Jiang Qing was angry and lifted up with one hand.


Jiang Jiang looked at her and suddenly smiled.
"Jiang Qing!"
Jiang Qing’s slap has not yet fallen to his side, and he is drinking "What are you doing?"
Jiang yuyin
Chapter 53 tit for tat
Jiang Qing gesture froze in the middle.
turn around
Jiang Yu has strided to the point where the two men approached and looked at her commanding. "What are you doing?"
"I …"
Jiang Qing looked at his side song Ming speechless
Is she a girl in front of her father and other men, or should she be as sarcastic as Jiang Jiang?
Damn it!
Jiang Qing bit her lip and turned her face, and gave Jiang Jiang a patient look.
Jiang Jiang didn’t look at her and directly explained to Jiang Yu, "Maybe I just gave Fangfang too many things and she was in a bad mood."
"…" Jiang Yu eyebrows screwed tighter "for this reason? What’s wrong with Jiang Jiang! "
"I’m puzzled, too."
At Jiang Qing, Jiang Jiang said casually
The more she looked at the so-called Jiang Yu, the more she felt distressed. She felt that she didn’t know how to be bullied by Jiang Qing. "You see where you are a little like a sister?" ! Jiang Jiang is two years younger than you. Don’t let it go. Do you think it’s a slap in the face? !”
Jiang Yu’s nature has always been steady and collected, and even if he is angry, he will bear it.
So reprimanding in front of outsiders is never a shame for Jiang Qing.
She never argued
A long time bit his lip and said, "I’m sorry, Dad."
"Line line" Jiang Yu waved and walked into the house "dance teacher invited? Don’t say let you look after more … "
"Mom said she would come in the next day," Jiang Qing said as he walked with him.
Jiang Jiang and Song Ming are a little behind.
Song Ming looked at her with a tall, slightly lowered eye.
The girl beside me is thin, short hair, soft and oblique bangs, and her face is more compact and white after her ears.
I thought of seeing a scene far away just now. Song Ming couldn’t help but hook his lips.
Jiang Jiang was stunned for a second when he saw it. "What are you laughing at?"
"What did you say?" Song Ming’s eyes pointed to Jiang Qingyin’s voice in front of him, which dropped by a decibel. "Miss Da became angry from embarrassment … and there was no argument?"
"Song Mi wants to know?"
Song mingdan smiled and the wind was light and the clouds were light, but he didn’t answer the words.
After a little meditation, Jiang Jiang looked at his young and motionless face and suddenly had a little bad taste. "There is nothing to ask her if she has slept with a man, and her breasts look full."
Song Ming was choked and hurriedly clenched his fist to dry cough at the lip angle.
Jiang Jiang walked a little faster to the front.
Song Ming recovered and followed her eyes to her lovely white ears.
The tip of the ear is red and dripping with blood
He one leng lip Angle evoked a deeper smile.
next day
The dance teacher came to Jiang’s house.
She is an elegant and gentle woman in her thirties. Her surname is Han. She has two small dimples when she smiles, which is very charming.

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