Yue Xuan Yi pressed him like a double-edged sword and stabbed him in the heart of Xingtianmo …


"So you never believe that I love you …"
Xingtianmo smiled at Yue Xuan Yi with a self-deprecating smile. Has she always acted as a clown and acted alone?
It turns out that she has never been trusted!
It’s clear now, isn’t it?
Yue Xuanyi!
She loves boys!
Don’t trust her …
"And I didn’t think you were so vicious … I don’t know what you will kill them, but I don’t know what you want to ruin moe? ! She is a kook! What did she do to you? ! Do you know that you are ruining her life! !”
Xingtianmo took a few deep breaths to suppress the pain, forcing him to calmly ask a row of people in front of him.
"I’ll ask you one last time, do you believe me?"
No one answered yes and kept silent.
"Ha ha ha ha … koo people …"
Xingtianmo really wants to laugh crazily at the moment!
Laugh! Everyone here has shit on their eyes! Laugh at all the stupidity here! Laughing at everyone here is ridiculous!
Don’t believe, doubt, resentment, eyes hanging over the sky like a huge net at the moment, and the foam is slowly tightening, making her breathless …
She finally knew …
She finally realized the pain of not being believed!
"Poof …" Xingtianmo finally couldn’t stand spitting scarlet blood any more.
The white floor of the hospital stung the eyes of the stars, but the pain was extremely urgent. Her heart was as painful as heartbreaking!
Xingtianmo’s mind was dizzy, but she couldn’t hold back.
Because she is a star!
She is the proudest and never bows her head!
Star day foam suddenly rushed in front of the people around and staggered out of the ward.
As she along the road to blood in the house, the heart is dull pain.
What’s this?
Mo Er, why is this happening? !
Rushing out of the ward, Xingtianmo had a splitting headache and the pain in her heart made her suffocate.
I don’t know how many times I hit someone on the rampage, but she was finally stopped.
"Mo Er, what’s wrong with you?"
Oriental bud slightly neutral ring …
It’s a pity that Xingtianmo didn’t even look up and suddenly pushed and ran away.
"Elder brother …" Oriental bud looked at his hands stained with blood to help call aside Oriental chu.

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