If there is a master’s root, there will be no heaven order, because it is necessary to find that there is a violation of heaven. This master will most likely appear. If there is no master, there will be a heaven order. Although he is not the master of martial arts, now he is equivalent to the master of martial arts. Gao Chen can’t help but worry. If this is the case, how can the holy beast be busy with his opponent and say to the god beast, "You can help him now, then hurry up!"


When I heard that the order of heaven was so high, the holy beast was worried. Although the holy beast was very strong, the opponent of the holy beast was so at this time. At this moment, Gao Chengen denied that the holy beast could win!
Although Gao Chen was very worried, he was very calm when he looked at the beast. He said, "Although the heavenly orderer is very strong, the crystal help of the existing skills of the beast will not fail so easily. I don’t know how big I can get when I go out. I hope it can help!"
God beast’s words made Gao Chen feel a little relieved, but it is still impossible to be busy if he wants to be completely relieved. "Then you must hurry out and pay attention to Ann’s failure to overcome it, then come back. I believe he can’t break the defense of Longteng Temple."
Gao Chen’s words made the beast nod a little unexpectedly. "We will pay attention to your sending me out now!" "
Now, although the strength of the beast is beyond the reach of the martial arts community, it is still impossible to get in and out of the Longteng Temple at will. Anyway, the owner of the Longteng Temple was already a 20 th-order power a billion years ago, and he refined the palace. Of course, even if the beast wants to leave the Longteng Temple, it has to be approved by Gao Chen. Now, Gao Chen has little control over the Longteng Temple, but this is relative to his life. He is the owner of the Longteng Temple because Gao Chen controls these things.
When the beast came out of the Dragon Temple and quickly flew to the place where the sacred beast of Heaven was fighting, he saw those gods in the middle of the flight. These gods had gone in the direction of the Dragon Temple at this time and wanted to see Gao Chen. They also saw the beast appear at this time, but the beast disappeared in an instant when they looked at them contemptuously. In their perception, the beast’s expression made some gods angry. A god said, "This guy is too arrogant. It’s just a summoner. What’s his arrogance!" …
After kissing the indignant words, I suddenly heard the faint voice of the nine-tailed fox Xiangyu, "Although he is a summoner, he has arrogant money."
"What do you mean, he can still have arrogant money, and he can only compare with the twelfth order at most, but what qualifications does he have to be arrogant in front of us gods?" Kissing God is very secretive. The level of God beast is no stranger to them. The last time we met, it was at most comparable to the 12th order. So how can the strength be seen by these gods? If we say that the current God beast has the strength to completely defeat them, to be honest, they don’t believe it!
Fox Xiangyu obviously doesn’t want to say anything more. Maybe Root doesn’t want to talk nonsense with him. It’s a cold hum. The so-called spit out two words "know!"
But these two words made the kiss god angry. He looked at Fox Xiangyu and said, "What are you talking about? Be polite!"
Fox Xiangyu looked at him contemptuously. This look is like looking at a knowledgeable person. It didn’t make the kiss furious. Just as he was about to speak, he said in a dignified voice, "Kissing you is really wrong. That guy really has arrogant money. I feel more scared than the sacred beast!"
When the tiger worships the sacred words, those who haven’t thought much about the sacred animals and gods are frightened at the same time. Can the sacred animals be stronger than the sacred animals now? It’s really possible to tell the truth. When the sacred animals look at each other, they are angry, but they don’t express it. But at this time, they have to feel a thrill. It’s too impressive for them to fight in front of them. Killing the sacred animals is as easy as killing the ants. This scene has already made these gods unforgettable for life, but now it’s actually said that another guy who was not in their eyes is even stronger. How can this be accepted
Although the kiss god has believed the tiger’s sacred words, it is still difficult to accept his uncertain tone and say, "You are joking!" "
"Hum, am I still in the mood to joke with you at this time? It seems that we are doomed to fail this time." I don’t know whether it is the strength of the god beast that brings him pressure or the suspicion of kissing the god that makes the tiger respect the holy and uncomfortable. It is not at all polite to speak at this moment.
A holy beast has been able to defeat their bodies. At this time, a more powerful beast is added, which makes them seem to have lost sight of the victory. At this moment, a deep frustration strikes. Not only have these powerful assistants, but now the Longteng Temple has recognized Gao Chen as the master. Although Gao Chen can’t completely control the Longteng Temple until now, when will Gao Chen completely control it? This is not for them to know that if Gao Chen really controls the Longteng Temple, the result will be even worse. Their lives will be in the hands of Gao Chen. Although they didn’t know what it was like to control the Longteng Temple, they didn’t have a chance to control the Longteng Temple once they knew Gao Chengen very much, but now they are not so confident. After all, it seems that nothing is impossible for Gao Chengen to have a miracle in his body. There are so many that these gods have to stop chilling!
