Xin Yao is too lazy to think about it. She loves to play dirty in the harem, and she doesn’t have to do anything. Give me some real punishment!


The criminal law of punishing women in the harem is ever-changing. This kind of waist and abdomen belt is a trick that Xin Yao thinks of forward-looking drama.
Dark one according to xin yao’s instructions to put the wood rope on and then tie the ladies-in-waiting body tightness with xin yao’s instructions.
But Xin Yao just let the dark one pull two progress little dust is called very dark "ahhh! You lynched! ! !”
This is not practical. Xin Yao waved his hand and pulled a progress again, and asked, "Who told you to make trouble and make trouble? Chapter 61 Queen should be guilty."
"Boo-hoo!" Little dust just struggled to scold a few words and gradually lost strength.
Don’t underestimate the fact that Xin Yao has nothing to do, that is, according to the principle of corsets, she has transformed modern women’s various corsets to keep her figure, but the materials are limited. She can use wood and leather ropes, but she can tie herself up.
Let’s make up the sparerib corset by ourselves!
Can also be more and more tight!
Maybe we’ll tie our insides together!
Xin Yao toyed with the cup and let the dark one le le stop, so that the little dust tried to breathe in her lungs, but she couldn’t feel it.
"Niang … empress forgive me!" Little lime soil has a blood outlet at the corner of its mouth for mercy.
Xin Yao’s eyes didn’t stop her body, but the window turned around and looked at the crumbling window as if it would collapse with Princess Zhen.
"Let her go" Xin Yao suddenly sneered at the dark corner of her mouth. She was not afraid of people saying that she was ruthless, but she would never let others bully her by relying on the emperor’s favor!
"say! Who instructed you! " Xin Yao stares at the little lime soil sharply, but her smile is very strange.
Xin Yao’s pupil is shriveled and the dark tunnel is not good. "Dismantle her jaw in the dark!" She tried to kill herself!
Click’ a little dust can’t speak and won’t die
Xin Yao is thinking that someone outside is shouting "The Empress is here!"
Xin Yao’s eyebrows jumped twice, which is fast enough!
An Jin, dressed in a red jinfeng palace, was surrounded by people and walked into the temple. It was even more unpleasant to see Xin Yao still sitting on the theme when her eyes were in a mess.
Her eyes looked at Xin Yao, and Xin Yao was also looking at her. Xin Yao bent slightly to salute her in a moment, but there was no fear in her eyes.
AnJin dignified sit xin yao just sit position this just see princess zhen extremely indecent card window angry, pointing to princess zhen said, "what’s going on? Let it go soon! "
Princess Zhen’s figure is not small, and her martial arts are too good. The palace people made a lot of efforts to get her, but Xin Yao laughed. The window in Princess Zhen’s palace was strong enough to catch her for so long!
"Yao Fei, you are presumptuous!"
Anjin pointed to also smile xin yao a clap a chair nu way
Xin Yao is not afraid to meet Anjin’s eyes without kneeling. "Where are the concubines of the Queen?"
"Should it be a crime for the empress to make trouble and seek trouble?" An Jin side a mammy mouth way
Xin Yao covered her ears, and the sound of this mammy was sharp and sharp, just like a fingernail scratching glass, which made people feel flustered.
"When will it be your turn to blame the palace?" Xin Yao retorted that she didn’t like this cocky old mammy. The old mammy in the palace was sick to some extent, so she accidentally made up a mammy.
Emma is terrible!
"unbridled! This is the Queen Mother’s side, Aunt Ping. "An Jin frowned and raised her wrist, so she conveniently carried her wrist, and the two of them were very close to each other."
Around the queen mother? Xin Yao sneered at the queen. It’s really not a vegetarian. So soon, the queen mother sent her close-fitting aunt to prove to her that this queen is either putting on a show or she has the support of the emperor and the queen mother to look after who can’t ride the mountain.
This can be found!

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