Section 362


It’s worse than the day!
Pulling at the man’s cuff, she grunted, "Uncle, you are talented and intelligent, and I am dull in human nature. I’m afraid I’ll have to cultivate you … Let’s find a place to wash and sleep at night! ? Hmm? !”
Looking at what she said, she actually wants to be a deserter, and her eyes are dark.
Facing the cool breeze, his posture was straight, and he unexpectedly said that he was embarrassed in his military career many years ago. "No one in Baoqi was born old. When he was practicing shooting in the past, he was almost frozen every day …"
Huh? !
Bao Qi pointed to look at him from one side.
Want to endure, but she really can’t resist the twisted little face suddenly burst into laughter.
Hold your belly and laugh.
Happy sounds travel far in the night wind …
Finally, she stopped laughing, and when she looked up, she found that Lengxiao’s face was horrible and cold.
How can Emma laugh at the chief?
She has to be serious!
She raised her hand and blinked cleverly. "I was wrong, Uncle. I shouldn’t laugh at you … but I just want to ask if your penis really froze after you died of curiosity."
A cold owl who grabbed her waist frowned, caught her and broke her little hand, put it in her mouth and bit it away. A strange flame suddenly jumped out of her dark eyes, and then solemnly bowed her head and looked at her lips and pointed at her, saying, "Don’t you know if it’s bad or not?"
Owl ye a word atmosphere suddenly ambiguous.
It was on a cold winter night that Baoqi felt a little feverish on her face.
Doesn’t she know? Strange
But she had to shake her head. "I don’t know. I really don’t know."
A cold, cold, cold and fierce ring in her waist, a strong palm, "How can hooligans really hurt you?"
"Depend! Be serious! Teach me how to live in the wild! If I am unfortunately killed, who will you do? " Treasure and purity are born not to let people have bad habits. After so many years, there is no rectification in front of him. I am a little shy. Everything is usually hidden in her heart. What has been eaten by her mouth?
Strangled her waist, the owl’s eyes darkened and pecked at her lips again
When you look up, your eyes are obviously spoiled.
"Does Baodi want to be a real special soldier?"
This sentence is too bloody!
My heart flashed sharply, and Bao Qi firmly rushed to him to "think!"
There is nothing but trees in the depths of the mountains. In such a quiet environment, her loud word’ think’ seems to be more powerful than sonorous and stab her own nerves.
She wants to!
And she can!
Pointing to the distance, I couldn’t see the tall shadows of the mountains clearly. The cold owl suddenly sank its voice and its eyes cooled down.
"Go ahead, someone is waiting for you at 12 o’clock!"
I can’t think of the title. Everyone will just watch!
Haha, it’s July 2 nd. Are all my sisters here? But it’s okay. There are no pots and pans in my house now-I’m sweating to buy pots and pans, and then I’ll come back with your monthly ticket!
☆ 11 meters is as deep as love! So sweet!
At that time, Bao Qi was creepy!
Someone is waiting at 12 o’clock. Why does this sentence sound so weird?
The palm of your hand covers your eyes, Bao Qi leans back slightly and looks at the distant mountains-it’s so dark that you can’t see what’s inside, and it’s even more difficult to see the dark shadows in the Woods, which are layered and impenetrable.
What do you want her to do?
She turned her head suspiciously, her misty eyes widened, and the target was the man’s cold face at 6 o’clock.
Hesitantly, she asked, "Uncle, are you sure you are right?"
"What do you think?"
A serious rhetorical question with a scary face means yes.
However, Owl’s domineering and cold face actually hides an uneasy heart.
Isn’t he worried about letting her walk at night?
Pure fake!
Treasure and pure guess tightened his brow.
In a flash, my little face smiled again. "What on earth does Uncle want me to do?"
"When you go, you’ll know that remember to go straight to 12 o’clock!" Watching her face look small with expectations, the cold owl fell heavily on her shoulder with one hand, then straightened her backpack, straightened her gun and said, "Go! Execute the command! "
Command two words export treasure pure conditioned reflex to answer.
Sure enough, if you are used to being oppressed in the army, you will forget your own sex order. The prohibition is not made by talking and thinking, but involuntarily.
Forget it, whatever!
It’s a cool breeze, and even if she is uneasy again, she has to start.
Because the chief said to execute the order!
"treasure and purity"
Unexpectedly, she just turned around and didn’t step out of the cold and called her "Be careful all the way"
"I know!" Turned around and blinked at him. Bao Qi was still in his heart.
Uh-oh, why do you feel like seeing your comrades off when you leave the battlefield?
Inadvertently passing the big tree behind him, she sighed in her heart and suddenly shook her head leisurely.
"This tree is really like a couple tree!"
They have a rest to make the Toona sinensis tree. It is said that it is a big tree, but it is actually a combination of two trees. A tree looks tall and petite. The two trees are close together from the root of the tree. In the middle of the tree, they stretch and wrap around each other as if they were born as one, so she thinks it is a tree, but now when she looks closely, she finds that their roots are actually two trees
The lovers tree is just right!
Mind micro cold owl went to her hand and cut her collar. Once again, she was told as usual.

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