Michelle can’t speak. She knows that the ice-cold strength even won three swords, which actually hurts Mad Dog Dragon. If she doesn’t talk nonsense.
Master Li angrily pulled out the pig-killing knife after winning the sword, and quickly became full of pride. "The bold thief in Kairuichang, who is super-god, tastes my unique skill in the Tang Dynasty-Dog Chicken Knife!"
He really took shape today after practicing the magic sword, and casually chopped out a seemingly ordinary knife, but the two of them immediately produced an aura as if they were distorted.
Although the ice was blocked, a "-15" damage value appeared in the head, which was obvious. This was either energy damage or absolute real damage.
Master Li’s attack routine is very strange. He doesn’t play cards according to common sense. Every time he dances out, he deliberately sells himself for you to stab. But if you dare to stab, you will definitely get stabbed by him. You will never have the guts to get stabbed by him, because no one is sure what kind of consequences will be caused after being cut.
Seeing that the cold life value is constantly being consumed, Xiaojia is really anxious to see it than to rush to help her.
However, when she was forced to leave the south gate as cold as ice, her figure suddenly became a little blurred, and a slight white light flashed out of her body, like a few spots of light diverging from her body, and then the whole person became a person who could see the outline and the true face.
Master Li’s pig-killing knife cut through her chest just like cutting air, and the knife cut into her body without any harm.
Master Li was surprised, "Fang Uber?"
Mad dog dragon was also surprised. "What skill is this?"
Xiaojia is confident that "this is the ultimate special effect."
At this moment, Bai Ying’s counter-defensive attack is like a ghost floating in front of the avatar. Five or six people can’t see clearly. The phantom stabs Master Li, and each sword is particularly poetic. Every step is light and colorful. It is like dancing like a generation of beautiful women.
At this moment, Master Li has suffered a lot from his head, and a large number of damage figures have emerged. Although the damage is very low, it is quite terrible that so many swords cause damage.
Seeing it, I can’t stand it. Master Li is holding many swords and yelling, "Demacia can match!"
I saw an orange light beam falling from the sky, as if there was a mirror image of a military commander slowly covering his body, and all the long swords stabbed him, and then hurting the mirror image seemed to plague physical damage.
Then Master Li’s figure expanded rapidly and became several times larger, almost as high as the nightclub building next to him, and his pig-killing knife also became bigger, as cold as ice, about the size of his knife.
Xiao Jia was dumbfounded. "What skill is this?"
"I don’t know."
The gambling in the compound trembled with excitement. "Finally!"
Master Li shouted, "Fight, hero!"
After the transformation, Master Li was not as cold as ice, but she could resist every knife cut, and her sword was shaking. Now the special effects were over, but Master Li chased her hard.
When I was forced out of the south gate again as cold as ice, I finally handed it over. "Brother Li is really amazing!"
This is to admit defeat and immediately recover from defeat. "It’s all because I, a cold sister in the Tang Dynasty, must be modest?"
As soon as the voice fell, the two men immediately flew away and were returned to the hall.
The fifth master in this strong team also came into being. No one expected that it was the first defeat of three masters who occupied a seat.
However, the sixth princess soon appeared, and the sword root couldn’t hold a thousand generations.
After a thousand generations, all the wind masters in mainland China demonstrated what is called reaching the top of the wind arcane.
Chiyo can directly use mana to turn everything around her into her weapon. Princess Huahua can’t exert her power until she gets close to her body and her sword. It took her 2 minutes to surrender.
The seventh game is coming soon. Xiaojia is already ready, and Tong Tong sent her and Zhang Dashuai to the steel dam of Shadow Island.
I have seen the terrible mad dog dragon in Zhang Dashuai, and now I have a bad feeling when I see Zhang Dashuai wearing a pair of strange metal fighting gloves.
Xiaojia’s hard power is not necessarily good. She is strong in equipment. Once the other party is better equipped than her, it will be in big trouble.
Mad dog dragon is worried that it is unreasonable for Xiaojia to fly away as soon as she comes, and the colorful knives are connected into one piece around Zhang Dashuai. In normal times, she would immediately fall to a large number of people, but Zhang Dashuai never forced her to pick her up. Even the sword was cut in the gloves at dawn and even the seal did not appear.
