This is the level 5 skill of the wandering girl Lilina-


Angel suicide night!
Terrorist damage directly shocked the pan-horizon alliance players, but it was fun before. At this time, the aperture is like urging death. Whoever wears it will die. Although it will not die directly when full of blood, they will enter a state of "death". They can stay when they move, but they can go out of their skill range or they can continue to act with Lilina’s permission.
Because the former Tyrannosaurus Rex ordered the Pan-Sky Alliance to gather around Yang Ye at this time, there were dozens of people, but there were more people in the periphery. Together, it is estimated that there were 200 people, and these people were shrouded in the terrorist effect of "Angel Suicide Night" …
Their blood volume is full. Yang Ye kills people, either not a drop of blood or seconds kill!
Lilina a skill In the past, this group of people lost half of their blood and no one could move in the holy light of Lilina waiting for death …
Yang Ye took Lilina and sakura rain forward step by step, steadily and steadily …
People dare to block! to be continued
Chapter 34 Escape from the encirclement and suppression
The so-called good things don’t go out, but bad things are thousands of miles away. The Pan-Tianyu Alliance has been crushing the Summer Palace and the Extreme Guild at the gates of Yuexi Valley. Although the record is excellent, few people talk about it in the forum. On the contrary, their defeat in Dolson is like a gust of wind passing through the ears of all players.
【 Dolson promised to fight a thousand battles! 】
The title is simple and I really admire the person who wrote the title. The post describes in detail the main situation in Dolson at present. The landlord said that his friend is one of those guilds. He finally got a video and learned some things. In summary, he promised to fight hard and launch skills to kill them, and then Lilina once again launched hard and launched skills. People dare to get close! Now the promise war is coming out of Dolson, and they are trying to pursue it.
People who read the posts are not full of doubts. What is the meaning of "starting skills with ruthless tricks"? How good is it? This is not very intuitive! Fortunately, the landlord is a good man and posted a video-
The visual angle in the video is indeed like the landlord said. One of those people who besieged sakura rain saw the promise war and started a vicious move-nine golden dragons leaned out of the dark clouds and the golden light shrank to the promise war body. He released buff and then the whole body shone with golden light. The promise war came at them and the sword flew over and brought out the number of blood blades! What’s even more shocking is that it seems to care a lot about a guy who even picked up the man and dropped something for the first time before letting him go …
However, no matter how strong the promise war is, it is always a person. It seems that he can’t take sakura rain away by one person. However, his follower Lilina suddenly fell from the sky! The metal wings suddenly disappeared and replaced by holy and warm pure white feathers flapping and falling pieces of feathers, plus Lilina’s delicate face, graceful figure and slender thighs … Gee! No wonder there is a talk about Lilina’s pants around the video, and the camera is fully set in Lilina for dozens of seconds …
Suddenly, the camera turned to the player who was killed twice by the promise war. The man seemed to be angry and roared, and everyone, including the cameraman, rushed towards the promise war …
Should it be over here? So many people flooded the past, and the other side was chasing Long Ge, and the limit could not be stopped …
But …
"Kill yourself, angels!" These six words suddenly came out of Lilina’s mouth. Even watching the video, players can clearly hear that an angel aperture appeared on the top of everyone’s head in front of the camera …
After a while, the aperture broke, which made everyone extremely unbelievable.
Blood loss of staff
[271st floor can’t finish pumping paper towels. What skills can you feed? It depends. If the aperture is broken, half of the blood will be deducted. If there is no half of the blood, you can’t kill it directly.
[The white toilet on the 327th floor is said to be proportional to the deduction of blood, half and half blood, 3% half blood, 4% blood and 25% quarter blood. Believe me …
[792nd Floor Blade Flowing Skill … How long did it last? Why didn’t the promise war end when it left?
[149th floor, four chaotic arrows are lying in the trough, and a thousand cows are promising to fight. I declare that I want to mix with you! ! !
Indeed, many players found that even at the end of the video, the promise war took Lilina and sakura rain out of everyone’s field of vision, but his followers still hugged him behind his back, showing that his skills were not over yet, and whoever went in died.
Get … Where’s the promise war?
In the dense jungle of Dolson, Yang Ye strolled leisurely with Lilina and sakura rain. Compared with the time when he was nervous and worried, leisure and relaxation are now a fresh contrast.
"Lilina, are you sure that your skill will either disappear by yourself or kill enough people to form an angel aperture on your head?" Yang Ye slightly upward asked.
Lilina has been hanging in Yang Ye’s head and face with a satisfied and happy smile.
"Well, yes, brother," Lilina hugged Yang Ye’s neck and tightened his hands.
