"I don’t know the truth, even if I make a mistake, I can’t blame it."


"Good answer!" Seven Nights said, "In that case, I would like to ask Shayin, the adult of the Tibetan regiment, that he didn’t know in advance that their shadow had been killed or that he ordered orochimaru to pretend to be the wind shadow. Is this a crime of ignorance?"
After a seven-night meal, I didn’t give Tuanzang a chance to continue. "I know that you Genren and the Presbyterian Regiment sacrificed a lot of elites in this war, which proves that Shayin is not a stand and a place. If we don’t accept their surrender and start a war rashly, do you dare to ensure that Konoha won’t be sacrificed again? So I think it’s best for them to surrender voluntarily, but the so-called mistakes can improve a lot! What we should do is to accept them with a broad mind. Only in this way can we declare to the forbearing world that Muye Ninja Village is a village that has inherited the will of fire. "
"Not bad!" Jiraiya interjected, "I am in favor of the decision of the Five Generations, so that not only can the world be established, but also the villages that have experienced the war can rest and recharge their batteries."
Gang Shou also said, "It is necessary to accept Shayin’s surrender, otherwise there is no need to discuss the third reconstruction of Konoha. If a war is waged against Shayin, what will be used to rebuild Konoha?"
After such a debate between Gang Shou and Jiraiya, he realized that Seven Nights had to postpone the meeting until today. It turned out that Seven Nights was waiting for these two powerful helpers.
After some discussion, this second article has also been confirmed, and the result is naturally to accept the sand hidden.
"The last motion is to rebuild konoha!" Seven nights continued, "I pushed this theme to the end because it can be said that the soul part of today’s meeting is the most important part of the whole meeting." After a seven-night meal, I continued, "The facilities damaged in the war have been basically repaired, but the combat readiness of Konoha has not recovered with it. It is for this reason that I strongly oppose launching a war against Shayin. At present, our first priority is to prepare for war in Takamura after the baptism of war. We must know that in this turbulent world, everything can trigger a war. We can only take a long-term view and see the world trends before we can stand as the mainstay.
"well! Lord Huo Ying has a point! " The Lord and the faction elders Menyan and the capital of Koharu agreed with the seven-night rhetoric, and two or three old-fashioned people in the regiment saw and supported the seven-night crowd. They were all child prodigies, and now they are bound to be targeted.
Then seven nights later, he added, "Since our future strategic principles have been established, let’s study the specific implementation plan."
Three generations of Huo Ying, now the ape-flying elder said, "Look, Lord Huo Ying, you are full of confidence. You should have a plan. You might as well say it for our reference."
After listening to what the three generations said for seven nights, I couldn’t help saying, "The three generations of old men are really worms in my stomach. I move my eyebrows and he will know what I’m thinking." Then the seven nights added, "First of all, I’ll sum up the experience of preparing for war with one konoha. We usually have three people in a small team, which is more standardized than other hidden villages, but according to my observation, there are still some shortcomings. If we are equipped with a medical ninja with strong mobility in this three-person team, I believe the whole team’s survival rate will be greatly improved."
"But …" An elder worried, "It’s quite difficult to train an excellent medical ninja. It requires not only subtle induction and control of chakra, but also learning a self-protection thing, which can play a role in the whole team."
"Yes, that’s right!" Seven nights said, "That’s why I asked Gang Shou to come back. It shouldn’t be difficult to train such medical ninjas with her." Then seven nights said to Gang Shou on the left, "Then I’ll entrust you with Gang Shou’s adult."
"It’s Lord Huo Ying!" On formal occasions, Gang Shou naturally put away her sex.
Seven nights after Gang Shou took this order, he added, "Nine Konoha newcomers have successfully passed the second test when they entered the qualifiers. This shows that all Konoha newcomers are able to make materials this year and their talents are obvious to all in the qualifiers. I suggest that a key training plan for Konoha newcomers be implemented this year and handed over to Jiraiya’s adult when this plan is implemented."
"No problem!" Although Jiraiya plays around at ordinary times, in this meeting that can be said to determine Konoha’s future, he naturally put away that kind of wildness like Gang Shou.
After two hours of long discussion, the meeting finally came to a successful conclusion. I was very satisfied with the results of the meeting for seven nights, and all of them followed his established guidelines.
After the meeting, Gang Shou went to Jiraiya for a drink to catch up with the past, while the three generations of Huo Ying stayed alone. It seems that there is something to discuss with seven nights.
After a cup of fragrant tea, the screen retired for about seven nights before saying, "Come on, what did the old man want with me?"
Three generations gently took a sip of tea and said, "You’re getting more and more enterprising after seven nights. Your political ability is stronger than your father’s. Tell me honestly how you are going to swallow the remaining strength of the Presbyterian Group and the Root People."
Seven nights, hey hey, a smile. "You can see that your old age is not as bad as usual. Well, I will tell you the truth. I once knew an allusion called’ a glass of wine to release soldiers’. I’m going to treat the elders to a feast."
Three generations were stunned at first, and then realized that "Miao is really wonderful, and you are not old."
"I don’t want the backyard to catch fire when I’m on the front line." After a seven-night meal, I solemnly tunnel, "Grandpa, in fact, I’m not a greedy man, and I don’t want to unify the world. I just want to protect my home like your previous generation of Huo Ying, so your boss doesn’t have to worry about me going the wrong way."
