He deliberately opened his mouth to attack Shuo Mao’s momentum, which is not something to do. It is a fact that chakra’s consumption just now greatly exceeded his expectation … Whether it is to hold the defense of the white tooth dagger or to drag the white tooth back to his face, he can do his best … Now he has not much left in chakra …


Judging from the present situation, the white teeth should still be protected in the walls made by the wooden dun, but the blow just now has made Feng Ying know about the hardness of the wood … This is not a short time to break through the barriers, and if you spend so much energy to break through the barriers at this time, the wooden dun messenger may not leave it at that.
No, if that’s the case, the frontline troops will be in rout without exception. After losing this main battle force, Sha Ren will even lose the negotiation capital of Konoha …
Can’t do this!
So …
His eyes make him brave …
If we can catch this kid … Sha Ren will once again have Konoha as a bargaining chip!
He knew that the other party must be waiting for his withdrawal at the moment, and this time was his best chance to sneak attack!
Iron ore has been gradually collected under his control, and soon the wind shadow can launch a vigorous attack!

But he doesn’t have this chance!
Watergate hasn’t contributed in the great war just now … now he hasn’t perfected the flying Raytheon technique. Compared with the elusive four generations in the future, he is still too immature.
Although he got the second-generation research notes before, from the current situation, he can capture three coordinates at the same time … that is to say, he can jump in three coordinates at a time … If he wants to jump to other targets, he must re-record … Of course, if he is forced to do so … According to the second-generation research, it is really unlucky to keep his body from being torn to pieces like before …
It is precisely because of this shortcoming that even in the most dangerous moment, he just did not intend to make Raytheon …
But now it’s different!
From a long time ago, Zhenyong and Watergate began to cooperate with each other. They are familiar with the way of "two against one" … and the promotion brought by their cooperation is not just as simple as one plus one …
This moment, Watergate is not a common bitter, it is a special product with a strange image … Compared with ordinary bitter, it does not have any special destructive power, but Watergate has carefully carved its own mark on its surface …
"bursts! Hey! !”
One after another, yes, this is exactly the special throwing method that Watergate has been cultivating since childhood … It was divided into two batches and shot out the three characteristics in a flash!

Do you know that I’m still struggling to attack from afar when I’m in magnetic evasion?
"Don’t look down upon people! Little devil! "
He didn’t make an evasive move, but simply waved his right hand and shot at him, so he deviated in the direction …
Right now!
Flying thor!
The first bitter distance from him is no more than two meters, and the blink of an eye. Watergate suddenly appeared in front of him in the shocking and inexplicable eyes of the wind shadow!
Spiral pill! !
The blue light of the right hand palm began to converge, and the deadly sharp wind ball was pushed straight towards the wind shadow.
Damn it!
Does this kid have the ability to endure surgery? At a young age … but it would be naive if you could make achievements like this!
There is no plan to retreat after the wind shadow stepped in the previous step and escaped the spiral pill attack, but buckled the Watergate wrist from the side!
Although he is a ninja, Feng Ying is a wind shadow melee combat after all, and he is much stronger than ordinary people!
But from the beginning, Watergate and Zhenyong didn’t think that this raid could directly kill each other.
Flying thor!
The fight is only a moment, but the Watergate can make the coordinates not one!
Did you just shoot the three pains … Feng Ying immediately noticed the difference between the special pain and the general pain of these three cries … Positioning the coordinate spell in advance and then attaching it to the pain … This is indeed a genius strategy, but …
"Spiral pill!"
Frontal attack is not a single spiral pill, which determines that it will not disappear easily unless it hits the target, but it seems that these are not a problem for Feng Ying …
Hit directly from behind … but in a smoke, the almost broken body turned into a piece of rotten wood …
Body double!
This is ordinary, but Ninjutsu has almost become the winner! The Watergate attack is temporarily exhausted and resisting this fatal blow is a root that doesn’t cost much chakra body double …