If Xu Ling knows about this, it’s okay.


Yu Xin lowered his eyes and said, "No, Mr. Lu said that he was going to play in a restaurant. After dinner, I separated from him, but I sent him a message before I joined the WeChat class. It seems that he is still sleeping."
Xu Ling "Well, it’s okay."
Yu Xin, "Good Xu Zong"
Xu Ling wanted to think, "You go to play ball with me in the afternoon and I’ll have someone pick you up."
Yu Xin is "good"
"Get out."
Yu Xin is relieved. It seems that Xu Ling didn’t doubt anything.
It’s not that Yu Xin is too careful, but that people like Xu Ling are too thoughtful and like to take everything into their own hands.
The road is clear, but he is still sleeping, but he is not in the hotel, but at her house.
The boy didn’t want to leave after sleeping. It was almost noon and he still stayed at her house.
Yu Xin went back to his desk and took out his mobile phone to send a message to Lu Qing.
[It’s time for lunch. Are you up? 】
The road is clear and quick to reply [I’m not hungry without it]
Yu Xin thought it seemed that she had eaten too much last night.
I have to say that the road is clear, the physical strength is good, and I am tired of greed. I still refuse to stop after many times.
Even though her physical recovery ability is very good, she almost couldn’t get up this morning, but she got up with amazing perseverance and came to the company class.
Think about Yu Xin and feel that she is really dedicated.
Yu Xin [It’s time to get up if you’re not hungry. Get up, wash up and go out for something to eat]
The road is clear [well, I’ll come to you after eating]
Yu Xin [I’m in class. What did you come to see me for? 】
The road is clear [look at you]
Yu Xin [What do I have to see]
The road is clear [I think it looks good]
Yu Xin [Don’t come, I have to go to class and I can’t play with you. Go back to the hotel first]
The road is clear [why are you driving me? 】
Yu Xin didn’t reply again
After waiting for a while, I got up, dressed and went to wash.
Yu Xin prepared a new toothbrush and cup for him. After washing, he sat in the living room for a few minutes. Yu Xin hasn’t replied yet.
As soon as his mood became bad.
He thought about it and left Yu Xin’s room. He sent another message to Yu Xin.
[I’m leaving]
Yu Xin still hasn’t returned.
The road is clear, I guess she may be busy, but isn’t it already lunch time?
Lu Qing opened the address book and found Xu Ling’s words.
Xu Ling wasn’t surprised to hear that the road was clear. After all, it’s time for them to give him a call because they haven’t been connected for so long.
The road is clear. "Uncle Xu, are you busy?"
Xu Ling "didn’t you say"
The road is clear. "Nothing. You didn’t want to have dinner with you."
When Xu Ling saw her eyes, it was indeed lunch time, but Yu Xin should have ordered takeout for him.
But he still said, "No, let’s have dinner together. Where are you?"
The road is clear. "I just went out. I’ll come to you."
The road was clear and he didn’t say where he was. He wasn’t stupid. There was no need to tell Xu Ling that he lived with Yu Xin last night.
"Well, can you take a taxi yourself? Do you want me to send someone to pick you up?"
The road is clear and my eyes are bright. "But I’m afraid I can’t find a place. Why don’t you let someone pick me up? Just yesterday, I added her WeChat and I sent her a location."
Xu Ling is "good"
Hang up the phone, the back road is clear, secretly pleased and witty like me.
Who told you to ignore me? Then you have to pick me up, too
Chapter 8 Chapter 8
When Yu Xin learned that Xu Ling had asked her to pick up the road, she knew it was clear on purpose.
He moved out of Xu Ling if she didn’t return the clear news.
I cann’t believe I’m still careful
Yu Xin has some surprises.
She didn’t receive the estimated location of the clear road, or she was still angry that she didn’t reply to his message and didn’t send the location, waiting for her to take the initiative to find him.
Yu Xin estimates that he is holding a mobile phone and so on now.
She wanted to think about it and dialed a voice call directly to the clear road.
The road is clear, squatting on the side of the road, holding a mobile phone to play small games, educational games and playing casually. He switches to WeChat every half minute to have a look.
I am afraid that my signal is not good, or the news is not shown.
After reading it several times, Yu Xin’s dialog box still stays in the front. He sent the last message.
He was disappointed to switch back to the game when his cell phone rang.
Seeing that it was Yu Xin, his eyes widened.
He hurriedly pressed the answer but was not ready to say anything.
Yu Xin, "Where are you?"
The road is clear. "Why didn’t you answer me just now?"
Yu Xin "didn’t look at his mobile phone because he was busy at work"
The road is clear. "Are you so busy?"
Yu Xin, "Well, Mr. Xu secretly asked for leave, so I worked a little more."
Actually, in addition to serving tea and ordering takeout, she had to share more work with Lin Jiaqi.

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