In the next round, the other side obviously knew that they were going to attack point A, otherwise their central troops could not have failed to reach point A. In this round, instead of taking everyone to the side road, he rushed from the slope to the middle.


He just wants to set the horse and tell the other side that he is going to attack point A. If he defends the other side, he must penetrate the other side’s defense line and then March in. He has the confidence that his ak47 is the greatest guarantee for moving forward and his teammates are very strong. He believes that the other side can’t resist it.
"There is no one in the auxiliary road. Did they go to attack point B?" Dong Laoer withdrew after observing in the vip room for a while. Ye Qing was about to speak. Outside the arch at point B, Thomas quickly said, "No, they didn’t come to attack point B, and they didn’t even throw a smoke bomb. There is no sign that they are going to attack point B. I think they may have rushed directly from the slope."
"Yes, they must have taken the slope and then rushed to the middle of the road. You are ready to sneak attack Pearl Krabs and Zhao Xiayang at the door of the vip room at any time. You two are ready to kill from the greenhouse. I will attract the other side’s firepower on the left, and then the second child will sneak attack and annihilate them outside the base!" Ye Qing decisively ordered the players to be ready for battle in an instant.
Chapter 79 Desperate reversal
The ag team members flooded into the middle of the road like a flood. Of course, after two flash bombs landed, they rushed to see that the other side still didn’t adopt the dual-card tactic, but even didn’t let his guard down. In the first round, he paid attention to this team.
"Don’t disperse, go to the right and kill directly!" Even the earth commanded that everyone rushed towards the right. Ye Qing immediately flashed out and shot ak47 with a gun. He roared and immediately let a group of people rush forward. Ye Qing shocked them a lot in the first round. Everyone was inexplicably frightened by his appearance.
Even reacted quickly and immediately showed off his body and fired a few shots. Ye Tilt’s gun strafe was immediately suppressed, and the rest of the people also reacted. As soon as the firepower was tilted, he couldn’t stop it. He was directly killed by random guns. When he fell to the ground, Ye Tilt yelled, "The second child is your turn!"
Dong Laoer was already ready to flash directly to the vip door, and then a group of people shot at ag and instantly knocked down the other two gunners, Pearl Krabs and Zhao Xiayang, who also rushed out from the greenhouse side, forming a potential attack.
Even directly turned around and fired two shots, then it exploded Dong Laoer’s head. Li Sinan directly flashed out Zhao Xiayang and killed Pearl Krabs. He took the opportunity to show his posture and killed a machine gunner, but even turned the gun and fired a few shots, then Pearl Krabs burst his head.
Although the ag team was in a dangerous situation as soon as it started, even kept up with the crisis and gave full play to his excellent ak machine gunner’s strength, which successfully resolved the leaf-tilting tactics. At this time, the defenders of the I club at point A had been wiped out, leaving Thomas alone outside the arch at point B.
There are two men left in the ag team, but the other team is a sniper, otherwise they will not be able to defend point A, especially if the other ak machine gunner is still alive, then they will be in trouble.
Even and Li Sinan successfully entered the point A. After all the dangers were eliminated, Li Sinan Bao even covered the other side in the pit. No matter where they entered the point A pit, they could see that there was no blind spot.
In fact, it is said that no one has the advantage in this round. In the ag team, some troops attacked Point A, and they are still preparing for the full situation, but three people are still dead. It is just a tragic victory. Fortunately, they killed Ye Qing first. If Ye Qing did not die so early, their situation would be quite dangerous.
Ye Qing is also quite sorry to see the final result. If he was not in the front to stop the opponent at that time, but changed his position with Dong Laoer, he might be able to shoot and kill a piece and never kill two people like Dong Laoer.
Thomas came from point B to point A quickly, and there were two people left on the other side. Thomas didn’t give up. He felt that he could handle this kind of mess. After all, there were not many people on the other side, and he spent more time on one shot. Maybe there was enough time to unpack.
He rushed directly to the middle road from the side of channel B, and then switched to Shayingchong Middle Road. He went directly to the greenhouse on the left side because he was worried that he would be ambushed if he went to the right side. After all, there are too many ambush places on the right side, such as the path balcony and the pit.
He just needs to guard against the door of the greenhouse. There are only two people on the other side, one is wrapping and the other is covering. He can’t be too far away. He saw that there was no one at the door of the greenhouse, and then he rushed to the small pit bridge, just in time to see the big pit even shaking his head.
Even Yu Guang also took aim at his appearance and immediately caught fire. At this time, Thomas has switched to a sniper rifle and quickly shot a shot in the mirror. even’s posture is smart and has a geographical advantage, revealing a head and being far away, it is difficult to hit a shot.
