"Send your grandmaster down." Chen Weichen said with his head to the disciple who had not gone far behind him. A disciple immediately came up to take over the white monk.


But at this moment, the white monk suddenly opened his eyes and gently opened his lips "brother"
Chen Weichen’s face changed greatly, but he was close to the white friar and couldn’t dodge his heart. He looked down and saw a heart beating in the old hand of the white friar.
"Teacher younger brother, you" Chen Weichen looked stunned. He didn’t understand why teacher younger brother wanted to kill him.
"This is what goes around comes around." The white friar shouted at Chen Weichen with a ferocious look. After that, the white friar fell to the ground with a bang and died. Chen Weichen’s heart was crushed by his last effort.
The strength of the monk lies in the fact that the heart will die even without the body, but it can be reborn as long as the soul is there, as long as Yuan Ying is trained in that suit.
Chen Weichen turned to look at Haikui "It’s you"
"What am I, Chen Weichen? Let’s put an end to your sins in those days. You’ll die in a short time, and your whole body’s cultivation can’t be exerted." Haikui said faintly as if this scene in front of you had nothing to do with him.
"Drink" Chen Weichen a loud drink down a pat on the roof and slowly raise my hand. A stick condensed by cement and steel bars slowly appeared in his hand. He waved his hands and hit Haikui with a stick.
"Let me see your martial arts sect." Haikui said with a wave of his hand, Lei Guang flew towards Chen Weichen rapidly, and Chen Weichen didn’t dodge the stick and broke a Lei Guang in one fell swoop. In addition, three Lei Guang hit him, and his body trembled slightly and moved on.
The umbrella in front of Haikui’s hands is spinning faster and faster, and it is spinning at a high speed and making a noise. A huge thunder ball slowly appears, and finally a basketball-sized one is caught in Haikui’s hand.
The next second, the figure appeared in front of Chen Weichen. "Wu Daozong Chen Weichen disappeared from today."
As Haikui finished speaking, the thunder ball pressed on Chen Weichen’s body, and the stick in Chen Weichen’s hand hit Haikui’s protective qi with a bang.
Chapter 221 Destroy Yuan Ying
Haikui’s figure did not move, but the stick was shattered by the force of the true qi against the earthquake.
And Chen Weichen’s body began to tremble violently. Haikui quickly retreated and slapped Chen Weichen’s body with a bang. Chen Weichen’s body exploded in the air and a bloody storm broke out.
His Yuan baby rushed out of a cloud of blood fog and was stained with filar silk blood red.
As soon as Yuan Ying appeared, he turned into a cloud of smoke to run. Hai Kui’s eyes were miniature. I’m afraid this Yuan Ying can actually cast spells in the later stage.
He reached out and grabbed at the smoke, but it turned into nothing in an instant
Haikui frowned. I didn’t expect this Chen Weichen to be one step away. If he crossed the yuan infant period, it was himself who failed today, not Chen Weichen. In ten years, this Chen Weichen’s cultivation was growing fast enough.
However, since Chen Weichen is going to disappear, how can he let Yuan Ying run away? Haikui has a well-thought-out look, and with a wave of his hand, Chen Weichen’s body is all condensed in front of him.
"You ran away, but your scattered body is still here. I can still find you with the induction ability of your flesh and soul. You are dead today. If I let you escape successfully, I’m afraid it will be my death when you enter the distraction period." Haikui looked at the distance and said with a smile.
If the former enemy of Haikui ran away, he would definitely stop chasing him, but now it’s different. Haikui already knows that there must be a life-and-death way to cultivate immortality, otherwise it will be really dead when the other side retaliates, unlike the legal constraint on the earth, here is the way to die if you force him.
Putting Chen Weichen’s flesh and blood together is a bloody mess. If a mortal sees it, it will be disgusting, but Haikui has no feeling, and there is no such disgusting vomiting for the first time.
He stretched out his hand to the flesh and blood, grabbed the remnant soul in a wisp of flesh and blood by him, took out the trapped soul lock, and put it in the trapped soul lock. Hai Kui recovered in the direction of Yuan Ying’s disappearance just now.
The function of this trapped soul lock is to trap the soul, capture the soul, and kill the soul. With the residual soul and the soul in Yuan Ying, we can perceive Haikui and find out where Chen Weichen has gone.
What is the soul’s spiritual aura? People will dissipate within a certain period of time after death, and monks can wrap their souls through the true force of Yuanying, but they will not dissipate quickly, and they can come back to life after being rebuilt or taking away their bodies.
The spread of Haikui’s knowledge perceives the location of Chen Weichen’s yuan baby, and judges the possible location of Chen Weichen by the faint degree from the residual soul. After flying for nearly an hour, Haikui sneers at the corners of his mouth and speeds up.
In the front, I entered a mountain, and I felt that Chen Weichen’s soul force was so strong that it seemed that he was flying towards the front at the speed of Haikui.
After speeding up, I saw a perfect white baby as big as a half-year-old child fleeing ahead. Haikui sneered and shouted, "Chen Weichen, I see where you are going."
Said to the trapped soul lock forward with the speed of thunder blink of an eye came to Chen Weichen yuan baby above a deep and green light shrouded in his yuan baby.
Chen Weichen Yuan Ying’s speed dropped rapidly. There was a huge suction on the trapped soul lock, and Haikui took advantage of this situation and came behind him in two steps.
Chen Weichen Yuan Ying suddenly looked back and saw Haikui fall down and was scared to scream, "Uncle Shi, help me."
