Chapter one hundred and forty-two Hatching hideous beast (5)


When Zhang Zhongxuan saw this, he laughed and said, "They all say that it is the finishing touch, but I have never seen it. Evil Cloud, I wonder what an amazing move you will make when you carve your eyes. It’s really exciting. "
The evil cloud stopped, turned to look at Zhang Chongxuan, and said, "The reason why I finally carved the eyes of the hideous beast is because of the eyes. Take people as an example, the eyes are the windows of the soul, and the sculpture is the same. The statue is dead, but as long as the window is installed for him, he can also become alive."
Zhang Zhongxuan nodded and said, "That’s right."
The evil cloud hand reached out to the hideous beast. His hand moved slowly, and the top was carved very lightly in the eyes of the hideous beast, and he didn’t make a sound. One side of Zhang Zhongxuan looked at the evil cloud and knew that these two strokes would be the key, because the look of the evil cloud, which had always been cool, began to become dignified, which was difficult for the evil cloud, a master sculptor, to appear.
Zhang Zhongxuan waited quietly. After half a meeting, the evil cloud’s hand suddenly moved quickly, and Zhang Zhongxuan’s whole spirit was shocked, because when the evil cloud’s hand stopped, Zhang Zhongxuan saw a living hideous beast standing in front of him. The hideous beast’s expression was extremely indifferent, but in the indifference, it was tough with a kind of god beast, and in it, a pair of sharp eyes stared at him.
Evil Cloud clapped his hands and stood up, saying, "All right."
Zhang Zhongxuan, looking at the lifelike hideous beast in front of him, knew that he had just paid too much attention to the hideous beast. At the moment when the evil cloud carved his eyes, the hideous beast seemed to have a momentum for him. Heart can’t help but wry smile, andao himself was shocked by a hideous beast without soul.
Evil Cloud looked at Zhang Zhongxuan, but didn’t notice Zhang Zhongxuan’s abnormality. He said, "Brother Zhang, I wonder what you are going to do next?"
Zhang Zhongxuan glanced at the hideous beast and said, "Evil Cloud, please step aside for the time being."
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The evil cloud gave a cry. Together, they flew to the Buddha statue where the fire unicorn stayed. The whole person sat down and watched Zhang Zhongxuan high on the Buddha statue, wondering what Zhang Zhongxuan would do next.
As soon as Zhang Zhongxuan retreated from the evil cloud, there was no big move. On the contrary, he just spent a small circle on the edge of the hideous beast with Zhenyuan, and the hideous beast was in it. To the surprise of the evil cloud, after spending a small circle, Zhang Zhongxuan picked up the top one he put aside and carved it in the circle. With Zhang Zhongxuan’s ability, he could carve anything on the ground with real yuan, but now he is desperate for the end, so that the evil cloud watching from the side can’t help but ask: "Brother Zhang. What are you doing? "
Zhang Zhongxuan said faintly, "Set up." Zhang Zhongxuan said to the evil cloud, "Evil cloud, what do you think is the highest realm in sculpture?"
After thinking for a while, Evil Cloud said, "The highest state in sculpture is that there is no trace, the heart moves at will, and the shape is spontaneous."
When Zhang Zhongxuan heard what the evil cloud said, he showed a little sudden color. I just realized why the evil cloud carved the east and carved the west, but it was more precise than the strict and careful carving. Unconsciously, Zhang Zhongxuan made progress in the art of carving. Zhang Zhongxuan said with a smile: "Evil clouds, the array method may be different from carving. When it comes to array methods, those ancient forbidden spells are very powerful, but everyone knows that the real array is those simply laid by hand."
When the evil cloud heard Zhang Zhongxuan’s words, it showed the color of shock and said, "If you do as you do, you will be prepared. It is useless to be in a hostile array. "
Zhang Zhongxuan smiled. Tao: "Yes, the array method is not used against the enemy. The people who first created the array method actually used the array to express the true meaning of life. Until later, the original meaning of the array method began to be slowly distorted. The array I am laying now is a gathering array, which is very simple, but the effect is very good. " Of course, Zhang Chongxuan’s theory of gathering spirits is a hundred to ten thousand small! Said that few people in the celestial world would do these things, so he didn’t mention them.
"Gathering the Spirit Array?" Evil Cloud read: "According to you, the true meaning of life in this gathering position should be simple."
Zhang Zhongxuan said, "Yes, indeed, the spirit gathering array gathers aura for the hideous beast. With the help of aura, everything grows, and the hideous beast you carved actually has a certain soul, but it has not been awakened."
Just then, between Zhang Chongxuan and the evil cloud, a trace of water-blue fog has begun to appear around the hideous beast. These fogs have flocked to the hideous beast and poured in from the mouth of the hideous beast. When the evil cloud saw it, it was known that the formation had been started unconsciously. For Zhang Chongxuan’s ability to make an understatement, he could only hope and sigh.
