They didn’t go far, but they sat in a pavilion not far away. Someone sent tea to them, so they sat quietly.


"Sister Long, do you think brother will be all right?"
The gentle murmur was full of anxiety. She actually hoped that someone could say a word or two to reassure her, and Little Dragon Girl didn’t disappoint her.
"Brother will be fine."
The little dragon girl firmly believes that if it weren’t for the sudden arrival of tenderness just now, I’m afraid she would have been on her way to Fang Yingkan’s middle road.
No one can stop her from saving him!
The little dragon girl has a calm face and cold temperament, which always makes people feel very gentle. Seeing Su Mengzhen in the little dragon girl surprised her and took it for granted at the same time, because they have some similar qualities.
The little dragon girl is not sad, but some people are sad in their faces, while others are sad in their hearts. It is more difficult for people who hide their emotions from childhood to find her emotional changes.
Tenderness is not what Su Mengzhen learned from Little Dragon Girl’s heart.
It’s gentle to think that when she came, the little dragon girl was about to go out, and the little dragon girl couldn’t recognize anyone else here. She never liked to go out, and she always felt that she must have something particularly important.
So tenderness took the initiative to tell the little dragon girl, and for this little dragon girl didn’t think there was anything to hide, so she told her guess to tenderness
Although there is always a personal relationship, if it is necessary to take the life of the little dragon girl to save Su Mengzhen, the gentleness still can’t be done. She Yang Xie generally persuaded the little dragon girl to hope that she could dispel this idea.
It’s a pity that the little dragon girl is stubborn. Can anyone persuade her, even gentleness is no exception?
The little dragon girl wants to save Su Mengzhen no matter what she says regardless of her life, but gentleness is defeated by her stubborn desire to be with her.
This makes it a sigh of relief for the future after arriving. Yang Xie almost got angry and fell down. It’s not a worry for the landlord and sister!
The two of them have to go, and the little dragon girl is stubborn and very stubborn, and it is not good for these two to start work.
Reasoning, he has to prepare to choose some people to accompany these two to do some mischief. It would be great if he could save the landlord’s life.
There is no way out. Yang Xie can still do it if they don’t fight and let these two retreat.
It’s a pity that he didn’t expect that it was the gentleness that worried him the most, but it was the little dragon girl who was honest and always quiet and worry-free.
After all, this person has to do some face-to-face work, so does this person, but not everyone can afford to face him
Because it is two girls, not to mention the little dragon girl’s gentle family background, we should see whether we are willing to sell them a face.
It’s a naive and simple person who wants an antidote. We should see how to beat around the bush and say something. These two can’t understand it either.
Chapter 415 Chapter 415
Su Mengzhen once said that in this world, he will never doubt that the person who is evil is Yang, and it is beyond doubt that the golden breeze and drizzle building can go all the way to this day, except for Su Mengzhen’s efforts.
In this case, the little dragon girl has also heard Su Mengzhen say that she is a very simple Su Mengzhen, and she naturally believes it and always keeps it in mind.
Therefore, when Yang Xie revealed the truth, the little dragon girl believed her consciousness and told Yang Xie her guess. When she saw Yang Xie as if she had some clear eyes, the little dragon girl realized that she was not the first person to discover it.
But Rao is a little more obsessed with Yang’s evil than others, thanks to Xiao Longnv’s reaction, he can react like Su Mengzhen. Yang’s evil is also beyond doubt. The doctor has been in the golden breeze and drizzle building for many years, and no one will doubt him, but it happened that he betrayed them.
With Yang Xie’s words, the little dragon girl can finally rest assured. She still stays with Su Mengzhen and Yang Xie hurried to deal with the doctor’s business.
There was silence in the room, but the little dragon girl didn’t feel that she couldn’t stay because there was someone here who needed her to watch.
Gentle went back and forth several times, saying that it was Su Mengzhen who asked his family to help him find some imperial doctors and precious medicinal materials.
Although their brothers and sisters’ daily feelings are not so deep, gentle and careless, and they are reckless and impulsive, her heart is also white. If it were not for Su Mengzhen’s protection, she would not be so happy now.
After several gentle trips back and forth, I saw the little dragon girl staying there quietly in the same posture, just like a statue, that is, if she wanted to let her go out for a while, she would have to be twisted for a long time, and even if she went out, the little dragon girl would come back soon.
I’ve heard a lot about the taste of tenderness and ignorance, but the little dragon girl’s state always makes her feel strange and ambiguous. Think about how they got along with each other from the beginning. How did it become like this?
Gentleness is a hidden word, and she also knows that Little Dragon Girl is straight. They are used to being straight and straight, so they find a chance to sit next to Little Dragon Girl and talk about it with her.
When she asked if Little Dragon Girl liked Su Mengzhen, Little Dragon Girl’s consciousness replied yes.
It’s tender, which sounds strange. She doesn’t recognize that what they say is the same kind of like.
And it’s true that the little dragon girl keeps an indifferent attitude towards all people and things, and it’s more a habit to have no likes or dislikes.
However, this attitude has changed in Su Mengzhen. When she sees him, she will feel at ease and happy, and a shallow pleasure will come to her mind involuntarily.
The little dragon girl who loves men and women doesn’t know what’s going on, and she can tell which kind she likes about Su Mengzhen.
Just looking at the little dragon girl tenderly and not changing her expression, she knew that she was asking for nothing, but all the questions were asked out. Gentleness is a serious person, and she really wanted to know what happened to these two people.
Then ask another way?
"Dragon elder sister after you have plans? I mean, if I can’t find your senior sister? "
The little dragon girl was silent for a moment. In fact, she has always found Li Mochou’s own goal. She is so simple and stubborn that she never thought about what she would do if she could not find it.
If you can’t find it, keep looking. You will always find it!
The little dragon girl never gives up easily. If she insists, she will stick to it until the end.
Gentle got the little dragon girl’s answer. She was not satisfied. She asked again, "Will Sister Dragon stay here with her brother?"
Little dragon girl consciousness moment.
"Are you willing to stay even if you find your senior sister?"
The little dragon girl is not white and gentle. She asked some strange words today, but she still answered her.
"My brother said this would be my home and I want to stay with him all the time" because she didn’t trust him alone.
It’s funny to say that the little dragon girl who stays in the ancient tomb all the year round will feel bad about being alone with another person, which makes people feel unbelievable, but she still thinks so.
Hearing this sentence, my gentle heart suddenly felt a little more confident about my guess.
"The dragon sister ever want to marry a brother? Even brother and sister have never seen a generation together. "
This world is too harsh on men and women. As gentle said, even brothers and sisters can’t be together for a generation. What’s worse, they are not brothers and sisters yet.
As the saying goes, if a man speaks fearfully, he can stay with him for life, and then he will have a husband and wife.
Parents and relatives will gradually go away with the passage of time, and their children will grow up, get married and leave their parents’ side, and finally they will be married when they can stay in one place.
Gentle words made the little dragon girl marry in the same place? It never occurred to her
The mother-in-law of the ancient tomb school was hurt by her feelings, so she hid in the ancient tomb and never cared about the world. Therefore, future generations were hurt and set a rule that when a man sincerely wanted her to die, she could really leave the ancient tomb and marry that person.
The little dragon girl is now outside the tomb, but that doesn’t mean that she has forgotten Master’s words. She still remembers when she saw that Su Mengzhen was devastated by Lei Chun’s accident, and she said that she wouldn’t be tempted and wouldn’t be sad.
The little dragon girl never wanted to marry, but the implication of gentle words is that if she wants to stay with someone for a long time, she must marry that person.

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