At this time, Pang Xia’s body bloomed with white, red, gold and green light.


These four colors of light respectively represent the four great source forces of Pang Xia’s body.
However, compared with the previous strongest, the white data became the weakest.
That’s because Pang Xia gave half the white data to Monty for the time being.
However, this does not affect Pang Xia’s use of white data
The continuous rotation of the four-color light around Pang Xia made him turn a huge four-color light drill into the front of each other.
Looking at rushed to his front PangXia eternal emperor word immediately raised my hand and blew out a huge yellow flame.
However, this yellow flame was blocked by the golden data when it was just near Pang Xia.
Then a red data spear was stabbed by Pang Xia, holding the face towards the eternal emperor.
Drink low, and the Eternal Emperor raises his hand and pulls a huge rock in front of him.
The fire spear pierced into the huge rock and immediately burst into strong fire and melted the huge rock.
The huge mountain was petrified and a pool of latosolic red high-temperature lava floated in half.
At this time, Pang Xia’s white data stream turned into another spear.
Seeing Pang Xia’s double spears in his hand, he kept pulling the high-temperature lava by its attributes, and the lava spears were shot backwards.
The lava spear came to the eternal emperor in the blink of an eye.
Feeling the oncoming high temperature, the eternal emperor condensed a gravity field with one hand in front of him.
The constant oscillation in the gravity field caused those lava spears to collapse and scatter to the ground.
Then the eternal emperor turned his palm and punched Pang Xia.
But I saw a series of ripples that were stirred up, and the coils were superimposed on each other to form a channel.
And the eternal emperor just that one punch reverberated out of the gravity field is instantaneous came to PangXia chest.
Let go, two spears, Pang Xia’s hands folded instantly.
Immediately, the two spears immediately turned into a white and a red, and the two energies intertwined and rotated into a red, white and taiji diagram.
This red and white Tai Chi map is pregnant with the dual power of earth and fire.
Turn into a powerful shield to resist the powerful punch from the eternal emperor.
It sounded like a thunderstorm, and the red and white Tai Chi map in front of Pang Xia was slightly better than the eternal emperor.
However, its huge impact still makes Pang Xia vomit blood and recede rapidly back.
The eternal emperor wants to continue to pursue, but at this time Monty is attacking.
The white data flows through the Pangu Emperor’s source, and the light rainbow is released from the hands of Monty.
These bright rainbows are extremely sharp, and they are even more powerful in the source power blessing of Pangu the Great.
What’s more, they are all affected by these light rainbows, and all the places they pass are cut marks.
The attack with Pangu Emperor’s source power can no longer be treated in the way before.
The yellow flame flows around the body, and the law of gravity condenses into substantial energy to directly meet those rainbow lights.
Successive collisions have inspired explosions to bloom around the eternal emperor.
Monty tried his best to attack the eternal emperor constantly.
The yellow flame of the Eternal Emperor guards himself.
By this time, those huge rocks have been completely smashed, and the giant has arrived.
He turned into a water giant, and his hands quickly condensed into a pair of Xuan Bing palms, and he grabbed them toward the eternal emperor.
However, the eternal emperor just glanced at it and the yellow flame greeted and directly broke those Xuan Bing palms.
Blink your eyes after being broken, and the broken pieces of Xuan Bing’s palm will melt into water vapor and dissipate.
And over monty handsome as if can’t see the general constantly condensed water vaporization Xuan Bing palm attack toward the eternal emperor.
As a result, after many collapses, the water giant’s body is also three points smaller.
However, the giant’s face was not only without any regret, but also with a smile.
Over monty handsome mind move a road shape into the deep blue emperor source power water vapor started.
These physical waters vaporized a series of shackles and were directly wrapped around the eternal emperor.
In addition, the control of the whole monty directly restricted the body movement of the eternal emperor.
Although in the moment when those physical and water vapor shackles played, the eternal emperor broke those family shackles with his strength.
But it is precisely because of this that the eternal emperor revealed a tiny flaw.
And this flaw happened to be caught by Pang Xia, who was ready to go!
White chains are released from Pang Xia’s hand and instantly entangled in the eternal emperor.
Followed by white chains, red lines spread from Pang Xia’s hand.
When all the white chains are covered with red lines, the bloody flame rises from them and burns the eternal emperor.
Although the eternal emperor’s yellow flame protects his body, the burning of blood flame has already made the eternal emperor feel pain.
Therefore, the eternal emperor drank a lot of yellow flame, and the gravity field broke out without money.
The chaotic gravity field keeps spreading and instantly collapses, breaking Pang Xia’s white chains entangled in him.
At this time, however, PangXia attack has come again.

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