Hearing this crisp sound, less bones are almost crisp, and he can’t manage to be called a fat man. He nodded like a chicken pecking rice. "It’s the first time I’ve seen such a beautiful girl in my life. To tell you the truth, I fell in love with you at first sight. If you follow me, I guarantee that your generation will wear gold and silver and enjoy endless prosperity."


"Hee hee, you are so rich? That’s great. I just want to buy new clothes, but I listen to my senior sister best. If you have the ability to make my senior sister follow you, I will follow you. By the way, my senior sister is more beautiful than me. " That Younger was afraid that things were not big enough, so he waved a hand directly, and the palm of his hand lifted the veil of the teacher elder sister in her mouth. Although it was only a light glance, he sat down on the ground directly, only to see that his eyes were red and he kept panting. This little girl really didn’t lie, and her teacher elder sister proved to be more beautiful than her. If nothing else, it was those eyes like autumn water that made the rich and the young unable to extricate themselves. Although her eyes were full of contempt and disgust, if she could only lie every day.
"Sister, I will be angry if you are fooling around with my sister. Be careful that I tell Master about you on the grassland." The old woman just said a faint word, which made the beauty of the strange elf dare not speak, but those villains didn’t mean to get out of the way at all, and even kept approaching.
Just as the beautiful woman was about to speak, a teenager rushed out of the crowd and directly kicked a big man to the ground from behind.
"You incredibly dare to play fairy idea, this is a fuck? I don’t agree with Mao Youguang of Wanchun Valley. " A young boy directly put his foot on the big fellow who had just kicked down, looking like a keen one.
Seeing that there was something going on in life, I revealed my true colors less and less. "Where did you come from, rabbit, dare to spoil my great event! Brothers, go for me! Fight me to death! "
A bunch of lackeys heard the command and paved it directly. These people are not ordinary bullies, and everyone knows some kung fu more or less, so some of the teenagers who were chased were in a hurry. He didn’t spend much time in Wanchun Valley, and he learned more about medical skills, so he was accidentally trampled on his waist by a big fellow, fell directly to the ground, and watched the teenagers being beaten. The two girls couldn’t help but make moves, but they just didn’t have time to move.
"Which move my brother? ! Insulting the fairy of our grassland? !”
A few bruisers dressed as prairie people rushed out of the crowd directly, rushing to those who were oppressive. These figures were different from ordinary people, although they didn’t have any advanced martial arts, but they were so big that their fists and feet seemed to tickle. In less than a moment, they were all rolling around and crying loudly.
"The day, dare to hit me! Do you want to live? !” Seeing this, Shao Shao became angry. "I’m going to take these two beauties away today. I don’t think you dare stop me!" "
"So it’s you son of a bitch. Look, I won’t tear you up today!" A big fellow was furious and rushed over directly.
At this time, a skinny old man didn’t know how to appear in front of Shao Shao, and slowly put out his hands at the big fellow.
"Not good! Dodge, get out of the way! " One of the beauties shouted loudly, saying that she is a master herself, and she can’t see the old man’s palm full of internal force, because Dorje is just a prairie man with great strength.
Taking his word, Dorje vomited blood and flew upside down. At the moment when he was about to fall to the ground, the older girl was directly like a Hua Hudie, and she stepped out of Dorje’s back with a light move. Just as soon as she touched his back, the girl felt a strong attack. Fortunately, her martial arts was not normal, and she used Qiao Jin to slowly support Dorje. Just for a moment, Dorje was as golden as paper and suffered a very heavy injury.
The girl unbuttoned the clothes on Dorje’s chest, and a purple palm print was deeply imprinted on his chest. If not treated in time, Dorje may run. I didn’t expect the old man to rise in power and tide wait for no man. Looking at the girl holding Dorje, I knew that it was not convenient for her to dodge now, so I jumped high directly, and the big hole on the girl’s back was a palm. Such a person still had to waste his martial arts to dedicate it to his master.
"Sister!" Another girl’s call, although her martial arts is not high, but also can see that her teacher elder sister this palm can’t hide in the past anyway, unless she can be cruel to drop Dorje, but she knows that her teacher elder sister’s temperament, her teacher elder sister would never do such a thing.
Just when everyone couldn’t bear to see this cruel scene, a crowd flew over their heads, and a sword of light went straight to the Baihui point of the old man like Changhong. If the old man didn’t change his tactics, this sword would definitely kill him. There was no way. He directly turned over with a kite, and his skinny right hand directly hit the sword, and his left hand ran directly to the young man’s chest. It seems that he wanted to take this troublemaker.
