He could see an official kneeling in front of Dong Zhuo, kowtowing like garlic. Although the official looks a bit like Cao Xing, Shi Ah was sure that it was definitely not Cao Xing.


Just when Shi A didn’t know how to go out, Shi A’s master Wang Yue actually appeared here, and Wang Yue finally saved Shi A’s place with his vigorous skill, forming a scene in front of him.
After hearing these thrilling descriptions of Cao Cao, I couldn’t help but take a deep breath and respectfully punch Wang Yue. Fortunately, Wang Yue appeared today, otherwise Shi Ah would really be gone.
And Wang Yue also smiled and waved his hand. Since Cao Xing was going to die and was taken away, he also lived a life of floating clouds and wild cranes. He also drank tea and walked around every day. As a result, he heard such a news in the teahouse today.
In the windy street, he ran into Marotta, who was in a hurry and looked ugly, and he estimated that something was really wrong in the palace.
Therefore, taking advantage of the chaos in the palace and being familiar with the terrain, Wang Yue finally came here and met something and saved it
Wang Yue drank a lot and gave off a suffocating breath. Then he saw a flash of knife light, which had been connected with Cao Xing. The chain was cut off by Wang Yue.
At this moment, Shi A also looked at the nettle. "Hehe, it’s you fox again. My master was kind enough to let you go, but I didn’t expect to run out and do things today. If I were lucky, I’m afraid I would really be calculated by you!"
Shi A turned his eyes to Cao Xing. "Master, kill it!"
Cao Xing is considering whether to kill the nettles in front of him. I have to admit that the presence of nettles has caused Cao Xing a lot of trouble.
But at this moment, there was a sudden scream outside. Cao couldn’t help but look out and see the blood flowing on the earth. Several people’s heads were directly cut off. That’s not all. Dong Zhuo directly kicked their heads away like football after cutting their heads.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven Who is responsible
From the outside, one miserable drinking sound went directly into the hall, and Cao Xing and others smelled the words and leaned out one after another to have a look.
The palace is too big. Although Cao Cao can see the central square clearly from afar, the actual central square is far from here. After all, the hall is built on a high place. Cao Cao can find Dong Zhuo and others, but Dong Zhuo and others are not easy to find Cao Cao. They are hiding in this hall.
One round head after another was directly cut by Dong Zhuo mercilessly. When Dong Zhuo passed by a certain person, that person angrily got up and pulled out the dagger in his sleeve and stabbed Dong Zhuo in the abdomen. That person listened very quickly. It seemed to be successful, but soon he was faced with Dong Zhuo’s ferocious smile.
Dong Zhuo stabbed the man’s neck with a knife. The man’s eyes rolled wide. It seemed that he didn’t want to give up and wanted to struggle again. However, Dong Zhuo held out his two fat hands and broke the man’s neck alive. Then he picked up the knife around him and directly cut the man’s head in half. Seeing such a bloody scene, all the officials around him couldn’t help screaming. Several older officials had fainted at the moment.
This Dong Zhuo is too bold. This is a palace. If he is assassinated and forced to fight back, forget it. But his killing method is so cruel that he smashes other people’s heads and splashes their brains all over the floor. It is contempt for the palace.
At the moment, several Han officials have been gathered around, but everyone witnessed Dong Zhuohang’s anger and dare not speak.
But Marotta is beside Dong Zhuo at the moment. When he saw this scene, he also felt a little queasy and turned away to calm down his mood. Soon, his face looked back as usual. He turned his head and looked at the officials and shouted at him.
"To assassinate a surname when such an outcome, who among you don’t? Who else is secretly pregnant with ghosts! "
Dong Zhuo’s killing technique really made the officials jumpy. After Marotta said this, many people were terrified, and they all hung their heads in the back and even dared not look at Dong Zhuo.
When Dong Zhuo saw this scene, he laughed and clapped his hands as if he were very satisfied with his Jie.
It’s not clear whether they really want this in the bottom officials, but when they saw the last assassination of Dong Zhuoren, Cao was completely shocked, and at the moment, the nettle next to her said to Cao with a trembling voice.
"Cao! This is what you did! "
Cao looked a little trance. He could see clearly that the person who was brutally killed in the end was none other than Wu Fu.
