancient peak, people stand proudly. Everyone has an amazing breath, and these people are all powerful people who have stepped into the potential list. They are the last outstanding people.
Half a year later, Luo Tong looked at Fang and nodded slightly. With a wave of his sleeve robe, an extremely powerful spiritual force fluctuated in the sky, and then everyone saw the distortion, and a huge mask formed by spiritual force emerged in the sky.
By condensing such a large number of spiritual masks, many people have seen a face of wonder that such strength is enough to make them look up.
After making these masks, Luo Tong once again held a bright ball of light in his hand, and he could vaguely see that the ball of light was filled with some numbers.
"All numbers are singular and even, and those with singular and even numbers are your opponents, and that number will lead you to your respective mask platforms."
As soon as the tone of Luo Tong falls, the ball of light in the palm of your hand explodes with a bang, and the flashing numbers suddenly land on the ground like rain all over the sky.
Shua shua shua!
The light rain landed on the square, and many strong people suddenly shot out and each of them used their stunts to grab the numbers from the middle.
Lin yuan looked at this scene but didn’t start work. He didn’t worry. Anyway, drinking water and fighting here are all the same, which is also to sharpen his strength
The old man in the middle of the top of the mountain saw his eyes narrowed slightly.
Lin Yuan’s figure is also swept out of the palm of his hand and into the light rain at this moment, but he didn’t catch the number, but after waiting for a while, he saw a number and took the initiative to sweep it and finally fell into his hand.
"Good means …"
Lin Yuan caught the number and fell back to the ground, but his eyebrows were blown up. He could feel that the number was covered with strong fluctuations. It was impossible for them to explore it, but the old man in the cat house was able to find it out from this sky-high number and send it into his hands … It’s really a master.
And with many light Jane is to start with, suddenly there are a series of light from the number, and then link to those mask platforms.
Chapter four hundred and seventy-one-fierce collision (third)
With the light of the road, a figure gradually disappeared in the Gu Shan and appeared in those masks.
The number in Lin Yuan’s hand also shoots a light at this moment, which links a mask platform in Tianyi, and it is in his hand that the light is linked, while another light is also shot and linked on the other side of the mask platform.
Lin Yuan slightly tilted his head and his eyes shifted along the light, and then he saw a cool man not far away without accident.
"Zhao Ao, the ninth potential list!"
"The third place in the potential list is Linyuan!"
That Zhao Ao was obviously stunned when he found another light actually linked to the forest edge, but soon he disappeared indifferently before his face.
"I didn’t expect to meet you, but although you are strong, I will fight for it." Zhao Ao’s face is also full of fighting spirit in the expectation of recovery.
Lin Yuan also knows that even if the other side is higher than his own realm, it is impossible to defeat the soldiers without fighting. It is impossible to be a coward to enter the top ten fighters.
"Well, we’ll solve it in World War I!" Lin Yuan also gives birth to thick fighting spirit at this time.
Zhao Ao’s weapon is a long weapon. At the moment when he advocated the appearance, the whole mask department was shrouded in a shocking battle.
"Linyuan, I will try my best to beat you."
"I hope you can say this sentence later!"
The hand of the forest edge also appeared in qiankun sword’s purple and golden light, and the forest edge did not dare to be careless. The top ten potential list is not so easy to beat.
Qiankun sword’s strong spiritual force at the edge of the forest poured into the fitness, and the sword shadows around him exuded the sword rhyme belonging to the edge of the forest, which contained terrorist energy.
Lin Yuan doesn’t want to talk nonsense. The surging sword rhyme directly emits the shadow of the sword.
A flash of body shape and a purple and golden light instantly came to the front of Zhao Ao, and dozens of steps and a sword went off.
"Bloodthirsty three kills!"
Zhao Ao’s weapon is a knife weapon that advocates the red light. Zhao Ao is in a dominant position in the sword weapon. Zhao Ao does not retreat or avoid the sword. The knife shadow suddenly rushes out in the middle, and the knife mans faces the attack. On both sides, the knife shadow attacks the forest edge body with a left and a right, which means a move to kill the forest edge.
The edge of the forest doesn’t care to attack itself. It sends out purple and golden light in several ways. generate qiankun sword gently shakes a firm but gentle shock and instantly breaks the length.
Those knife shadows burst and scattered into nothingness
Then those knife shadows were broken, and some attack power was broken. Although the knife shadows were not broken, they continued to bomb in the direction of the forest edge.
But at the edge of the forest, three feet away, those knife shadows actually broke their roots and couldn’t attack in the past, but at the edge of the forest, the mulberry formed a barrier to stop this attack

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