"Well, don’t drop it yourself. Maybe there will be" Yang Ye smiled gently and then he turned to look at sakura rain. "How long before sakura rain disappears?" The state refers to the state of the soul punishment scroll, which can’t even be returned to the city in sakura rain, so Yang Ye will still wander around Dolson with her instead of directly returning to the city.
"There will be more than ten minutes" sakura rain looked at the system and looked at his level with a slight sigh.
The other person’s expression, Yang Ye, is also clearly seen. With this sigh for sakura rain, he can understand that a person will hang up the third place in the game level list. However, in just a few hours, it will fall to a dozen levels, which is almost the same as that of a novice. If the mind is not firm, people will even quit the game and stop playing.
"Well, don’t worry about the level. It’s not difficult. Everyone will help you. I have something valuable here. Is it a weapon sharpening agent or someone else’s? I’ll send it directly to you. Don’t be a friend and help." Yang Ye said lightly.
The combat boots stepped forward and broke the broken branches of the land in Dolson, making a crunchy sound. With the glow, the dark environment around Lilina was illuminated and bright, and there was no original horrible and strange atmosphere at all.
In fact, the words of the promise war can naturally be heard in sakura rain’s ears. She is very grateful for the desperate rescue of the promise war. Although it has little effect on the level, it has played a very good role in other places, such as public opinion, so that the players’ attention is no longer focused on her and she has some breathing space.
I really appreciate it
But at the same time, she can also understand that she is a solid ally for the promise war, but now …
"What are you going to do with your promise? Has it always been like this? " Sakura rain suddenly asked.
It’s been like this? What kind?
"What kind?" Yang Ye doubt way
"Don’t join the guild, don’t start the guild, and the virtual assets are so famous. It’s a wave without the guild," sakura rain said faintly
"Ah, you say so. How do you say it? I’m not going to have a look at your guild for the time being. The guild of Summer Palace is chasing dragons because of my bad relationship with Shenzang. At present, the guild is also saving its strength and I don’t know what it is planning. The Seven Nights Guild and the Devil Fighting Guild are all eyeing up and ready to overturn your other heroes’ guilds at any time. In fact, they seem calm, but they secretly don’t know how many things they have done. Besides, the emerging Emperor Song Guild is also a guild that is jointly noted by all guilds … I guess I have to turn my attention to me if I interfere in this situation again. After all, I am much more famous than the president of that Emperor Song Guild, so I am not going to die? " Yang Ye face with a smile slowly way
"Poof …" sakura rain suddenly Zhan Yan smiled. "You’d better see clearly. You didn’t pay less attention to the guild situation."
"Right? After all, it’s a player who wants to grow up like Long Ge. I’m also thinking about it. It doesn’t seem so strange." Yang Ye’s hands are clasped behind his head. "You ask me how to pick it up. I’d like to ask you what to do if your level falls like this." Is there something wrong with the Summer Palace? What about the traitor? "
Talking about oneself sakura rain doesn’t seem to add carelessness to his expression, but it’s a little relaxed. "How can I upgrade? Sister Bai, I have to start all over again, even the equipment has fallen out. Let’s talk about it first. If you have blade dance equipment, you can keep it for me and buy it for me in the Summer Palace and traitors. It’s really a good thing to return a lot of people. Wouldn’t it be better to rectify and kick people step by step after saving me? You killed that traitor. That man was there, too. Why would he run away after following me for so long? Alas ….. "In the end, sakura rain sighed heavily.
"After all, the game is not real." Yang Ye smiled. "You always have to come to upgrade. Otherwise, we will dump too much. It’s not good. I’m the second. Hey, hey." Yang Ye seems to have no regard for sakura rain’s feelings
"Laugh fart" sakura rain glared at Yang Ye. "If you say I will upgrade well, you’d better stay in the second place and you’ll die!" The tone is harsh, but there is a trace of heart in the words.
Two people silent to walk all the way forward.
Dolson has woken up from the silence and returned to the noisy and warm again. The ringing leaves and the whistling wind seem to be playing a gorgeous movement …
"Promise I have two very embarrassed request can you listen to? Is one of my little sex … "sakura rain suddenly windson blowing her a little thin new clothes some thin figure exposed.
"Small sex … disgusting words. Please just say, please ask me to listen." Yang Ye shook his body.
"Go to hell!" Sakura rain slapped Yang Yeyi and stared his one eye, and finally looked at Yang Ye solemnly to be continued.
Chapter 35 Summer Palace cardiotonic
Sakura rain’s inexplicable attitude is a bit weird to see Yang Ye. He shrinks his neck. "What can you say so? It’s scary …"
Being Yang Ye woke up seems to be aware of his abnormal attitude. sakura rain chuckled over his mouth. "Well, it’s not a big deal. There are just two smiling things that need your help."
"Huh?" Yang Ye looked at sakura rain

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