As soon as her eyes fell on Jun Yang, he immediately felt that he turned his head and smiled at Shen Qiqi’s eyes.


Jun Yang stretched out his hand and touched Shen Qiqi’s palm gently.
A strange ripple stirred up in her heart, and she couldn’t help getting closer to him and snuggling up to him gently.
Two people around an ambiguous atmosphere rippling.
Seeing this, people around us made excuses and left their parting to a pair of lovers.
But the two men were unaware that the two men were getting closer and closer, and the two lips were getting closer and closer and finally touched together.

After a kiss, both of them were panting, and Shen Qiqi discovered that they were left in the room.
"Where is he?" Shen Qiqi’s face is a little feverish. crazy in love didn’t know when people left just now.
The main thing is that she was moved in her heart, and she couldn’t help but ignore the people around her. I don’t know if they saw her and Jun Yang … that … before leaving.
"Don’t worry, others left early." Jun Yang looked at her and wondered what she was thinking. She quietly added, "They were all gone before I kissed you."
He breathed hot and sprayed her neck and brought a crisp and numb feeling. Shen Qiqi couldn’t help shrinking and getting closer to his arms.
"Well, it’s getting late. You should take a nap." They threw themselves and picked people up and went back to their bedroom.
After all this trouble, Shen Qiqi was really sleepy and yawned, so she had Jun Yang to help her undress and untie her socks, and she fell asleep on her pillow.
Jun Yang has done everything. When I turn around, I just see Shen Qiqi, who is already asleep, and I can’t help secretly breathing a sigh of relief.
Fortunately, she forgot to ask the question just now, otherwise he wouldn’t know how to answer her.
This time, Jun Feng was sulking because he didn’t want to marry Xu Qiang. Naturally, he didn’t want Zhou Jiabang Jersey to come forward by him.
And he didn’t tell Shen Qiqi that he naturally didn’t want to see her feel guilty about this matter.
It’s not a big deal, but he doesn’t want her to be burdened.
At this time, the bed Shen Qiqi turned over and muttered a sentence "Master"
He chuckled and carefully helped her to move over and adjust her posture so that she could sleep more comfortably.
Tucked her in the corner and sat by the bed for a while to make sure she was asleep before Junyang crept out. Chapter 375 Well, I was wrong about you.
Although he really wants to sleep with Shen Qiqi Shu Shu, there are still many things for him to deal with, and he has to deal with them as soon as possible to accompany her well.
He just entered the room to deal with some things when he saw Macey Eva came in.
"What’s up?" Jun Yang knew that he had something to tell himself when he looked at his posture.
"I just came here to ask about the July 7th incident." After more than a year, Shen Qiqi changed. Macey Eva naturally knew in her eyes that something must have happened. She wanted to know and was afraid of touching Shen Qiqi’s sadness. It was safer to ask Jun Yang.
Jun Yang wanted to think, or told him about what happened in this year.
He knew that Macey Eva was genuinely worried about Qiqi, and he would never refuse to be kind to her.
"What are you talking about? Your father wants you to marry someone else!" A word to Macey Eva don’t comment is quite a reaction to this matter.
But also stare at Jun Yang with big eyes, and act like I’ll fight with you if you dare to promise me.