"Like ash, it’s often like" all the relatives replied with different mouths, and Wang Fan’s face was hung with a hint of insidious smile, which was a triumph of strategy.


Fan Xi Wen’s face is not much better than Bao Gong’s.
"Ha ha" next to the little sisters one by one clutching his cherry mouth where to smile?
"Poke topped master, that’s a person who has seen the world and won’t argue with you." Fan Xi-wen left a cloud and left a back with his sleeves.
The pro-guards quickly followed, but their eyes seemed to stay in those who were playing with the cremation. Miss Harrah was still tough and continued. Fan Xiwen almost covered her face and fled.
Fan Xiwen and his party from Longmen Inn came here directly, but it seems that there is something that a bad young master strongly demands. Which inn do you visit the most often? This Fan Xiwen wants to be a warrior.
"Is there an independent courtyard here for children?" Fan Xiwen approached and shouted at the children for fear that Xiao Er could not hear. Like Fan Xiwen, he also wanted to learn from the heroic dry clouds of ancient prawns.
Behind Wang Fan, his face was strange and he felt ashamed. All the pro-guards pretended to look aside and took a step back unconsciously.
Children unconsciously rubbed his ears, then threw the body cloth behind him to Fan Xiwen and said, "Please come with me, my guest."
"Well," Fan Xiwen followed the children to the backyard, and dozens of people followed him. "Hey, who asked you to follow me? Don’t you know me?" Van before precious little article see behind these people in the hall is not helpful to retreat in the mind some angry so very didn’t good the spirit said
"Master, we are wrong, wrong is my fault". What is it like for nearly ten people to sing "Wrong, Wrong, Wrong" together? Wang Fan’s face is pulling because it was a business trip before he came. None of these pro-health people brought money. Now Fan Xiwen’s words are not going to let Wang Fan stay in the hotel.
After the comfortable bed, Wang Fan, they decided to admit their mistakes and sincerely admit that there is a bed to sleep in. Is there something wrong with the tent?
"I’m sorry, master, it’s not the kind of person with a good temper. I can’t accept your apology." Fan Xiwen shook his head and then turned around and stayed with the relatives.
It is said that there are policies and countermeasures. Can’t Fan Xiwen stop them from living in it? So in Fan Xiwen’s eyes, Wang Fan and others called Xiao Er to prepare some rooms. Of course, Wang Fan was still very kind and called some cheaper rooms. Each room can live in five miscellaneous rooms.
"Wang Fan, it turns out that you are rich, but you are also rich and delicious on the road to entertain you. You are deceiving the young master, my pure heart." Fan Xiwen said to Brother Dunton.
"Master, who said that we are rich? We are authentic poor people. So many of us have your richest. You have to speak with your conscience." If you let the master recognize that he is rich, no one will be willing to pay for this room.
"You just have money. If you don’t have money, you still dare to be careful. The boss reported to the official to arrest you." Fan Xiwen said with some vigilance that at this time, he didn’t know what Wang Fan was thinking. Fan Xiwen just made Wang Fan such a long master in vain. At this time, Fan Xiwen bit Wang Fan with money.
"Yes, we have money. We have a lot of money. The tiger showed the young master our money." Wang Fan walked over and said, but when he called out the tiger, Fan Xiwen felt very sad.
Tiger has money, that’s him. Fan Xiwen, have you ever seen a rich man carrying a bag of money on his back? There is no reason to cherish Wen’s giving his purse to the tiger, who is behind him at this time.
"What kind of money?" Tiger doubt said hand unconsciously patted his forehead.
"Tiger came in to guard" when they spoke, the footsteps did not stop. Fan Xiwen was also taken to the front of the house to see that the tiger had not come in vain, so Fan Xiwen was happy to say to the tiger
"Oh" should be a tiger followed van precious little wen approached the room to leave hate to tooth itch Wang Fan.
(Hehe, there is another chapter about asking for flowers around 12 o’clock. Every day, I look at the familiar reward list and I am very moved. Because I am not alone in the war, I am happy, but at the same time I am a little lost. I don’t know this life well. Otherwise, why don’t other friends want to give fresh flowers? Friends should give some advice to students if they don’t write a good place.
Chapter VI Competition between Two Gentlemen
In the end, Fan precious little Wen relented and let go of Wang Fan. All the people were so noisy that they came to finish without a trace of master and servant.
Because it was already dusk when I entered the city, Fan Xiwen was a little tired after a day’s drive, so he didn’t go out to do anything. Wang Fan was well-advised to bring a fairly past meal to Fan Xiwen’s room.
Then I went to bed early and talked that night.
Fan Xiwen got up early the next morning because there are still many things to do today, for example, Fan Xiwen has to test the market! Just to see the price of buying an official
Fan Xiwen, the official selling place, is located in the West Garden of the Imperial City. Just ask someone and you will know.
As a passer-by instructed Fan Xiwen to come to the imperial city, he saw many people talking at a distance. He followed those people to guide Fan Xiwen and saw a huge imperial list, where there were many small letters saying that it must be the price of the official table.
Fan Xiwen shook his head and approached immediately, feeling like he had entered the vegetable market.
Don’t listen to the reaction of the people next to Fan Xiwen. Just dial these people. Most of them are weak and weak. Where can they stand up to Fan Xiwen’s push? Just flash aside.