Three generations said, "Of course I believe this, or I wouldn’t have chosen you to inherit the position of Huo Ying in the first place, but you should not go too far in everything. The so-called extremes meet, and you have to jump over the wall."
"Remember your teachings for seven nights!"
Chapter 2 Konoha Change 3
The next day, the intensive care unit of Muye Hospital
Except for seven nights and Gang Shou, Konoha novice Xiaoqiang and a group of instructors are almost all here. It is even more rare to see that Hyuga Hiashi, who has always been indifferent to the young field, has also come. In fact, which parents are unwilling to care about their children, Hyuga Hiashi, who is strict with the law on the surface, is still very concerned about the young field.
Gang Shou explored a young field before frowned. "What’s going on? The signs of life are so weak. "
Seven nights said, "This is a serious injury caused by soft boxing. At that time, the medical ninjas were at a loss so that I could seal her life and the injured. I want to keep her life temporarily. If I find you, I will be able to cure her."
Sarutobi Kurenai, the tutor of Ueda, also asked anxiously, "Can Ueda be cured, Lord Gang Shou?"
Gang Shou said, "The situation is not too bad. Fortunately, the five generations of orders sealed the injured part of her body in one place, which temporarily saved her life, but it also caused a drawback. Because life and the injured part were sealed in one place at the same time, other organs lost their vitality and moistened the cells. If I guess correctly, the patient can persist in this state for more than one year."
Gang Shou deserves a medical master, saying that she guessed it was true, but it was only after seven nights in Nai that she came up with this plan.
When you don’t answer for seven nights, quickly print "Nature Guardian Solution!" Instantly, the red seal stripes on Ueda’s forehead slowly dispersed, and the original pale face of Ueda suddenly returned to life, but the original serene face was replaced by painful color.
Gang Shou didn’t even answer. It would be much better if chakra put his hands on his chest and pressed his face to detain him. Then Gang Shou added, "This alone can relieve her physical pain and can’t regenerate dead cells in his body." Gang Shou added, "You all go out first. I have something to discuss with Hokage."
Hyuga Hiashi took a deep look at the seven nights and said, "Don’t worry about it every day. With Gang Shou’s adult in the young field, it will be fine. It is my duty to protect my family as the head of this village. My five generations of Huo Ying can assure you."
"It’s five generations!" Hyuga Hiashi gratefully replied and went out immediately.
At this time, Gang Shou said, "I won’t hide it from you for seven nights. Maybe it’s a good thing that you sealed her wound and saved her life, but it’s a good thing to be worried about losing her organs and cells. If you want to regenerate cells, you can do my surgery. I told them to go out just because I didn’t want them to see me after that operation."
"Mother Gang Shou is not as good as you and me. Let me do it!"
"no!" Gang Shou said, "I am the creator of this technique, and I know the harm of this technique best. You are the fifth generation of Huoying in the village. How can I let you take risks?"
Seven nights know that his mother’s temper in Gang Shou is the first stubbornness of Konoha, and ask her to recognize that things are changed by law. Seven nights don’t insist on serious tunnel "No matter what will happen to Gang Shou’s mother after this operation, you are the most beautiful woman in the world."
"Of course," Gang Shou said, and Gang Shou quickly printed "Yin Seal Solution!" After Gang Shou untied the Yin seal, he immediately put his hands on the chest of the young field and shouted "Endure the law, create and regenerate!"
This creation and regeneration is equivalent to replacing the organs and organs of the young field with new ones. It is really a big deal to fall into a state of consciousness. The young field feels that the rain from heaven seems to have been reborn.
"She has no problem!"
Looking at Gang Shou getting old, it hurts for seven nights. "Gang Shou, mom, let me take you to rest!"
Gang Shou said, "No, I’d better go by myself. You have to stay and deal with outsiders."
Gang Shou jumped out of the window and called outsiders in seven nights later.
Seven nights added, "The young field is no problem. It is estimated that I will wake up in a moment. Gang Shou’s adult has gone to rest because of chakra’s excesses. Today, people don’t bother her." In fact, Gang Shou is more than chakra who makes the excesses so simple. That creation and regeneration is to repair the young field body by splitting its own cells, and the number of cell divisions in a person’s life is fixed, which is equivalent to Gang Shou giving his life to the young field.
At this time, Ah Kai rashly arranged for all the people to come to the front of Seven Nights, holding hands with Seven Nights excitedly and saying, "How can you let Gang Shou go, Lord Huo Ying? Please let her come back and treat my brother."
Seven nights in the cold, I broke free from Ah Kai. "Of course I didn’t forget Xiao Li, but Gang Shou’s adult has really reached the limit after that operation. Let Xiao Li wait. Anyway, I have been waiting for this for more than a month and I don’t care about this day or two."
Ah Kai just came back from the excitement and hurriedly made an apology by himself.
The next day, Gang Shou was ready to treat Xiao Li, but she seriously refused her request for seven nights. The original Gang Shou’s stubborn temper could not be controlled for seven nights, but she did not give Xiao Li the seal for seven nights. She forced Gang Shou to rest for three days and finally officially defeated him. Gang Shou’s mother once.