Zuo Tangtang looked at the nearby channel and laughed wildly, covered with anxiety and worry. Even though she didn’t say anything, she could feel the low pressure on this side of her brain!


It was a long time before I found that the two people next to me didn’t talk. I didn’t notice the strange atmosphere around me. I silently touched the nose cover and consciously shut up.
You know, although the other party seems to be very gentle and harmful, at least it’s also the deputy leader of soy sauce gang! I still can’t be too sarcastic! It would be terrible if this hatred is pulled around.
[Nearby] Guy giggles/Hey, hey, why don’t you guys come and talk to us?
[Nearby] It’s good to stew pig’s trotters. It’s just that I can tell Mumu about you and the bottle ~
[Nearby] Guy is shy/Why do you say this?
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters are stewed. I think your two stories are super romantic!
[Nearby] Cover your head/Where is it? ~
Mu Yunxian is very impatient to watch the game screen cover this. At least it’s still a married woman with a boss. Can you stop being so blind? He just talked to hoof-hoof. This is going to turn people over again!
[Nearby] Muyun’s feet are idle. Don’t make trouble. She has to organize activities!
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters are stewed! I forgot about it!
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters are stewed and covered, so you’d better get busy first ~
Who knows the cover with a wave of his hand unusually frank said
[Nearby] Gai is fine. I don’t direct this activity, and there is no problem. I want to dissolve them now!
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters are stewed and touched/I see.
I haven’t waited for Zuo Tangtang to continue to invite me. Mu Yunxian hurriedly said.
[Nearby] Mu Yunxian hasn’t waited for your brother to be there yet. You’d better go at once!
Zuo Tangtang wondered that the message record transferred back to the nearby channel would just cover the speech and watch it several times, so there was no question! What is Mu Mu answering?
Is the word typing fast?
Gai used to be as white as Zuo Tangtang until he read it several times and felt different.
Kerosene lamp. Your brother is still there. Get out of here!
I’ll go! Understand this meaning and cover will be angry in an instant! Peat kerosene lamp! How can a person with such a charming personality like her be a kerosene lamp? If it’s a shiny 64k light bulb, too!
Gaiyi really wants to follow Hoohoo-hoo repeatedly, but think about Hoohoo-hoo’s moping a few days ago, and I’m still a little sad. At this time, Hoohoo-hoo probably still wants to stay alone with that guy Muyun!
Stop! She will cooperate with MuYunXian this guy.
[Nearby] Brothers in the Hoof-Covering Hoof Gang want to play some more. I’d better stay here.
[Nearby] Cover you and go to play with your family!
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters stew and bite their fingers/That’s it! Then I will play with you in a few days!
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters stew and wave their paws/bye bye ~
[Nearby] Gai nods/Mm-hmm, North North ~
Looking at Gai’s far back, Zuo Tangtang turned his head and looked at a white suit behind him. Mu Yun was idle and even more sweet because of his cheerfulness. He said, "Mu Mu ~ Where are we going now?"
"Well, what do you want to do?"
"I don’t know." Zuo Tangtang shook his head. She came here as a disabled player, and everything was far away from her. But if we go now, we can’t form a team with their strength.
Zuo Tangtang is a little careful at the moment. She also wants to talk to Mu Mu alone like this. If you form a team, there will be more people. "Mu Mu, think about it! I will follow you! "
"What is really mixed!" MuYun idle discontent protested to "but I’ll take you to a place! You absolutely like it! "
Do you like it yourself? Zuo Tangtang wondered that he was inevitably reduced to a scenic party in the game because he was a disabled hand, and he was very selective about this piece of Zuo Tangtang. If it was not beautiful, Zuo Tangtang would not like it.
Mu Mu is so sure. Does he know that she doesn’t know the scenery?
"Where is Mu Mu?"
"beyond the sky"
"Two worlds? I feel that I have heard of it! " Zuo Tangtang tried hard to search for this place in his mind. "Is it in Suzhou?"
"Well … it’s not far from Suzhou." Mumu replied, "It’s in Yanyu Villa."
"Yanyu Villa?" Zuo Tangtang exclaimed, "There is very little land there! Almost all of them are water! "
"Yes, yes, yes." Muyun answered Zuo Tangtang’s instant curiosity about the baby’s question with no impatience. "So we have to ride to the boatman first and then take a boat, but it will take a long time to take a boat because it’s very far away. Don’t be impatient ~"
Zuo Tangtang also did not consider dealing with Muyun idle. In the end, it was almost a means to coax children, so he quickly took out a map to see.
Zuo Tangtang of Yanyu Villa has traveled a lot of maps, and Yanyu Villa is not very familiar with it, because almost all the maps are covered with water, and there are fewer people in the small novice village in the city. Zuo Tangtang is very rare to come to Yanyu Villa except when he kicks the salt gang in the pavilion.
Zuo Tangtang’s deepest memory of this place is that the large piece of salt outside the salt gang can also step on the footprints there. Zuo Tangtang also prefers to step on the surface like a child when he is free. She wants her to think that she can proudly say that she can step on it.
After all, it’s a game. Zuo Tangtang is not afraid of being such a big girl and being called childish by others.
Zuo Tangtang tried very hard to find the world on the map and finally found it on the far right side of the map. It really seems that Mu Mu said it was very biased!
Yanyuzhuang town is almost on the left side of the map, but Tianwaitian is already on the edge of the scene on the right side of the map, while the middle part is full of water and has to be crossed by boatmen.
"Hoof hooves! Go! " MuYun idle watching silly stay in misty rain zhuang send intersection Zuo Tangtang is full of nai don’t know what this girl is doing.
"Oh, oh," Zuo Tangtang even replied to put away the map and rode on a big horse to wait for her Muyun to run around.
Lu Zuo Tangtang was very curious and asked Mu Yunxian, "Mu Mu, I looked at the map and the location was so biased. How did you find it?"
"Well, because it is actually a place where forces challenge, but we are not strong enough to enter the challenge place now. Most people don’t know much about it, let alone where to go, so I often hang red there." Muyun’s idle talk is very light.
Zuo Tangtang is full of surprise.
What is often? What do you mean by hanging red there?
Mu Mu, he often kills people?
Killing people must come to a place like this. Is it popular?