I thought that Cao Cao was the first person to lead Cao Cao in Luoyang. Although Cao Cao felt that Wu Fu was a bit unreasonable in talking and doing things, it was undeniable that he still gave Cao Cao a lot of help. However, today, he ended up in such a situation in front of Cao Cao. Cao Cao was unacceptable for a while.
Next to the nettle, she looked at Cao Xing for a long time and didn’t talk. Suddenly, the knife seemed to be ready to kill Cao Xing. However, Shi Ya directly knocked out the knife in her hand in the previous step.
"I don’t think this woman is a good bird. I think we might as well kill her here. If it’s a big deal, I’ll clean up the blood and drag the body out later!"
Hearing this, Cao Zi slowly turned his head. Instead of answering Shi Ya’s words as soon as he came, he looked at the nettle. The nettle was still wearing her fox mask at the moment, but Cao Zi saw tears in her eyes and deep hatred was hidden in the depths of her eyes. It seemed that she was complaining that Dong Zhuo had died at this moment, but today’s assassination of Dong Zhuo was not a good one for Shi Ya’s Wu Fu, and she ended up in such a situation.
Looking at the nettle grass, I smiled, but it was not a heart smile, but a solemnity smile.
"When I come to Luoyang, it seems that you are out of place. I am not afraid of things, but I will not slander you!"
Cao Xing patted Shi A’s shoulder and motioned Shi A to put the knife down. Then he looked at the nettle with great eyes and said slowly, "Can Dong Zhuo be so violent and blame me for Cao Xing? Are you really naive to kill a Dong Zhuo and it will be peaceful? The joke is a big joke! What happened to Dong Zhuo is because the foundation of the Dahan Dynasty has decayed. Since the Yellow turban insurrectionary chaos, the Dahan Dynasty has gradually declined. Dong Zhuo chaos is also doomed! "
When Cao Cao made these remarks, the three people present were stunned. Cao Cao’s bravery was a little too big. Now the Han Dynasty has not been completely destroyed, so dare to say that the Han Dynasty is not good. You know, what Cao Cao said today would definitely be a crime of losing his head. However, Cao Cao did not care about these. He still looked at the people and finally slowly expressed his views.
Although Dong Zhuo was an official in Beijing when he was young, his last official position was just a satrap in Longxi.
There were hundreds or thousands of satrap positions in the Han Dynasty, so Dong Zhuo was so bold because now people can no longer restrain Dong Zhuo.
Those who live in the temple are casually much bigger than Dong Zhuo, but they dare not speak. The reason is that they are full of benevolence, righteousness and morality every day, and in the end, they can’t do anything, and they lose their courage.
"The Han Dynasty has been a key official of benevolence, righteousness, etiquette and law for 400 years. Those who are familiar with Confucianism will enter the official career. They must show filial piety and be the only criterion for selecting officials. But then again, there are countless filial piety people. However, how many poor brothers can successfully enter the official career? The qualification of song selection officials has not been lost to those aristocratic families. They have completely monopolized this road!"
"Dong Zhuo’s chaotic government court is in a crisis. Those so-called upright and not evil veterans talk about their sense of righteousness every day. Mr. Chen, they should find a way to eliminate violence and settle down. What is it that they want to find me? If Cao Cao didn’t come to Luoyang, who should you blame!"
"Before the imperial court, it wasn’t that there were no ministers with stocks and arms. When the Yellow Scarf Army uprising was in danger, the generals Huang Fusong, Zhu Jun, Lu Zhi and others were the mainstay of the Han Dynasty. However, you can pull them out when you need them. They are nothing without their support. This is not a system problem. So I still say that the foundation of the Han Dynasty is decadent. This is by no means my responsibility!"
Cao Xing said these words in one breath, and he vomited a mouthful of foul air in his heart. He has been holding these words in his heart for a long time. It’s really a pleasure to say them today.
I remember that a writer in modern times once said that if a society stresses morality but not law, it is a hypocritical society, and some scholars in the West have also pointed out that everyone has a beast in his heart.
It is for this reason that the legal system is needed to restrain the beast in everyone’s heart. However, today Dong Zhuo is like a trapped beast coming out of the cage, and there is no enemy anymore. He can show his fangs without scruple.

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