Yan lin really has something to say. Who knows Deng Zengtao came in and his face is not very good? Obviously, he feels a little sorry for yan lin.


It’s a promise. He’s not like this, but he still has to be the villain.
Actually, yan lin thinks it’s nothing, and she’s not going to be a room sister. Besides, that building is full of teammates who look up and don’t see it. If she has two properties, how can she mix in the team in the future? At present, Zhang’s words made him feel that there was nothing wrong with owing himself.
She is also an abacus player, and she can carry it clearly.
"It’s just that Deng’s guidance came, so I won’t hide it …" yan lin shook things out. "This matter helped me deal with my teammates in the Institute of Physical Education and my coach Fang Qinfang."
Actually, Zeng Lei is no longer in the Institute of Physical Education. She wants to help coach Liu bring the Shanxi team up. Compared with Zeng Lei, yan lin feels that she is really a selfish person. First, she told her that she was afraid that her hometown would find someone to testify.
Zhang Yiping was silent for a long time before he asked, "Cut off from your parents?" His tone is a little heavy and he feels a little unhappy.
After several decades, yan lin, the adoptive parents, posted a post on the Weibo Forum, and most of the netizens were all alike-constantly waiting for the New Year? But in this day and age, it is different.
Yan lin insisted on "yes" to give up the problem. The team leader is Zhang, so now she is open and honest. If it can be solved, it is best not to solve it. Then she has nothing to be afraid of, but she is guilty.
Deng Zengtao glared at her. Can you die if you speak softly?
"I’ll discuss this matter with the team leader. You should go home first." He didn’t mean that yan lin promised to come for the team leader Zhang.
Zhang Yiping, it’s not right. I haven’t said I’d agree to this yet
However, yan lin played it by ear. "Thank you, Team Leader Zhang, and thank you for your guidance. Then I’ll go first."
Deng Zengtao was very satisfied. yan lin was clever enough to play it by ear.
"She is clever enough, but what about this?" It’s difficult for every family to recite scriptures, which involves family affairs, especially breaking up with their parents. This is really going to be difficult to clean up.
"If you really find the money, it’s not easy. If you don’t believe yan lin’s words, you can investigate and see if the situation is true. Let’s discuss it again. We can’t let him ruin our best blocker, can we?"
Looking at Zhang Yiping’s look, Deng Zengtao hesitated while the iron was hot. "I have been working as a few old players’ ideological workers during Lao Zhang’s time. They are all injured because of mutual affection, but we are still here, but the old and the new are not in place."
This problem is so serious that Zhang Yiping looked up and began to face up to Deng Zengtao. "After Cheng Yaqiong retired, the assistant attacker had an experienced yan lin. She was young, but her mentality was as good as those of the veterans. Recently, Lao Yuan and I were cultivating Shen Baozhu, but it was still a little worse."
Zhang Yiping is not a professional athlete, but it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t understand that once Cheng Yaqiong retreats from the main attack, yan lin will be left alone, and she is ashamed to block the ball.
"You also don’t say yan lin way more than our national team and the little girl who you don’t know? Can’t you see Lin Yanren clearly after eating and living with those teammates for more than two years? Are you really going to let such unreliable parents ruin yan lin? Affect the results of our World Championships Olympic Games? "
Deng Zengtao said that soon, in fact, he had thought it over, but he hadn’t said it yet. Just as yan lin was talking about it, he knew very well who could cope with the two super main attacks of the US team except yan lin. Feng Lang is taller than yan lin, but Feng Lang is the main attacker, and her strength is not in blocking, and other teams have begun to stare at Feng Lang and Zhang Fang. yan lin is still good. She has a lot of brain work and plays tricks, so it is difficult to be stared at.
Besides, during this period, Cao Hui’s training of Yang Xiaolan and Jiang Ying also lacked some competition experience. Without yan lin’s "forced retirement", the main force of the game turned out to be the remaining two attackers as army of one.
Zhang Yiping was lost in thought. Deng Zengtao didn’t worry. He just spoke too fast. He was a little breathless. He took the cup and drank saliva, which forced him to go.
"I’ll handle this matter." Zhang Yiping finally gave the answer. Some Nai tone "You are partial to her."
"Not favoring her, but this girl is likable." There is no conflict between the promise of the World Youth Championship and the reward of the Sports Commission, but yan lin said yes without saying anything, and all the girls who are less than twenty years old are like this. What is it that these big men don’t keep their words?
However, since Deng Zengtao promised from Zhang Yiping, he didn’t say anything about dealing with things in his hometown in yan lin. He didn’t feel indebted to yan lin in this way. After all, he said that he had won the World Youth Championship and rewarded Lin Yanfang. The suggestion was to go out first.
The sports commission specially held a small meeting, and the leaders handed over the keys to everyone. Whether the men’s volleyball players got the runner-up room was a small one. There was no way to make the room big or small.
Feng Lang took Zhang Yunjie and joked with Wang Jingwei, "Brother Wang, this Yunjie room is bigger than you."
Wang Jingwei smiled and didn’t talk. "I’ll make you a big house later." When you say this, everyone started to make trouble again. yan lin didn’t participate. She felt that she could give the key to the heat this time, just as her little sister sent the key ring.
Hanging in pieces, yan lin thought this was pretty good. When I turned around, I saw Fang Qin coming. "What floor is your room on, Brother Fang?"
This building is nicknamed the champion building by them. Well, the men’s volleyball team has not won the championship yet.
Fang Qin smiled. "This is a gift for you on the third floor. Happy birthday."