As soon as the tiger worships the sacred words, everyone seems to be shrouded in haze for a while and can’t see the road ahead, but at this time, no one comes out to refute it. Obviously, everyone knows that the tiger worships the sacred words is true. At that time, everyone is flying silently to the Dragon Temple, and the aftermath of the battle is the sacred beast’s heavenly order. From time to time, they don’t have a sound at this time. They don’t know what to say at this time. When they finally appear in front of the Dragon Temple, the door of the Dragon Temple is closed, which makes them afraid to approach. The former example tells them what it takes to get close to the gate of Longteng Temple when it is closed. They don’t know how to connect with Gao Chen at this time, and they don’t know whether Gao Chen will appear even if they are called. Even if they hear their pitch, if they choose not to appear, they are not the same. There is no way! …
At this time, of course, Gao Chen has already seen these gods approaching. I don’t know what these guys are coming here, but Gao Chen is not interested in it. He can still upgrade now. Although there is no help from the beast, this level still needs to be upgraded. After the beast goes out, Gao Chen will first summon the hero and let his disciples out, so that they can also summon their own heroes. At this time, Gao Chen’s hero level has reached the level. This hunting fox, feather and shavings opponents get experience for low-level heroes at one time. It’s a little too much for me. This hero doesn’t know if he is influenced by Gao Chen’s profession, but he is also a three-profession, so Gao Chen can now issue six powerful converging attack skills, which is the most powerful skill in the game.
At this time, I sometimes pay attention to these gods, so I watched them and listened to their conversation. After that, Gao Chen knocked on the door of Longteng Hall.
After waiting for a day, these gods still haven’t figured out a way to get close to the Longteng Temple. On this day, they can feel that the whole martial arts world seems to have become extremely unstable. At this time, even a seventh order can be broken, but even if they have local strength, they can’t make a crack. To be continued, if you like this one, you are welcome to vote for the recommended votes and monthly tickets. Chapter 531 Skills: When the crystal cools down,
At present, the martial arts world has been destroyed in many places, and the whole martial arts world is still alive with them. That is to say, the whole martial arts world can still see life and there are these gods, and these gods are not so safe. Even they will be injured in the aftermath of the battle.
And just when they feel more and more unstable, their mood is getting worse and worse. Suddenly, the gate of Longteng Temple hit the gate of Longteng Temple, which surprised them. One by one, they all looked at the Longteng Temple and said, "What does this mean?"
"Who knows? I think he wants us to go in." Fox Xiangyu was puzzled. She was not sure at this time. After all, she and Gao Chen were nothing.
The gods couldn’t help but look at the Tree God and Tiger Jingsheng. Obviously, they were regarded as the leaders. Tiger Jingsheng nodded and said, "I think so. Are we going in? Is this a conspiracy by that guy? I always feel that he is uneasy and kind?"
It’s not that the tiger respects the saints and is timid, or that he is suspicious. It’s a little unexpected that the gate of the Longteng Temple suddenly hits at this time. That is, it’s not a good idea for Gao Chen to hit the gate of the Longteng Temple at this time. If Gao Chen has nothing to do with them, they all don’t believe in Fox Xiangyu. At this time, they suddenly disdained to say, "What danger can there be now? Do you think that he can’t control the palace completely? Then what plot can he play to destroy us all directly!"
Although Fox Xiangyu’s words are not at all welcome, everyone knows that this is the truth. That’s the truth. If Gao Chen really wants to control the Longteng Temple, it won’t be so troublesome to send them directly to the Longteng Temple. Now that he has hit the gate of Longteng Temple, the result is very simple. Since Gao Chen hasn’t finished controlling Longteng Temple, then what are you afraid of? You know, at this time, there are only two gods around Gao Chen, one of whom is still stronger than Wen Shi ‘an, but they don’t recognize a fox. After all, what threat can she give them?
Hu Jingsheng’s face was dry, although he was a little angry. Fox Xiangyu didn’t say anything. He retorted, "Since you are not afraid of me, what are you afraid of? Then it’s true that we will go in. You said that there is no danger!"
At this time, the tiger worships the sacred body, and the wind is rustling. It seems that the consequences of entering the Longteng Temple are unpredictable. I have to say that at this moment, these gods are forced to come to the end. This is the truth. If you don’t go in, it is very likely that the whole martial arts world will be destroyed. If you go in, although you are likely to encounter danger, not to mention that even if they go in, it will not change the martial arts world. Anyway, since they have come to this step, there is no retreat at this time. The reason is not that they lead the way into the Longteng Temple.