Xiaojia stormed Zhang Dashuai’s head for three minutes, and the value floated out. Either miss Mad Dog Dragon and other people’s hearts are gradually sinking. This is not a grade contest.
Zhang Dashuai suddenly laughed. "It’s not good for you to go like this."
With this sentence, Xiao Jia knows that the other party has studied herself deeply. It is difficult for people to kill her with her special effects and equipment unless she is slowly consumed and eventually exhausted
Now Zhang Dashuai suspects that she is as well equipped and defensive as she is, and that fighting with each other is hard power. Her win is really small, and procrastination is a slow death.
But she was not reconciled to her decision to take a chance.
Xiaojia’s back-flip figure immediately stagnated in the middle, and the sunshine elf was released again. In her body, she slowly looked up and grew bigger, while her mirror image was gradually fading. At dawn, she gave off a divine light to illuminate the whole dam.
The ultimate special effect of Thunder Strike finally started.
Zhang Dashuai didn’t move. He smiled and slowly raised his hands. There was a mass of black fog in his palms, which was absorbed by the gloves after spinning for a while.
At this time, the sunshine elf has formed, gently pulled the water-blue magic bow, and then let go. A ray of light suddenly flashed, and everyone saw clearly that this ray of light had passed through Zhang Dashuai and was yet to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-one The strongest enemy
"Snapping" as soon as Xiao Jia really appeared, her boots fell at the door of the command hall.
However, she was not in a happy mood because her heart was already cold. In the end, the lightning strike did not cause any damage to Zhang Dashuai. The value floating out of Zhang Dashuai’s head was still a miss.
She finally understood that Zhang Dashuai’s gloves were probably a magic weapon, and that black fog was also a defensive special effect. It didn’t enhance Zhang Dashuai’s defensive attributes, but caused him an external injury.
It’s meaningless to cast a thunderbolt again. You really need the most common attack to knock her down. Now it’s for nothing. At the top level, skills and special effects have little effect. Everyone fights for comprehensive strength.
If you don’t give up now, you have to give up. It will be a shame to wait until people consume themselves to death.
It’s hard to say whether Xiao Jia was sent back to the main hall to love crime and Han Ying Snow looked bad. At present, there are only two fruits in the Eastern Dynasty, and it’s hard to say whether the mad dog dragon can win.
Comfort Xiao Jia before being as cold as ice. "Don’t lose heart, there is still a long way to go. His strength has already taken shape, but you still have great potential."
A sword flying snow also came along. "Don’t be discouraged. There’s still me. I’ll help you clean him up."
A new round of match list has appeared on the big screen.
Defeat vs clock exhibition;
A sword flying snow vs Zhang Dashuai;
Great Tibet vs chasing the wind;
Chiyo vs "? ? ?” ;
One of Zhang Dashuai’s opponents is almost the enemy’s sword flying snow, while the mad dog dragon and Fengyun laugh. Whoever wins will face the most powerful mage in the mainland for thousands of generations
It should be said that the first martial arts meeting of the day has been carried out, and now the last nine talents are the real top kings, because the strength gap between these nine people is not big.
After the white light flashed, Mad Dog Dragon found himself in the seaside of Shilin Port, wearing a golden armor, and it was not far away. This armor was very similar to the future soldiers, and the defense was very strong.
Mad dog dragon slowly walked past, and a smile seemed to be very confident. He took out a big shield and a murderous sword from the baggage.
I have studied too much about the celebrity of the Eastern Dynasty. This person has almost no weaknesses, and good defense is king.
Mad dog dragon didn’t make a mistake in judgment. As soon as he went, he lit up the night shadow. The root of the other side’s shield and sword defense was that water splashed into the wind and cloud. Although he was an armored soldier, his speed and strength were not weak at all, so he could keep up with him.
Suddenly, the mad dog dragon’s figure was a little vague, and he smiled and was prepared. He didn’t even look behind him and quickly raised his sword. A mad dog dragon backstab was immediately blocked
Then he appeared in front of Fengyun Yixiao, and the night shadow stabbed Fengyun Yixiao shield.
But "Long Wuqi" is now six paragraphs, and it is unexpected that the mad dog dragon can flash three times in a row.

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