I didn’t expect that the teenager was not an amateur. He directly slapped the old man with his left palm, and the sword in his right hand drew a line on the old man’s shoulder.
They fell to the ground and spoke at the same time.
"Ghost chasing the wind palm? Are you from the charm pavilion? !”
"Long Qiu watch the rain? He Daoyang is your what? !”
It turned out that this young man was none other than Liu Liangchen, the great disciple of He Daoyang, a real person who rushed to the virtual palace. 、
Then the identities of the two girls will be vividly portrayed, and none other than the two fairies in Huaxinfang, "Chess Fairy" Zhuo Nongyue and "Flower Fairy" Lin Jieyu.
They just finished solving the problem of grassland plague and returned to the summer.
Although the old man’s shoulder was red with blood, in fact, Liu Liangchen’s injury was heavier. After all, he was a second-generation disciple, and there was still a big gap with these old people. If it hadn’t taken him by surprise, maybe the old man wouldn’t even be hurt.
"Well, I had an unfinished feud with He Daoyang in my early years. Today, killing one of his apprentices is a bad breath!" The old man’s eyes are fierce.
Just when the old man was ready to make moves, three dark pieces came directly to the old man’s chest. Needless to say, this must be a chess fairy’s move. Although after so much time, I still don’t have any feelings for Liu Liangchen, but this doesn’t mean that I will watch him hurt in front of my eyes.
The old man didn’t know that this beautiful woman was so decisive, so he had to dodge the three hidden weapons sideways. Looking at the Go shot into the ground, the old man frowned: "Who are you from Ningluo Song in Huaxinfang?"
"It is the family teacher, and the predecessors bullied the small with big ones, fearing that it would hurt your name if it came out." Zhuo Langyue moved lightly to Lianbu, and walked beside Liu Liangchen. He looked nervous. Judging from the situation just met, the old man is definitely an extremely good player. He is no match for himself or Liu Liangchen alone, and they may earn a chance to practice.
"I have an old relationship with Ning Fang, the owner of Huaxinfang. I will let you go for her sake today. If I see you in the border market again, don’t blame the old lady for her ruthlessness!" Say that finish, the old man whispered a few words in the young man’s ear, only to see that the young man’s face became ugly. He was very unwilling to look at the beauty in front of him, but the old man’s position was too big, and he didn’t have the ability to disobey orders. Besides, if the old man gave up, he would have to be eaten alive by those prairie people without a fragrant incense.
"Let’s go! Don’t let me see you next time! " The young rich left a malicious remark and left here directly.
"Liu Gongzi, are you okay?" ZhuoNongYue asked concerned.
Although I am very happy to hear that my sweetheart is caring and attentive, Liu Liangchen knows that Zhuo Nongyue has no feelings for himself, and he has experienced so many big winds and waves, so the world can’t look down on this.
"Thank you, Fairy, for your trouble. I just didn’t expect that the palm protector of the’ Shadow Protector’ in the Charm Pavilion, second only to the Goddess of Heaven, would appear here." Looking at the back of the old man leaving, Liu Liangchen said with concern.
"Is this old man very famous in Meiyin Pavilion?" Zhuo Nongyue, a chess fairy, is very ignorant of these things. After all, he is almost the same age as his master, maybe even older.
"Fairy, I don’t know about this. If you talk about seniority, I’m afraid that the goddess of auditions now has to call him an elder. In those days, the charm pavilion first appeared in the Jianghu, and the most famous one was this’ shadow protector’. These two people were brothers, and one who made good use of the palm protector of’ shadow chasing the wind palm’ was the person in front of him; The other is the leg protector who is proficient in the "yellow landing leg", that is, this person’s younger brother. In just a few years, he has made a great name in the rivers and lakes. "Liu Liangchen activities activities some numb hands, looked at the direction of the old man disappeared.
"Seeing that you are not much older than us, how can you know so much?" Lin Jieyu, while giving Dorje medicine, said that in her view, the old man was terrible.
