To prove that she has the ability to protect herself, she closed her eyes and read two sentences in her mouth. With a slight bend of her fingertips, she saw that the lunch box on the table was flying slowly for half.


Guan Yu looked at her with a startled face.
Jiang Xue Bud opened her eyes and bent her fingers, and the box slowly fell to the table.
She grabbed his sign language belt and begged, "I learned Taoism from a master in a previous life, let alone an ordinary person. Even a martial arts master can’t stand me. Aren’t you at ease?"
Guan Yu looked at her with a complicated expression and sighed for a long time. "Even if I don’t promise you, I still have to go, right?"
"I have to go. I said I would come back safely in three days. Don’t you believe me?"
He held her hand in the palm of his hand and frowned and said, "I really don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing to restore your memory … Section 87: I didn’t mean to hide it from you."
"I have to go. I said I would come back safely in three days. Don’t you believe me?"
He held her hand in the palm of his hand and frowned and said, "Saya, I really don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing to restore your memory …"
In the past, Yu Zhao, who didn’t recover her past life memory, can learn something about her through investigation.
But now she … He doesn’t know what’s on his mind.
He knew nothing about her past life [
He doesn’t know whether the story sounds amazing or not.
He and they are husband and wife, so they have nothing to hide.
But she refused to tell herself what she was going to do …
Although she said that she had a previous life with a high school judge, Yu was still worried.
Jiang Xue Bud saw that he looked a little dim and clenched his hand softly and said, "It’s better that I didn’t mean to hide something from you …"
If let him know that he has two previous children and let him accept it …
Guan Yu sighed lightly, "I can follow you if your mind is set …"
"But you must remember to come back after three days …"
"Well, don’t worry, I will definitely come back after three days …"
Seeing that he still looked gloomy, Jiang Xue sprouted up and took the initiative to snuggle up in his arms, burying his head in his chest and said softly, "You are unhappy with the sound, aren’t you?"
"No …"
Guanyu hooked her shoulder and looked up at the crescent moon. "Saya, I don’t want the memory of past lives to affect my later life …"
"You said that although that person was my past life, I have no memory at all."
"It was a stranger to me …"
And he … Don’t want her to always live in the past memory.
It’s like he’s called Guan Yu all his life, but she always calls him a voice.
For her, was the past self the one she loved in her heart?
I am willing to stay with him because of my past life. Section 88: I prefer you to call me Yu.
Will you be willing to stay with him because of your past life?
He knows it is ridiculous to be jealous of himself, but he is really uncomfortable in his heart.
Jiang Xue Bud’s heart tightened and she looked up at him with a serious look and asked, "You don’t like me calling you a voice?"
Guan Yu lowered his eyes and his black eyes shone for a moment and said, "I … prefer you to call me Yu …"
Jiang Xue Bud’s eyes were apologetic "I’m sorry I … didn’t consider Zhou" [
Think about it in a different way. If she is an official, her heart is also uncomfortable.
Calling out in front of him is a name that makes him strange.
"After I call you Yu …"
Guan Yu stretched out his hand and touched her head and smiled shallowly. "If you don’t like to call me streaming, then call me streaming …"
First, I’m not used to it, but after a long time, he will get used to it.
Jiang Xue Bud shook his head and looked at him deeply, saying word for word, "I will call you Yu …"
"You’re right. You can’t let past memories affect your later life …"
That’s why she kept it from him.
Guan Yu’s black eyes lit up and no longer bowed their heads and kissed her gently.
The moon is hidden in the clouds, and the flowers are fragrant from the evening breeze, and they embrace each other in the gazebo, and they are touching and kissing.
Jiang Xue Bud remembers that she was taken back by Guan Yu last night.
They chatted with the moon, and then she seemed to fall asleep in his arms.
Vaguely watching him carry her back to her room.
It’s already dawn after getting up.
One leng and one surprised, she quickly turned over the bed and opened the door after getting dressed. "What time is it now, Xianer …"
The xian son did a ceremony before chuishou replied, "Madam, it’s almost noon now."
"At noon …"
She muttered something in a hurry and said, "Get someone to fetch water. I want to wash up at once …"
I cleaned up in a hurry and was about to go out when I saw Guan Yu come in. Section 89: You won’t come back.
I washed up in a hurry and cleaned up at will. I was about to go out when I saw Guan Yu come in.
"Are you leaving?"
I can’t tell what the expression is on his face.
Light eyes, light tone and light expression.
"Well …" [
She is in a hurry to go out, but she can’t appear in a hurry in front of him.
Guan Yu cut her skirt before looking down at her and gently sighed and pulled her into her arms and said softly, "Don’t let me worry about you …"
"Well …"
"Well, you go …"
It’s only three days, and she feels like she’s going to be apart for a long time.
Especially in the eyes of Guan Yu, the reluctance made her reluctant to leave.
She took his hand and lifted up her head and said softly, "Then I’ll go …"
He smiled at this time, and his eyes only softened a little "good".
Out of sorrow, she walked into an alley and watched four people close their eyes and read spells.
A mist of gas enveloped her, and the smoke dispersed and she disappeared.
As soon as she disappeared, a white figure came up from the other side of the lane.

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