Zhang Chongxuan turned his head, murmured aloud, and his hands combined into a nucleolus. Suddenly, a water-blue light rhyme appeared in his hand, only to hear Zhang Chongxuan shouting, "Hurry." The blue air around the hideous beast began to accelerate, and the blue air kept flying in all directions.
The fire unicorn beside the evil cloud saw the blue air, and his eyes showed a little panic. He leaned against the evil cloud unconsciously, and the evil cloud smiled and put his arms around the fire unicorn’s neck, saying, "Fire unicorn, your star-carving beast is coming out soon, how can you lose to it?"
Zhang Zhongxuan’s figure together at this time, flew to a Buddha statue, stretched out his hand into the air, and immediately several clouds were actually involved by Zhang Zhongxuan, flying down from the air, while Zhang Zhongxuan, at the same time, pulled out the god-filled sand, which rotated over the hideous beast. After those clouds touched the god-filled sand, the water quickly became water droplets the size of beans, which accurately fell on the hideous beast and washed it.
After half a cup of tea, the statue of the hideous beast began to turn blue gradually. However, a layer of water-blue charm has emerged on the surface of the body, and there is a slightly roaring sound. The fire unicorn, who was lying on the Buddha statue, stood up and looked at the hideous beast with a hostile face. His eyes bloomed with strong fighting spirit.
Seeing this, the evil cloud quickly comforted the fire unicorn and told it to relax, because the fire unicorn meant that it was going to attack.
At this time, Zhang Zhongxuan gave up involving clouds, but said to the evil cloud: "Evil cloud, can you let the fire unicorn put some blood? The new life of the hideous beast still needs the help of the fire unicorn. I only need some of its blood, so I can let the hideous beast be born."
The evil cloud said, "Can I use my blood?"
Zhang Zhongxuan shook his head and said, "No, although your blood is fire unicorn blood, it has already contaminated your popularity and become impure. You still need the pure blood of fire unicorn."
Evil Cloud saw that Zhang Zhongxuan was right, and hurriedly discussed with Fire Kirin. He and Fire Kirin had been friends for thousands of years, and they had been living alone. Under the evil cloud’s request, Fire Kirin also agreed.
Zhang Zhongxuan looked at the fire unicorn and bit it on his leg. Knowing that the fire unicorn was going to bleed, he hurriedly called the real yuan in the body to the side of the fire unicorn’s leg. When the blood came out, he caught it instantly. When he got a few liters, Zhang Zhongxuan stopped the fire unicorn, flew to the side of the hideous beast statue with his body, and pointed his right index finger. Suddenly, the mouth of the hideous beast statue was wide open, and a suction force flew out from the inside, and the blood of those fire unicorns flowed inside.
Zi, for a while, all the rain that fell on the hideous beast turned into steam, and the whole evil cloud cave began to shake. The ground of the evil cloud cave burst apart, and a chill flowed out from the body of the hideous beast. At this time, the fire unicorn around the evil cloud stood up, and an incomparable burning strength came out from its body, meeting the cold from the hideous beast. In the air, a red and blue light suddenly appeared.
Zhang Zhongxuan knew that this was a confrontation between the hideous beast and the fire unicorn, but he didn’t stop it, because only in this way could the hideous beast wake up under the stimulation of the fire unicorn.
Howl! Under the confrontation of two air billow, the hideous beast let out a roar, lifted its head and opened its eyes. Suddenly, its eyes gave out a blue electric wave, which went straight towards the fire unicorn on the edge of the evil cloud, and the fire unicorn did not show weakness, and also sent out a red water wave into the hideous beast.
At this time, Zhang Zhongxuan moved sideways and stood in front of the hideous beast. He said faintly, "The hideous beast, be honest."
Hearing Zhang Zhongxuan’s words, the hideous beast shook his head, groaned, and fell down on the ground.
The evil cloud asked strangely, "How did Brother Zhang do it?"
Zhang Zhongxuan said with a smile: "Although the hideous beast is carved, it is always born thanks to the monkey egg. And the hideous beast has a characteristic. If anyone meets the monkey egg for the first time, it will listen to this person after it is born."
Evil Cloud smiled and said, "Congratulations to Brother Zhang."
Zhang Zhongxuan said, "Thank you. It’s a pity that I have something to do and I can’t appreciate the evil cloud. You have reshaped the Buddha statue. I will definitely visit here when I am free that day."
The evil cloud heard Zhang Zhongxuan’s tone, knowing that Zhang Zhongxuan had already finished his work, and he had only spent half a day getting along with Zhang Zhongxuan. He actually gave birth to a little reluctance in his heart and said, "I wanted to talk with Zhang Xiong at first, so I have to wish Zhang Xiong an early completion of his heart."
Zhang Chongxuan also knows that he came in a hurry and left in a hurry. Evil Cloud must have guessed that he was running around for something, nodded and said, "Brother Evil Cloud, then don’t pass here." Said the figure together, fell on the hideous beast, hideous beast, instantly flew out of the evil cloud cave, disappeared into the sky.
