As The Hunger Feng Luo meditated, a pair of gentle jade arms gently surrounded Feng Luo’s waist and Feng Luo didn’t look back. He already knew who it was


The snake lady Manlu is infatuated with Fengluo.
Mann dew will face tightly stick wind los thick back softly "think? Why do you want to be so lost outside that you don’t even know I’m around? "
Feng Luoding was there, and this Manlu had been deeply in love with herself since thousands of years ago, and followed her when she was sealed. Although Manlu couldn’t find herself during this long period, she still waited for herself and loved herself infatuatedly.
I have always felt very guilty about Manlu Fengluo, and I feel that I owe her a lot.
He also wants to treat Manlu well and love her well, but his heart is completely occupied by Jingxuan. Give Manlu a little.
What he can give Manlu is wealth, profit and satisfaction.
Feng Luo sighed and turned his head and said gently, "Manlu, don’t be too kind to me. I always let you down and make you sad. Why do you follow me?"
Manlu still whispered softly to Feng Luo, "I volunteered. You should talk about whether you love me or not. I’m all yours in my life!"
The wind smiled a "fool will be so stupid? You are still better away from me, and your feelings will hurt sometimes! "
Good, so proud. Isn’t Feng Luo always entangled in emotional whirlpool?
Sometimes feelings can dominate people’s joys and sorrows.
Manlu clasped Fengluo’s hands more vigorously, and she said eagerly, "Don’t I don’t want to leave you, I don’t want anything? Please let me stay with you and watch you quietly. It’s good to know that you are safe, even if you take me as your helper. Can I help you levy heaven? " Big drop of tears overflow her beautiful eyes and wet Feng Luo’s back.
"alas! "Wind los sighed no longer say what the spoony woman how to treat her?
Feng Luo gently showed his hands and said lightly, "Okay, okay, I will try to be nice to you slowly, but when I need it."
Manlu smiled a faint smile and said, "I am the most out of date. I can wait for thousands and tens of thousands of years."
Feng Luo turned around and quickly changed the topic. "By the way, Feather and Rapier have gone out to find the hell shura. What do you think we should do?"
Mann dew bowed their heads and just a thoughtfully "feather Zhen that girl is not afraid of Rapier that guy, we still have to be careful."
One cloud came and floated away again, and then another came.
Staring at the sky, Bai Yun Feng Luo snorted, "That sword hum has always been my defeated hand. It was a pity that he tried to block my feelings with Jing Xuan." It’s a pity that … "Said his mouth overflow a cold smile.
Manlu looked at Fengluo nervously around him and couldn’t help feeling a little scared. Did Fengluo perceive something? Or what did he lose?
Wind Luo smiled and said, "don’t you like Shura Shenjun very much? I believe that Rapier can help me clear the obstacles. Congru should know how to deal with his rival in love. "
Mann dew Zhan Yan a smile "temple we really want to go together, I also want to get rid of the sword soul that a few hell shura! In this way, we don’t have the strength to pick the fruits of victory. "
Feng Luo nodded proudly, and his bloody eyes squinted at all kinds of amorous feelings. Manlu just recovered for a short time, and humanity was instantly replaced by evil. He gently stroked Manlu’s white neck and said with a smile, "You are really a lovely person. I have been spoiling you for thousands of years. You are so considerate and it is a pleasure to talk to you!"
Then he kissed Manlu’s lips gently and whispered, "Besides, you should help me find Jingxuan’s love memory. I believe you can do it well!"
Until the goddess Jingxuan appeared to flatter her and lit up his heart like crystal.
Jing Xuan made him feel that everything mattered.
After Jing Xuan, he can throw everything away from the killing battlefield and the center of power for the devil who wants to be immortal to compete for and devour the end of the world, the highest mountain, the deepest sea and the widest desert he has ever been to.
Because there is nothing he wants there.
Wind and clouds cover the moon, but Jing Xuan wants to kill herself.
He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, trying to fill his body with strength and let the once intoxicating joy emerge.
But that’s not, not anymore.
Although his strength is as abundant as the sea is exhausted, he still feels hungry, empty and wants something.
He doesn’t understand why he will feel lonely if he wants wind, wind, rain and rain.
He told himself more than everything that Jing Xuan must die before himself to repay her betrayal.
But Jing Xuan is gone.
She was reincarnated and reborn as the innocent and charming little girl.
She is as soft as a feather when she crawls in her arms.

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