Haikui heard that he could shout aloud and knew that it would be proper if Chen Weichen hadn’t entered the distracted period today. Besides, hearing him shout out ShiShu Haikui knew that there must be something monster-level old in Wudaozong.
It turns out that this is where the real martial arts Sect is located, and the city is where the martial arts Sect is located.
"Uncle Shi, help me" Chen Weichen’s Yuan Ying continued to scream and cry loudly, and waved a hand of Yuan Ying to hit the trapped soul lock.
Haikui didn’t know whether breaking the magic finger could seal the true force of Yuan Ying. He reached out and pointed out that he wanted to try it. Unexpectedly, Chen Weichen’s Yuan Ying trembled and could not release Yuan Ying’s spell.
"Chen Weichen seems that today is really your death." Haikui grabbed his yuan baby and absorbed Chen Weichen’s yuan baby crazily. After a while, the kung fu yuan baby was a little smaller and slightly transparent.
Haikui stopped and put a hand on the top door of Chen Weichen Yuan Ying. "I want to see what you have in Wudaozong." He said that the skill of searching the soul was put into use and began to search the memory of Chen Weichen’s soul.
Chen Weichen exclaimed but immediately stopped. His memory was severely searched and forcibly taken away.
After searching Chen Weichen’s soul, Haikui grabbed her Yuan Ying’s last breath and the whole Yuan Ying disappeared without a trace, even the soul disappeared without a trace.
Just then, a dark light shot at Haikui.
Haikui looked up and saw an energetic old man flying towards him. The old man was about sixty years old, but his hair was pitch black and his eyes were shining. At first glance, he was successful in practice.
"I just heard my nephew’s voice disappear." The old man came to Haikui and looked at Haikui with a whisper. "Who are you? I haven’t seen it before. Besides, why do you have such a strong hostility?"
Haikui was looked at by the old man and felt uncomfortable. He knew that the old man’s cultivation had reached the distraction period. A kind of pressure from the cultivation level made him feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, he didn’t see that he killed Chen Weichen, otherwise he would definitely beat him.
"Predecessors are Yang Zonglong predecessors of Wu Daozong" Haikui said to the old man in front of him.
The old man who didn’t like Haikui a little originally saw Haikui know him, and his eyebrows stretched slightly. "You know the old man, why haven’t you seen this doll?"
"Many years ago, the younger generation had seen the older generation." Haikui made up a lie. He knew the old man because he had searched Chen Weichen’s memory.
"Oh, by the way, did you just hear someone calling uncle Shi to save me?" The old man stared at Haikui and asked.
Haikui shook his head with a smile and a very calm look. "The younger generation didn’t hear it, but just now I did hear the voice of shouting coming from that direction." Haikui pointed to the right and thought the old man said behind him.
The old man took another look at Haikui and said, "The cultivation of the little doll is not weak. You wait here for me. I’ll be right back. I have something to ask you later."
The old man was suspicious of Haikui’s words, and he had a strong hostility. It was just that what he heard was really his nephew’s cry, so he asked Haikui to wait for him to see if his nephew was in danger.
When the old man finished, he disappeared without a trace. Haikui knew that the speed of the distracted monk had reached the realm of terror, which was many times faster than he didn’t know. As soon as the old man disappeared, Haikui plunged into the ground without saying anything, and galloped away in the opposite direction of the old man.
A few seconds later, the old man turned back and showed no sign of Haikui. The old man roared, "How dare the little doll lie to me?" He said that the gods of the earth began to look for Haikui.
Haikui sneaks underground and knows that he can’t escape the pursuit of the old man at his own speed. He flies out of a distance and quickly draws a law to cover up the breath with the law in Chen Weichen’s memory. Then he swishes into it and converges all the breath to close the six senses.
There is something strange about this martial arts sect’s practice of strengthening spells by martial arts. They seldom use the magic weapon of martial arts to attack the inner alchemy, like the magic weapon of Dan medicine. It is mainly because the martial arts sect’s people can use the powerful inner alchemy to derive mana from everything after reaching a certain level. This is also why Hai Kui saw Chen Weichen’s magic power with the help of the clouds in the sky because the powerful inner alchemy produced great vitality that the outer alchemy sect can’t match.
The old man just chased out but suddenly lost the breath of Haikui. His eyebrows were slightly wrinkled. "This boy runs so fast." He chased out hundreds of miles with a distracted period of cultivation, but he still didn’t see the trace of Haikui. Finally, he had to give up and return to Wudaozong.
Haikui has been lurking in the underground of Wuli outside the mountain where Wudaozong is located until night, and then suddenly rushed out of the law and quickly fled into the distance.
He knew that this time, it was an issue with Wu Daozong. Today, he killed Chen Weichen and his younger brother. Many young students of Wu Daozong saw it, unlike when he killed Li Yi.
Wu Daozong had a distracted period, and now Haikui is not an opponent. Now he can only fly away until his strength improves.
In fact, Haikui has long speculated that Wudao Sect has more than Yuan Ying’s accomplishments, and some great sects’ Mahayana masters may also exist, because they can only leave this world after soaring, and they need Mahayana to survive the Armageddon, so those who haven’t survived the Armageddon must also be in this world.
Haikui kept sneaking around until he came to the seaside, when he meditated underground and recovered his true strength for a night.
His next step is to go to his overseas abode of fairies and immortals, find out the red-violet fruit and refine all the Lingcao in the abode of fairies and immortals as soon as possible, so that more demons can be born and they will not flee everywhere when they have strength.