Just then, it began to rain, and the raindrops were so low that they were less than one centimeter away from the three people. It was convenient to be bounced from a distance as if all three people were propping up an oval gas cover.


At this time, Yin Zhong was running out of patience. He pointed to Yao Xing and scolded, "Old man, did you come to surrender intentionally?" Say that finish Yin Zhong has been encouraging mana, and Chen Ye Hai is extremely impatient and has also brought up mana. Since the law makes sense, it is broken to keep this old guy Yao Xing here.
But for two people to abuse Yao Xing is ourtenant said, "In fact, the old man really didn’t come to surrender today …" Speaking of which, Yao Xing paused and looked at the two.
And Yin Zhong Haichen listened to Yao Xing’s words and naturally became angry. The old man dared to make fun of himself and thought that two people were going to start work here, but just as they were preparing to start work, Yao Xing was furious and then a spiritual force fluctuated.
Then he shouted, "I came here today to take your lives!" "
See Yao Xing suddenly eyes as big as two with silvery white hair and beard are simply blown up and thrown out a magic weapon of mesh.
Two people where know Yao Xing incredibly still dare to start work in such a situation, both of them were caught off guard by the net.
But two people are not very worried, even if two people are trapped and two human Yao Xing is also resistant to them.
Although Hai Chen, who was trapped in it, said calmly, "Yao Daoyou, do you still want to kill my friends here?"
Yao Xing was in a better mood when he saw that two people had fallen into his Luo Tian net. Many people heard Hai Chen’s question and resumed his smile and said, "Didn’t you just say that today is to take your lives? We will know if you can take it for a while."
Having said that, Yao Xing is looking at the dark night. Although you can’t see anything from here, Yao Xing knows that there is a small effort there.
Yin Zhong looked at Yao Xing and looked at the sky with a cold sneer. "Hum, there’s just an elixir there. Are you the killer?"
Yin zhonghai Chen xiu is naturally able to detect Meng qi’s presence, but it is not enough to attract their attention to repair a monk at the early stage of then.
And Yao Xing don’t talk is smiling and feeling the strong water around him, muttering to himself, "It should be about the same …" Now it’s been more than half an hour since Meng Qi cast a cloud and rain tactic.
Hai Chen Yin Zhong felt the changes in the sky while attacking the Yao Xing Luo Tian network. Since the monk then was expected by Yao Xing, they still didn’t care much from their hearts.
Suddenly a blue light appeared in the sky, which seemed to come from nine days away and spilled like a milky way, bringing this area to the deep blue sea
However, just a vision can’t make Yin Zhong Haichen feel indecisive and scared. They are almost dreaming by themselves. That side is just a monk then. How can it be possible to fluctuate in a field? No, it’s impossible!
At this moment, after all, two people are panicked. Two people are eager to attack the Luo Tian network. But this Luo Tian network is a magic weapon for Yao Xing’s life. It has been sacrificed for hundreds of years. Where is it so easy for them to escape?
The two of them watched a huge blue ball of light fall slowly in the sky, then Yao Xing was enveloped in it, and then their Luo Tian net was enveloped in it.
After being enveloped in the blue ball of light, the two did not see the rest of them. Yao Xing was still the only one, and after entering the blue ball of light, Yao Xing actually took back the Luo Tian net.
Although they were released, there was not a smile on their faces. Look at this situation, they have fallen into a certain field, which is definitely 10,000 times worse than falling into Yao Xing and Luo Tian.
When they look at the sparkling blue corners of their mouths, they can’t say how bitter they are. Who would have thought that a monk then could display his field?
Yin Zhong’s face was gloomy and I didn’t know what was going on, but Hai Chen’s face was left with a wry smile.
After Yao Xing entered the field of Meng Qi, Meng Qi was running a spiritual force to bring Yao Xing to his phantom body. After all, Meng Qi has now recovered his original body before he can talk with Yao Xing, who has a personal influence.
"Yao’s predecessors will divide the two now. Which one are you going to deal with?" Meng Qi asked Yao Xing as he set out to separate Yin Zhong Haichen.
Yao Xingze is quite interested in looking at Meng Qi’s field. It is a method to hide and envy this field, but Godsworn Yuan only got it. Although from then, he can slightly contact the rules of heaven and earth.
However, as far as the normal situation is concerned, Brother then has little understanding of the force of rules, and it is almost nothing. Brother then has almost no resistance in the field.
However, the baby brother is different. There is already a lot of research on the rule force. It is not the resistance in the field, but there is still a chance to break through the field with the help of foreign objects like Meng Qi.
However, Meng Qi’s mere presence in a field is naturally enviable. However, Meng Qi’s present field is a method to kill Yin Zhong Haichen. After all, if a person Meng Qi can carefully surround it and slowly grind it to death.
Meng Qi, however, has the ability of self-protection and siege. Of course, it can’t be besieged forever, because Meng Qi’s field also lasts for less than five hours.
"Nature is to deal with the Yin Zhong. He will be injured when he comes, and it will be easier to deal with it." This persimmon nature is to pick up the soft pinch. Yao Xing naturally chooses to deal with the Yin Zhong.
Meng Qi nodded and then sent Yao Xing to a place where Yin Zhong was besieged. This piece, the size of a mile in Fiona Fang, accounted for one-fifth of Meng Qi’s whole field, but it was a little small for two baby monks.
In fact, after Yin Zhonghai and Jin Chen entered the field of Meng Qi, they felt that everything was wrong. The biggest and most isolated thing in this field was that they lost contact with the outside world.
Moreover, there is no spiritual power except the water line spiritual power, and neither of them is the water line monk, which is already very depressing.
Then a water curtain suddenly rose between the two people. This water curtain is directly to divide the two people, and then the water curtain differentiates two huge water balloons to trap them respectively.
After entering the field of Meng Qi, they have been very vigilant. When this water curtain appeared, both of them struggled to get together. After all, they also wanted to be together for nothing, so there was life and hope.
If you don’t separate them, Yao Xing will break them all.
However, no matter what kind of magical powers they display, there is no way to make the two people closer. They can watch each other being surrounded by a huge water polo and trapped by it. After that, they naturally launched an attack.
However, those attacks entered the outside world directly through the water polo like hitting in the air, and when they were outside, they were originally controlled by them, and suddenly they lost contact.
In this way, the attack power is naturally greatly reduced, and Meng Qi can easily mobilize some spiritual force, which is the attack to offset. However, when two people touch the water polo wall with their own hands, they can actually touch the water polo wall, which is soft but tough.
In fact, this is a great magical power in Meng Qi’s field, which can surround the huge water polo that enters his own field and make it lose contact, thus breaking them all.
Although this water polo can besiege the characters, it will not stop the spiritual force from entering and leaving. However, once there is a non-field spiritual force in the water polo, it will send out a spiritual force inside, and it will be more powerful than the siege avatar.
The Yin Zhong trapped in the water polo is already calm, and he knows what will come to meet him next.
"Yao Xing old son hum want to kill the old old also won’t make you feel better" Yin Zhong has no longer issued a "attack" on water polo. He knows that if you want to break this water polo, I’m afraid you need a similar tear avatar to do it.
And since he won’t be so magical, it’s better to concentrate on adjusting his state. Although Yao Xing is better than him, he has indeed suffered some injuries, but it’s not yet known who will fight for his life.
Come in Meng Qi to help hide in this water polo. It seems impossible for Yao Xing to see that Yin Zhong was so fast that he calmed down. He also sighed and wanted this guy to have more strength.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-one As the saying goes, so does the magic.
Chapter one hundred and nineteen As the saying goes, so does the magic.

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