What will happen to the gods in Longteng Temple? Let’s not talk about it. On the other side, the heavenly orderer fights with the sacred beast. The sudden appearance of the local sacred beast makes the face of the heavenly orderer look puzzled. He looks at the face of the sacred beast and says, "Violating the heavenly order should not be in this world!"
Now the god beast is definitely against the heaven, because the heaven in martial arts absolutely doesn’t allow him to be so powerful. All those who are not allowed are against the heaven. This is the order of heaven. There is no doubt that the god beast is the order of heaven. The root of the god beast ignores the order of heaven but looks at the holy beast …
At this time, the sacred beast was still miserable. He was covered with scars everywhere. Although he was able to compete with the heavenly orderer after the 12th order of Gao Chen, the injury before this was not light. At this time, he was not finished recovering. The appearance of the sacred beast made him feel relieved and looked at the mouth of the sacred beast. "How much have you recovered now!"
Although the sacred beast is no match for the sacred beast now, the expression of talking to the sacred beast at this time is like that of the elders talking to the younger generation, and the sacred beast has no feeling that it is wrong. The local sacred beast looks respectful and says, "The master’s strength can allow me to restore one percent of my strength. If there is more, it will violate the rules!"
The rules in the mouth of the beast are not the rules in the martial arts world. They only know what kind of rules it is. The beast nodded and said, "Then wait slowly. Since he is the former owner’s choice, he will definitely reach the height of the former owner one day, even surpassing the former owner, and we can’t surpass the imprisonment until we surpass it!"
The beast’s face lit up more than he longed for it. "I think so, too. The master’s real strength has risen rapidly, and the owner of that palace is not simple. I estimate that he is similar to our former master, and now the master has got some help from him, so that the master’s strength has risen faster!"
The seven dragons changed the rules so that Gao Chen could get ten times the experience value. This Gao Chen didn’t know that it was no secret for the beast. Gao Chen upgraded the beast instantly, and the recovery of the beast was not strength. The beast replied, "Yes, although we can see that he is busy and projected, he is very strong, so he is not as strong as his former owner. It is necessary to know that this can be of great help to his master."
God beast naturally joined the fray after it appeared, which made it easier for them to fight the holy beast. It was impossible for them to finish killing the orderer of heaven. Isn’t it unusual for them to kill the orderer of heaven themselves? Because the orderer of heaven is limited when it appears, he can’t be limited. After all, although his host is the most powerful in the whole world, his body can’t support the orderer of heaven for too long.
When the heavenly orderer is furious, he vents his dissatisfaction and anger in his heart. At this time, the heavenly orderer has some fixed emotions, and the beast says, "How can we deal with this guy? Don’t we have to wait until he arrives?"
Although the strength of the sacred beast is the sacred beast or the sacred beast owner, I don’t know how long it took to form a habit. The sacred beast said, "This is of course impossible. The master’s mission is not that when he left this, the master left him something and returned it to the cultivation world. Not much!"
The god beast looked at the orderer of heaven with some worries and said, "What can we do now? This guy can’t be killed at all!"
Those who can’t kill the heavenly order can’t retreat. The sacred beast said solemnly, "There is a way to kill him completely. If you give me the skill crystal, you can kill him!"
It is obvious that this is not who makes the skill crystal so simple. The beast is busy and says, "Without the help of the skill crystal, it is not dangerous!" "
The sacred beast smiled faintly and said, "It’s just a period of deep sleep. If the master can reach his strength earlier, I will wake up as soon as possible!" …
Although it’s easy for the sacred beast to say, it’s not like that for the sacred beast, because he knows that this deep sleep is not a short number. He said, "Even if you say that, when will it be graded? But every step is difficult to get into the sky!"
How can the holy beast not know this? He inadvertently said, "It’s better if it doesn’t take so long. Let’s stop. It’s settled!" "
As soon as the sacred beast’s words are finished, the head skill crystal is thrown at the sacred beast’s mouth, and the sacred beast’s body appears. At the same time, it is not accurate to say that it should be the skill crystal. When it leaves the sacred beast, the sacred beast’s protective cover also disappears instantly. At the same time, the heavenly orderer hits the sacred beast with a heavy blow. Without the skill crystal, it helps the sacred beast to be instantaneous and weak for several times.
This blow to the horse reduced the health of the holy beast by half, and it also had many negative effects. The holy beast shouted, "When I stall him for a while, it’s time for you to cool down the skill crystal. It’s up to you to make it now!"
Of course, the beast can’t make a horse after getting the skill crystal. It’s because of the skill crystal
When it needs to be cooled, the holy beast just made it once, and now it is still cooling. Even if you want to, you can’t forget it!

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