Soon three comrades in police clothes came in with a straight face.


Almost instant soup home all is a facial expression.
The first policeman took out a document with a business-like attitude. "Please come with us to the office to cooperate with the investigation when you formally arrest Comrade Tang Meisheng!"
Rage and cry into a mess.
Tang Baojing wait for a while looked at the cousin who was taken away by toughness and swallowed hard.
"Sister Ma is really going to jail."
Chapter six hundred and sixty Win word of mouth
"Director Xu is true or false?"
Someone’s eyes are shining and he can’t wait to ask.
I’ve never heard of a state-run restaurant saying it’s not good to eat in the past.
This not only says that people are fastidious in their shops, but also says that they are extremely confident in the taste of their meals.
Xu Taotao is not afraid of being asked, but he is afraid of being asked.
She replied with a smile, "Of course it’s true. Since then, all the’ spiced and fragrant’ branches in China have met this standard. If we can’t do it, you are welcome to complain."
While Zhao Zhen was in a hurry.
He’s not stupid when his cousin is young. Who knows if someone is disgusting and deliberately says that the food is not delicious? He knows a little about this scoring mechanism, but he didn’t expect his cousin to make such a big’ not delicious’, and he can’t afford to lose this family business alone!
His lips moved and he wanted to bring his cousin who was talking in person, but he didn’t dare.
It’s Zhao Zhen who can think of bug Xu Taotao. How can he not consider it?
She cut to the chase before the face gives birth to other thoughts.
Xu Taotao’s beautiful eyebrows are curved. "But of course, there are some ugly things that I have to tell you first."
If it is found to be a malicious bad review, the score will naturally not count.
So what is a malicious bad review?
Five customers will be selected for the meal with bad reviews, and more than half of them will say that the taste is really bad, and the store will receive bad reviews.
If the number of bad reviews is less than half, it is a malicious smear shop that rejects the bad reviews and will be held accountable. "
Finally, Xu Taotao said, "Welcome everyone to participate in the supervision and look forward to the future that our’ spiced’ marinated fried restaurant can bring comrades a better meal experience!"
Novelty scoring mechanism, bad review and screening method are also reasonable, and no one can pick a thorn.
Thunder in the palm of your hand set off the last climax of the conference.
Customers left happily with small gifts and meal coupons.
A female classmate in the crowd pulled the person next to her, but she couldn’t move.
She doesn’t understand, "Let’s hurry back to school when all the beauties in the sea are gone."
Wu Haili complex eyes looked at taizheng talking to the editor Xu Taotao stood still.
Female students looked at the small gifts and vouchers in their eyes and corrected their faces. "You don’t want to get into trouble with President Xu, do you? The somebody else is really innocent I made a mistake, you don’t send to bring disgrace to oneself. "
"Who said bring disgrace to oneself!"
Wu Haili’s face was red and blue, and her eyes were full of anger.
Specially set up a female classmate. "Then what do you want to do?"
There are many Chinese college students on the scene today. She and Wu Haili can’t be seen by others. The palms of female students are sweating.
Wu Haili’ s anger saw Xu Taotao’ s eyes shining in Taiwan and closed his eyes and turned his head
She held out her hand to the girl students with a stiff attitude. "Why do you keep my small gifts and vouchers?"
Especially set of female students blush with shame and give Wu Haili a little explanation with a small paper bag in the other hand.
"I, I’ll pay you back."
After all, it’s so fierce to make trouble with President Xu. Just now, when the workers gave small gifts, they were also disdainful. Who knew she would want it again?
In addition, the female students got a small gift for nothing today. I heard that it contained a French fries, several bags of real packaging, good luck and a golden fried chicken claw.
Chapter six hundred and sixty-one Scale expansion
What else can I catch? Of course, it’s Tom Meisheng, the behind-the-scenes person.
Xu Taotao is not a good person. Do you really think she has a good temper and has to endure the provocation of Tom Meisheng again and again?
The Liu brothers at the police station said that Xu Taotao took action after she finally agreed to report Shang Meisheng. She didn’t do it. Don’t let the police station do business. It is reasonable to say that she was worried at first whether the Tang family would cover up anything, but obviously, despite her father’s vigorous efforts, it was quite successful, and this person entered the bureau smoothly.
In time for today’s good day, the man behind the clarification conference of the Great Wall Food was arrested.
Xu Taotao deeply felt that he could eat one more bowl of rice according to his good mood today.
However, the fact is that on this day, she and Sue’s mother helped in the shop all day, and an endless stream of guests drove everyone crazy.
Don’t say to eat another bowl of rice. Xu Taotao didn’t get a grain of rice at all.
She casually pulled a few ham sausages and took a bite like an errand, and quickly plunged into a new round of busyness.
As soon as the novelty scoring mechanism came out, many guests loved to score’ Lu Xiang Xiang’
Some people think that a general five-point rating evaluation does not represent his mood. He thinks that every dish should be graded, and he can also write some comments.
Xu Taotao is embarrassed to say that the store hasn’t opened comments yet. If you are satisfied with your meal, please go directly to the newspaper and contribute to us.
You can blow as many rainbows as you want!
Pay and return are in direct proportion. At last, the turnover came out on the same day, and I was so tired that my back ached. Everyone was surprised and happy.
"This, so much?" Shang Jun’s waist is full of consternation.
He, a technician, also served as a day clerk today.
Zhao Zhen put an abacus on his eyes and announced, "The gross profit is 3,772 yuan and 63 cents. If it is not a large part of people, the turnover of deduction coupons can be higher."
Xu Taotao ordered a bar and asked, "What about the second floor?"
On the second floor, there is the Great Wall Food Store. Compared with the halogen frying shop on the first floor, the business is not so hot and exaggerated, but today it is also crowded, and it has not stopped since the shipment began.

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