"Of course, I’m glad to help." Feng picked up the kraft paper and found that it was a portrait.


"His name is Fred, a small leader of the extermination army. Help me catch him. There is his information on the back of the paper," Keith said, leaning back in his chair.
Feng didn’t take the initiative to ask Keith why he wanted to catch the goods, but immediately nodded, "No problem, but where can I find him?"
"Sochos City" to be continued.
Chapter two hundred and sixty Poisonous
The crime of attacking three churches a year and preaching their evil teachings everywhere can be described as villains
This is the introduction of the crime behind Fred’s portrait. After reading it, Feng asked Keith, "Is this Fred really strong?" Still no brain? Dare to start work on the church? "
Big maple, a church power, has also heard of it several times here in Keith, and it’s ridiculous to say that the bishop, the high priest, and the high-ranking priest like Keith alone are strong.
Hearing the maple question, Keith took a sip of coffee and replied, "It was not Fred who attacked the church, but rather the wilderness shelter where the defense facilities were weak, so Fred let the scum get through, but it was a serious provocation to the church whether attacking the church or the shelter."
"Then what is his purpose? No matter how the world-destroying army says, it is also to overthrow the banner of noble saving civilians. Isn’t it not to hit yourself in the face to attack the church worshipped by civilians? " Maple asked again
"Don’t write the paper? The extermination army wants to establish new beliefs and has been spared no effort to vilify the church and slander the light," said Keith with cold eyes
"It seems that the ambition of the exterminating army is a little terrible …" Maple could not help but sigh with emotion after hearing it.
It is more difficult to overthrow a church like this than to overthrow a dynasty, which is equivalent to a group of outsiders advising you not to believe in Bodhisattva but to believe in Jesus. This will change, but your deep-rooted thoughts.
"Yes, but the exterminating army does have abundant resources. A few days ago, it received information that the northwest eternal night area of the empire has been occupied by them for half, which is regarded as the most outstanding group in several major armed groups." Keith replied.
It sounds like this eternal night area should have as many cities and an exaggerated area as Lionheart area. It’s really amazing that the annihilation army can bite such a big piece of meat in the Ottoman Empire. I just don’t know if there are any players in that area. If there are players, will they choose to join the annihilation army …
When Feng was thinking, Keith added, "Fred is no weaker than you beat Hicks. If you want to catch him alive, you can use your brain."
"Leave it to me. No problem." Maple immediately promised.
"Well, I still believe you won’t let me down. Now tell me what you came to me for," Keith said after another sip of coffee.
"ah? I’m fine. I just came to visit … "
"You have three seconds to tell me what you want me to do, or I’m going to pray," Keith quickly interrupted Feng.
"I need a few veterinarians, high-end ones!" Maple decisively shouted
"Isn’t that good? Don’t pretend to be here with me. You are tired and I am tired. What do you want to see a veterinarian for?" Keith asked.
Alas, it seems that I will never be able to improve my social skills with Keith.’ In my mind, Feng replied,’ I contracted a ranch, but the animals in it have been sick recently, so I need a veterinarian to help me.’
"Ranch? West of sunshine ranch? " Keith asked.
"Yes, that’s it." Maple nods.
After listening to Feng’s affirmative answer, Keith suddenly laughed. "Ha ha ha ha. I was still wondering which fool Eddie took over this rotten stall. It was you."
Listening to Keith, he laughed at Feng and twitched his mouth and said, "I think this ranch is not bad."
"How much did you pay for it?" Keith asked after laughing.
"1 gold"
"This price … is reasonable, but if you want this ranch to make money, I’m afraid you have to invest more." Keith nodded.
"The main problem in sunshine ranch now is that there are too many sick animals, and I will gradually improve other aspects after being cured," Feng said.
"No, no, no,no. The problem in sunshine ranch is not only that. The west of the city used to be a slum with a lot of petty theft, but many people regard your pasture as their breakfast. Besides, what do you think is the number of sick animals in the pasture?" Keith looked at and asked
"I’ve been to the ranch, and the hygiene there is really bad," replied Feng.
"Well, you think it’s too simple. Eddie is not a clever guy, but he is not stupid enough to know that the most important thing in the pasture is hygiene. The real reason why those animals get sick is that the land is poisonous," Keith said
It’s really stupid to hear that this maple is not white. After shaking his head, he found the mint in the friend bar and asked, "Do you know that there is a problem in sunshine ranch?"
"There is a problem? Impossible. I’ve been picking it up near this farm and I haven’t heard of it. "Mint replied slightly cold and quickly.
"has it been so dirty since you were working in that pasture?" Feng asked.

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