Thomas couldn’t help but get anxious when he missed the center with the first shot, especially when he heard that the stereo was successfully installed. He was worried that the other contractor would suddenly rush out to support him, and then he would face a double blow from the other side. Where can he support it?
He immediately and quickly took a shot in the mirror. This shot was as sure as a gun, because his hand felt very good, just like a person thought that the ball would go in after shooting, but this shot hit the box next to even’s head, which was a miss but a thousand miles away.
"Oh, almost!" Dong Laoer and Zhao Xiayang and others are eagerly looking at the screen and seeing that Thomas missed the shot a little bit, they can’t help but feel sorry.
At this time, Li Sinan packed his bag and rushed out from the blasting point. An instantaneous mirror will not be returned in the future. Thomas won the second round for the ag team killed by the sniper and successfully equalized the score.
The audience couldn’t help feeling sorry when they saw this scene. At first, Club I had the advantage in this round and almost wiped out the other side in the double team. Who knows that the situation suddenly reversed? even’s strong counterattack disintegrated the offensive of Club I and eventually defeated it.
"In fact, I still hope to win or lose this round. It’s a pity that their ak machine gunners died too early, which is an important reason. Otherwise, it’s hard to say whether the ag team can win this round. even deserves to be the most dominant ak machine gunner in the main road. His marksmanship is too good and his posture is flexible. Both teams’ ak machine gunners are team trump cards. I think the final outcome of this game depends on the performance of these two machine gunners!" Loli explained with great passion, but it was a pity to hear that her club lost this round.
Her partner nodded and said, "This game is also very interesting. In the first game, the two top ak machine gunners fought against each other as well as the two snipers. I just watched another game, and the result surprised me. It is very rare that the Tiger Brothers lost two rounds in a row at half time!"
"Yeah, but maybe the tiger brothers will come from behind? Xiao Ran is known as the Sniper Saint and the world’s Sniper God. Jiang Yuhan’s disciples think there will be outbreaks, but now let’s continue to pay attention to the current game. In the third round, Club I seems to have changed the defensive formation, "loli continued to explain.
Club I’s defensive formation did change in the third round. At point B, more men have been deployed. Thomas and Zhao Xiayang are defending at the arch at point B, while Ye Qing and Pearl Krabs are directly pressed to both sides of the middle road. Double card Dong Laoer continues to be ob in the vip room.
The ag team didn’t continue to attack point a after recovering the game at point a. it was too difficult to play point a. they almost lost another point in the second round. if even wasn’t strong enough, they might have been wiped out at that time.
Even sent two men to attack point A, and then took two others to attack point B. These two men were trying to stall the opponent’s point A and attack point B. When winning, even felt that the defensive force of the opponent’s point B must be weak through analysis and judgment, so he decided to get point B as quickly as possible.
Two smoke bombs were enough to cover the long and narrow channel B, which blocked the vision of the defenders outside the arch. even took the lead in breaking through the smoke. When Zhao xia yang and Thomas saw the smoke bombs, they returned to the defense at point B and informed Ye Qing.
Because of the smoke blocking Zhao Xiayang, they didn’t see clearly how many people attacked point B. It was speculated that there were two fewer people, so Ye Qing didn’t dare to judge how many people attacked point B. Two smoke bombs were lost. It can be said that there were at least two people on the other side, but there may be three people and even more. Of course, there may be two people. This is not easy to judge.
Ye Qing didn’t dare to leave point A to reinforce point B. He could tell Zhao xia yang and Thomas to retreat if they couldn’t keep it, and then report back when the number of the other party’s attackers was clear. At this time, the ag team attacked point A and the people had rushed to the middle of the road. They all came from the auxiliary road. After Dong Laoer informed Ye Qing, they jumped from the vip room window to prepare to outflank each other.
Ye Qing just heard the other side attack point A, and then two machine gunners suddenly flew into a rage. Two people also wanted to attack point A, which was not too small for him. He and Pearl Krabs immediately flashed out and fired at the two machine gunners. These two people always remember that even told them not to fight with Ye Qing when they delayed as much as possible, and soon they retreated behind the sewer wall.
Dong Laoer outflanked one of them, but failed to kill him. Ye Qing and Pearl Krabs rushed to meet Dong Laoer and then rushed towards the party. The two gunners flashed out and fired a few shots in an attempt to slow down Yuzryha’s advance, but Ye Qing shot one of them.
The man left with poor firepower immediately rushed towards the B channel, which led to even and others who had rushed to the arch door and stopped to meet him. At point B, Thomas and Zhao Xiayang both breathed a sigh of relief. If the other party attacked in one breath, they would probably be unable to resist. At this moment, the other party was held back by Ye Qing and dared not let go.