Don’t look at Fan Xiwen’s gentleness, but this young man often has strength in military training, and because he has been mixed in the military all the year round, Fan Xiwen’s tattoo is still pushed by Fan Xiwen with a sense of Shaqi, and he dare not say much. Maybe it is just a fat beating that makes him lose his manners as a reader.
However, it seems that there are also some eyes in it. This guy is a little fat sideways and a little short vertically. At the moment when Fan Xiwen walked over, there was a bit of biting in his eyes and then he walked out of the crowd and disappeared.
Van precious little Wen naturally didn’t notice that he was stared at the list. Van precious little Wen had a feeling that this spiritual emperor was really prodigal.
What is it that a county magistrate wants 100 gold for a county magistrate or 500 gold for a prime minister? Fan Xiwen, the biggest monopolist in low-priced countries, thinks that the Lingdi should raise the price of these official positions by ten times.
Selling official positions is the most violent industry in China. At the initial stage, it is a good business opportunity, and it is still a monopoly industry. Even if Lingdi raises the price ten times higher, someone will buy it.
Of course, even if his spirit emperor won’t do business again, Fan Xiwen won’t go and tell him that regardless of Fan Xiwen’s little wish list, it is said that Fan Xiwen is now coming to buy an official. Will the buyer think that the seller’s price is low? Are you out of your mind?
Besides, the buyer will be upset if the goods are cheap.
Fan Xiwen has little heart, and now Fan Xiwen is very heart.
But soon Fan Xiwen couldn’t figure out what? Looking for most of the time in the list, Fan Xiwen just couldn’t find Anping’s national sales information. From the side, the court didn’t know that Zhang Shen was dead.
Headache pit dad Fan Xiwen secretly cursed in his heart.
Turn around and wait for Fan Xiwen to prepare to display his stunt of gently taking away a cloud again. When Fan Xiwen froze, he was surrounded.
A dozen guys in green cloth and a domestic hat supported a very short and fat guy with a face of lost face in front of Fan Xiwen. Everyone in the hands of a dozen domestic guys had such a wooden stick and it was very gray.
"Why? Welcome. Is it so grand? Didn’t young master usually tell you to keep a low profile? It really goes in one ear and out the other. Go back to the master. Everyone will find a housekeeper and get ten sticks. "Fan Xiwen saw each other menacing and knew that it might be to find fault. He immediately said at random that the short man over there said one leng one leng to see if he had IQ problems.
"Cut the crap. How do you calculate this account when you just pushed the young master to the ground?" The short man said maliciously
Fan Xiwen can confirm that this is exaggerating the facts and that people around him will believe this fat story with his "excellent" performance just now.
Sure enough, as soon as the fat voice fell, those "big talents" pointed at Fan Xiwen and talked about it. Fan Xiwen’s hearing was no good, but what disgust and a trace of schadenfreude could be seen from their eyes.
"Oh, shit, this dead fat guy has a lot to offer," Fan Xiwen said in his heart, otherwise these people wouldn’t show schadenfreude. "It’s a good thing to say. Where are you guys?" Fan precious little Wen raised my hand against the dead fat hand and asked
"Listen up, your master is a gentleman who holds Jin Wuwei’s armory and makes Yang an adult." Fat said that it is very bullish, just like the armory is very bullish. This armory may still be a figure in the eyes of ordinary people, but in his eyes, it is estimated that it is just like an ant.
The armory ordered one person to take charge of the military equipment, Qin Guan, and the second Han Dynasty belonged to Jin Wu.
The name of the ancient military official was in charge of the armory, the collection and distribution of weapons, and sometimes the manufacture of some weapons. The armory order of Qin Lieutenant was placed in Qin and Han Dynasties, and the armory order of Cheng Han Dynasty was placed in the rank of 600 stone. Besides the armory order of Lieutenant (later renamed as the armory order of Zhi Jinwu), there were also the armory order of General, the armory order of Luoyang, etc., and the armory order of Wei and Jin Dynasties was changed to Wei Wei, or the armory officer of the five soldiers Cao Kubu Sui Hou Weiwei Temple.
The rank of the armory was 600 stones, and the rank of the county magistrate in Han Dynasty was 400 stones. Perhaps the rank of the armory was poor, but the armory was in charge of an armory. Fan Xiwen belonged to that kind of logistics officer. Although he was a local official, at that time, the number of real men and soldiers was much better than that of a small armory.
And more importantly, in the Han dynasty, the military attache was despised, and his post was lower than that of a civilian.
It is important to note that if friends can’t type the old domain name, they can access it by visiting the backup domain name.
"And just an armory makes you come out arrogant." Fan Xi Wen bird doesn’t care about that fat. At the same time, he looks down on those who gloat before. The audience are all people who have never seen the world, and the master has wasted so many expressions.
"Don’t send a white brother" Fan Xiwen waved to the fat recruit and then took the root from one side of the road and took the fat as gas.
What’s he doing? In this family competition, Fan Xian-wen occupies Fang Fan Xian-wen, and it’s lucky to be fat if he doesn’t step on his feet.
However, it seems that Fan Xiwen wants to let him go, but he is fat but not eye-catching. "You dare to dismiss my brother today if you don’t beat him to death, you won’t be surnamed." Said Fat, he stopped Fan Xiwen’s way and sleeves were ready to start work.
"Then what’s your last name?" Fan precious little article freely replied, but the foot is kicked directly towards the fat side. The fat meaning is already very obvious. Fan precious little article is also welcome.

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