Yan lin looked at the small gift box. It’s not big. It shouldn’t be a very expensive gift, but …
"But my birthday has passed." It happened that yan lin didn’t feel anything about her birthday when she played the game on Sunday. Anyway, she just grew one year old. At that time, she was running around playing the game and was not in the mood for her birthday. She forgot it herself.
"I know it’s just a gadget that you girls should like." Fang Qin smiled. He suddenly remembered it when he saw yan lin buy a little mouse-like doll in the store.
"Then I’m welcome." yan lin picked it up and looked at Fang Qin leaving. She added, "I’m not a small Fang TA."
Chapter 143 About 143 magazine
Since Fang Qin joined the national team, yan lin hasn’t called other teaching assistants. It’s like people have different identities at different ages. They used to be apprentices, but now they are brothers and sisters.
Yan lin expressed her attitude very seriously. She was integrated in this era and almost forgot her past self, but she was not young.
Fang Qin looked so serious that yan lin turned out to be not too white at the moment. Why did yan lin emphasize age so much that he was so eager to get bigger?
Growing up means more responsibility, especially when yan lin is carrying her little sister’s future on her shoulders.
"That little adult you come on" Fang Qin rare one-liners yan lin listened to the depressed adults why small adults? It’s so insincere.
She pinched the small gift box in her hand and stuffed it into her pocket. She was about to go back with some teammates, but she was stopped.
Yan lin pointed to his some not sure is calling himself? She doesn’t seem to know this man, but the man nodded and called yan lin out.
"Hello, Comrade yan lin, I’m Li Musheng, the editor of" Popular Shadow ".You may not know me, but you haven’t." Editor Li is looking at yan lin, but this girl is so tall that she is under pressure in front of her.
Lin Yanxiao smiled. She really didn’t know this editor Li. She was curious. "Editor Li, you wanted to see me …" What can I do for you?
"Well, we hope to launch a magazine about your women’s volleyball girl, and we will arrange an interview with the editor."
"That’s good." People’s movement, although it’s not practical now. "Shall I call the captain for you?" Since it is an interview, it must be to discuss with the team to come to Lin Yangang and want to get up and shout that the fruit was stopped by Li Musheng.
"We have already negotiated this with your team leader. Now there is a question: The cover character of this magazine wants to invite you to shoot with Gong Xue, a popular and famous film actor. I wonder if you have this time?"
Yan lin was silent for a while, and Li Musheng quickly added, "Well, the characters on the cover of our magazine are all shadow actors. You can see from the magazine name that the shadow actors are indispensable."
Yan lin was chosen because this girl has a beautiful smile and good looks. All of them are visual animals. Since there is no way to get all the women’s volleyball girls to cover, we should simply choose the most beautiful one. This is also the decision made by their editorial department after a long discussion.
"Do our coaches and team leaders know about this?" Lin yanxin is this problem.
"We have asked Yuan’s guidance and Zhang’s team leader for their opinions, and they agree that we are short of your opinions now." Li Musheng is somewhat white. "Well, we don’t want you to work for free. You can get some rewards from magazine sales. Of course, the reward amount is not very high, but it is also very good." Li Musheng made a gesture to know that the actors in the national film are all the cover glory of "Popular Shadow", and what kind of remuneration will they give?
Mainly considering that yan lin is a volleyball player, their editorial department made a decision and will draw some money from the magazine’s circulation to reward him. Of course, before the circulation broke through, such a decision was made after applying to the face, and the process was very complicated.
Yan lin is holding a magazine cover that Li Musheng handed me just now. She knows an actor. After decades, she is called a girl. The professional back cover is an actor from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The magazine is priced at 20 cents. Comparatively speaking, Li Musheng’s offer is really excellent-one in ten thousand.
Lin Yanxiao smiled. "Thank you for your generosity, but can you give me two days? I want to think about it. "
"This ….." Li Musheng was anxious to ask yan lin if he was worried that this would cause problems for the team, but he still resisted "OK, can you give me an answer after three days? This ….. "He tore a page from his notes and wrote a string of words." This is our editorial office. You can type this directly then. "
Yan lin put it away and read the number. She was afraid that she might as well remember it in her head if she accidentally lost it later.
"Comrade yan lin, I hope you can seriously consider that this is also to announce our women’s volleyball team."
"Well, I will seriously consider it." yan lin smiled and shook hands with Li Musheng. "Thank you for giving me this opportunity to recognize me." yan lin wants to say that she is not gay. After all, she is not party member.
Li Musheng left yan lin and sat down to read the magazine. It was actually a good thing that she had a headache, but when it comes to individuals and bodies, good things can also turn into bad things
Men’s and women’s volleyball players came out of the meeting room when they saw yan lin sitting there watching and taking a closer look at Shen Baozhu. "Yan, how did you buy this issue? Isn’t it all gone? I’ve been looking for it for a long time. Great. "
She is a fan of the cover character, and yan lin is not ashamed to spit out Shen Baozhu. She also had a crush on her sister.
"I’ll give it to you if you like." Lin Yan smiled. "Shall we go back?"
"Go back, we discussed going to see the house today, but Yan, you are really prescient. Do you know that you bought a video camera before you want to get a room? If I had known, I would have bought it. "
Yan lin embarrassed. Where did she know that this opportunity was not for this room? Who knows … It was a mistake.
"Where is want to buy a video for my sister, she learn table tennis need this besides, brother wang don’t have it? Why don’t you say he "Wang Jingwei directly put the camera in the dormitory, he is more awesome.
Shen Baozhu was speechless. She was not blocked by yan lin, but … absorbed in reading a magazine.
Well, yan lin was completely defeated by this hobby. Don’t you know that magazines are always well written but not bad? If you really want to know the divination, look at this regular magazine.

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