Ye Qing and other three people came to know that the other person had not yet scored at point B. Ye Qing immediately ordered Pearl Krabs and Dong Laoer to throw a flash bomb together and let the other party fall into a panic. Besides, at this time, the other party has fallen into a situation of being caught between the front and the back. If they don’t make a major mistake, there is no reason to lose this round.
Even also knew that they were in a difficult situation now. He decided to solve the pursuer first, but he couldn’t help but guard against the people in point B. So he asked Li Sinan to aim at the arch and the other three men to take positions and aim at the direction of the B channel.
Three flash bombs flew in one after another. even was surprised and said, "Now there is no way to rush into point B!" They can rush into point B to avoid the flash bomb. There is no way for things to storm bravely. There are two people defending point B, and there are four of them. even hopes to take advantage of the number of people to get point B at one stroke, and then it is not too late to pick up the pursuers.
Chapter 71 Single-handed
The ag team’s personnel department rushed into point b, and Thomas shot one of them, and Zhao Xiayang shot a few shots in a row, which just killed the residual blood machine gunner. even stared at the front with sharp eyes and shot a few shots in a row, which enlarged and quickly reduced the sense of rhythm. Several bombs directly shot Thomas in the head.
With a genial smile, Zhao Xiayang immediately withdrew to run behind the B Trail. Ye Qing and Pearl Krabs, the three of them, rushed directly to the outside of the arch to see the death information, and three of them immediately rushed in. even and others were forced to fight whether to chase Zhao Xiayang or not.
The two sides showed fierce fighting firepower in the arch. Zhao Xiayang was not in a hurry to leave at this time. He directly came back from the moon gate to attack the ag team and quickly collapsed. Whether it was in a state of leaf tilt or full blood, Pearl Krabs and others could deal with others with peace of mind if he suppressed even.
Ag team machine gunners were killed one after another. Li Sinan killed Dong Laoer and was killed at close range by Zhao Xiayang. even though he had to persist in the end with his posture, his teammates had really forgotten that he was left alone. There was no way to turn the tide and help Ye Qing with his teammates. eventually, Even was shot in the head.
The fact that club I exceeded the score again made everyone watching the game in an uproar.
"Wow, that ak machine gunner named Dumping City was so sharp that he shot even in the head again. He was so coquettish in the first round. I thought he was lucky, but I didn’t expect it to be so powerful!"
"This guy must be famous after playing this game! I bet! "
"The ak marksmanship in the dumping city is so handsome. I am his fan from now on. Come on!"
"That’s awesome. His marksmanship is probably different from even’s. Another player who plays ak so coquettishly looks like I’m going to practice an ak. I feel that ak kills people much more happily than m4, and listening to guns is very enjoyable."
The audience talked a lot about the performance of the leaf tilt, which made them feel refreshed. The pattern of F-bound has been formed for a long time, often for a year or two, and it has not changed. It looks a little tired. Now the I club is born and the leaf tilt ak resounds through the sky, which makes everyone excited.
Maybe in the future, this F world will not be dominated by Jiang Yuhan’s nb team, nor will it be the Tiger Brotherhood, ag team and the whole city for three minutes. Maybe in the future, there will be an I club to compete for hegemony in many countries.
If the performance of Club I in the first round was a loud slap to those who didn’t like them, then in the third round, they didn’t just slap in the face, but slapped in the face. Who said that the result was doomed before the game?
Now Club I is leading by two to one. Who can say that they will definitely lose? Is the ag team now all dare not say that they can win.
You know, at half time, the ag team was the first to be The Infiltrator, but it failed to establish an advantage. This can’t help but make people feel that the strength of the I club is really a little strong, but most people can see that the overall strength of this team is really not as good as that of the ag team, but it happened that the ag team just couldn’t establish a leading edge.
Club I is the kind of team that is not strong on the surface, but can win the opponent reluctantly, but most people can see that it is important for this team to play ahead of ag team.
In the second round, Ye Ye died early, so I still lost the game when Ye Ye was dominant, but if Ye Ye Ye didn’t die, then I would win the game. He is the greatest threat to the ag team, and the rest of the people can play a certain fighting capacity alone. If these people are not opponents of the ag team after all.
"After these three rounds of competition, you should see it, right? Tilting City is a magical player, as I said before. He is magical because he can take the lead unexpectedly when facing a strong team. One person holds up the whole team! Now F is all about teamwork, but he is a special case. He can control the game by himself. Such a player is simply the dream of all teams! " Loli’s praise for Ye Qing is generous.
"Yes, he can be paid by three people alone or by one person. If I were the boss, I would also like such a player. Ha ha ha a joke. I don’t think the ag team will let Club I lead for too long. The next game will definitely be more intense. Let’s wait and see!" Loli partner said with a smile

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