"I used to ask Master when I was practicing sword. He encountered several critical moments in my life. Master said that he was fighting against the protector of the underworld except for World War I on the prairie. At that time, Master was not the head. They" went up to the virtual three masters "and the then head of Ning stopped the protector’s second brother who had just bloodbath the’ Long Yuan Escort Agency’ at the top of Huashan Mountain. At that time, Master’s four people were fully fired, and they finally won the two of them with more fighting and less, but everyone including Master suffered a lot. Liu Liangchen recalled.
"The old man said," Look, on my master’s face, what’s going on today? Do you know this? I don’t think my master will have an intersection with the people in the charm pavilion. " Zhuo Nongyue has also aroused curiosity.
"I know this, too. Master told me that although Shangxu Sanjie and the owner of Ningfang were both injured, they were first-class players at that time, and the guardians of Yin and Ming also suffered heavy losses. The younger brother of the’ Yellow Landing Leg’ was killed on the spot, and his brother, the old man, fell to the ground injured at that time. Just as Master was going to cut the grass and root, the owner of Ningfang pleaded with Master and spared his life." Liu Liangchen said slowly, "Return the favor should refer to this. Master told me that compared with the heinous brother, my brother is more like a pure warrior. Plus, at that time, most of the evil things of the shadow protector were done by my brother. On balance, Master didn’t kill him. Since then, this’ shadow chasing the wind palm’ has rarely appeared in the rivers and lakes, but I just didn’t expect to meet him here today.
It was not until Liu Liangchen explained the cause and effect that Lin Jieyu and Zhuo Nongyue found out the cause and effect. It turned out that the old man’s title was so big, but the old man who had disappeared from the Jianghu for so long appeared in the wing pass. What was the picture?
"Do you know this man’s surname?" Zhuo said in a low voice.
"The deceased brother of this person is called Ouyang Fenghu, and his name is Ouyang Yunlong."
Dorje is a prairie person, and he can’t hear Liu Liangchen talking so much. He is very upset about his injury. "When I recover, I must settle accounts with this old guy, huh!"
"Dorje, you didn’t make trouble here this time. You must have forgotten the elder’s instructions." Zhuonongyue couldn’t help but make a noise when he saw Dorje’s impulse.
Zhuo Nongyue helped Lin Jieyu relieve the plague on the grassland, so that the two of them were similar to the female bodhisattva in the hearts of ordinary people, especially because their lives were so beautiful that people dared not give birth to a little blasphemy.
When Zhuo Nongyue said this, Dorje quickly said that he would not have an accident, so please rest assured the fairy.
However, at this time, in the wealthy house, it is extremely restless.
"Elder Ouyang, why don’t you shoot that troubled boy and then invite those two beauties to me!" After leaving the scene of the incident, the young man was still very unhappy. Seeing such a beautiful woman but not being able to get it killed him.
"Son, the identities of those two women are unusual. It’s better not to make more complications before we finish our work." The old man didn’t care about the attitude of being rich and young, and tasted the fragrant tea in this cup lightly.
"I don’t care, my brother found a princess as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade, so do I. Don’t forget, Moon Saint, one of your three saints, is the princess of my Nangong family. If you don’t listen to my arrangement, be careful that the charm pavilion will make you an old man prostrate!" It turns out that the young rich belong to the Nangong family.
Hearing the threat of the young gentleman, the old man’s face flushed with displeasure. His right hand clicked in the teacup, and then the water droplets in his hand lasered out, directly knocking the young gentleman to the ground. Who would have thought that just the tea at the fingertips, under the urging of the old man’s internal force, could actually play such a big role, but Ouyang Yunlong left his hand, otherwise if this drop of water hits the young and wealthy acupoints, it will die and be disabled.
"You start work for me! Teach me a lesson! " Young tycoons rubbed his chest and said maliciously.
The servants around him forgot how terrible this thin old man was, and just blindly obeyed the orders of the young rich. The person who wanted to start work most had already jumped in front of Ouyang Yunlong.
Ouyang Yunlong took a deep breath, and his thin right hand didn’t know when it ran through the lower abdomen of a dinking. The dinking just felt a sharp pain under his abdomen, and then his whole body’s strength receded like the tide.
"If you are not afraid of death, you can continue. I will kill one and two, and I will never be soft!" Ouyang Yunlong didn’t care about his bloody right hand at all, just dumped it at random, and then continued to enjoy tea.
Seeing this scene, my teeth couldn’t help but tremble. When did I see such a bloody scene when I was spoiled? Although I was a female compatriot with Nangong Jinyu, I was too far away from Nangong Jinyu in both scheming and conduct.

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