The evil cloud looked at the sky, and Zhang Zhongxuan appeared in his mind riding a hideous beast. He smiled and said, "Are you going against the sky? Then let me carve a statue for you. " Evil cloud say that finish, picked up a hammer and top goes to a stone …

Chapter one hundred and forty-three Each can show his abilities
Chapter one hundred and forty-three Each can show his abilities
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White clouds curl up, and Qingfeng is towering.
A Taoist temple is in it. From a distance, this Taoist temple is simple and heavy, and it seems to be connected with the whole mountain peak, and it has become a rest. After the Taoist temple, the floating clouds float on the side, adding a bit of fairy spirit. Zhang Zhongxuan, who came back from riding a hideous beast in Chiyan Mountain, saw the Taoist temple on the mountain peak and showed a trace of satisfaction. He said, "The Taoist temple has been completed, and the next step is to set up a dangerous situation."
Zhang Zhongxuan said that he was about to signal the hideous beast under him to go to the Taoist temple, but he heard a trace of underwater sound, which came from the underground. Although the sound was small, Zhang Zhongxuan heard the sound and knew that the underground water flow was not generally small. After a moment of concentration, he showed a trace of incomprehension. He said, "Why is there a breath of clouds in this water? What is he doing in it?"
"Master." Zhao Zifeng’s voice spread to come out, Zhang Zhongxuan looked, but saw Zhao Zifeng and Ji Xue coming with the sound. Of course, Yang Mu went back to be his emperor, and the iron heart also returned to the frontier.
"This is?" JiXue three girls looked at Zhang Zhongxuan’s hideous beast, a face of doubt. Although the hideous beast looks strange, but outsiders look, they feel a sense of pleasing to the eye. JiXue three girls naturally have a strong interest in this newly-born hideous beast with a little cuteness.
Zhao Zifeng also noticed the hideous beast at this time. Looking at the hideous beast, he knew that it must be a beast that Zhang Zhongxuan had found as the town government. But he looked at the hideous beast and felt a little familiar. When he followed the Yinshan old demon, all the things that the Yinshan old demon had to collect were in his hands, and there were some precious medicinal materials and strange fairy beasts to collect. Zhao Zifeng thought about it for a while and exclaimed, "Master, is this a fire unicorn? !”
"Fire Kirin! Is it the legendary flame beast? " Xie Keying also cried.
"Yes, I heard that the fire unicorn is a dragon head and an elephant body. In this case, it should be." Xie Kexin also said.
JiXue shook his head and said, "Impossible. It is widely rumored that once the fire unicorn comes out, there will be a drought in Fiona Fang. All living things will be burned alive, but we stand in front of it without feeling anything. "
Zhang Zhongxuan laughed and said, "This is not a fire unicorn, but a star-carved beast of the fire unicorn, a beast that runs counter to the fire unicorn."
"The hideous beast?" Four people read aloud at the same time, revealing a puzzled look.
Zhang Zhongxuan is too lazy to explain in detail. Tao: "It’s just a kind of god beast with the same reputation as the fire unicorn. By the way, what are the clouds doing tumbling underground?"
"Master, master elder brother is drawing water from the ground." Xie Keying said.
"Ground water?" Zhang Zhongxuan looked at the Qingyun Mountain in the distance and said, "Purple wind, does Huayun want to use water to lurk under the Taoist temple?"
Zhao Zifeng replied, "Yes, Master, since the last time Master Brother absorbed the cultivation of demons in the demon space. For ascension, we are now able to call the shots. He said that we attach importance to the location of the Xuanpai Sect and can be too dull, so we went straight underground, trying to pull out the underground water and then lurk around the location, as long as we added the organs set up by all the able craftsmen. It will become a major defense wall for our Xuan Sect. "
Zhang Chongxuan glanced at the four men and said, "Are you also going to set up something in the pie?"
Four people were Zhang Zhongxuan said, all embarrassed bowed his head.
Zhang Chongxuan smiled faintly and said, "With your current ability, even if you set up something, it’s okay. Anyway, it’s good for us to pay attention to metaphysics, so just let it go." Zhang Chongxuan said, and thought that he should add something to Chongxuan School. The sound of water rolling in his ear came from time to time, now. Zhang Zhongxuan had an idea in his heart. Tao: "Since clouds draw water from the ground, I’ll lay a minefield."
With a bang. I only heard a loud noise coming from Qingyun Mountain in the distance. Zhang Zhongxuan knew that the weathered cloud had attracted almost all the ground water, and quickly flew to Qingyun Mountain. After a while, he came to Qingyun Mountain, only to find that the weathered cloud was standing in front of Zhao Zhong and Chu Xuan with a big grin: "How about it?" The weathered cloud pointed to a water column in front of the Taoist temple, which was water from the center of the earth, like a fountain.

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