The dragon knights are divided into nine groups, two people in each group and two frost dragons are responsible for holding off the nine lava kings; The God Capture Corps and the Riding Corps are divided into ten teams to greet the ten lava kings.


Jiuchong has a small burn fit to protect the king from fire damage, so he is reckless and goes directly to the lava head to say hello.
"Tibetan law!" In the process of approaching the lava king, in order to make up for the physical disadvantage, the body of the "Tibetan Dharma Body" was greatly changed into a giant Buddha.
See nine heavy rushed to face nine heavy lava king swung his destruction rod didn’t offer magic, but directly round the destruction rod toward nine heavy head smashed up.
"By a mage also want to play rou? ! Looking for death! " Nine heavy unhurried around easily block the lava king destruction rod pledge bāng drink right hand with a "hidden handprint" directly to the lava king the whole H not u flew out.
Follow the nine steps and enter the state of "rapid speed". The huge body has crossed a string of exaggerated ghosting images, and it has been chased out in an instant. The lava king Haidilao vigorously smashed the giant lava king from the first fishing.
I followed the king of lava and came to the middle school. I took the king of lava as a sandbag and crushed it. In the middle school, I beat the lava Wang Zhan like a storm.
In the face of fast and destructive attacks, the lava king didn’t fight back. He was hit by nine heavy explosions for dozens of times. At first glance, the blood volume was almost the same. Another "handprint of the hidden treasure" was recorded. The lava king returned to the solitary lava sea again.
The players of the God Capture Corps have been waiting there without moving. It’s not that they don’t want to move. It’s really because their roots can’t keep up with the speed, so they don’t follow. When they see that the lava king has been brought back by H not u, they quickly exert their capture skills to pounce on the lava sea as if you were sleeping like lava Wang Zhan.
Although the lava king has a level of 12, but the blood volume is nine times, H 3U has a few left and he is unconscious on his deathbed. Therefore, the players of the God Capture Corps easily turned this lava king into a volcanic shell pet egg after five seconds without blowing off dust.
In less than 30 seconds before and after the end of the battle here, Jiuzhong has already finished its work here, and the other nine-route troops have just warmed up and started fighting.
Although the frost dragons are super-powerful, they are not as bad as those two fires. On the contrary, the fiery effect of the lava king doubles their damage, and of course, their freezing effect doubles that of the lava king.
It’s necessary to be careful when you fight with Xiang Ke.
Players of Feilong Knights adopt a slow and steady strategy: two frost dragons, one attracting fire from the front, and the other hitting the black gun at the back, eating away at the lava king’s blood.
In the period of the dragon knight lava king’s dogfight, the God Capture Corps also saw that the seam hā pinhole was out of position to capture the lava king.
If the combination is strong, the ten lava kings will be weak. If they are combined to cast super-large magic attacks, the effect will be absolutely amazing. Even if the super power of the dragon is worse, the level will be suppressed and the frost dragon will certainly be unable to stand it.
But now they are divided into two groups: the Frost Dragon and the Frost Dragon. There is no chance to release terrain magic, and some middle and low-end magic that can not be sung by Yin can withstand the Frost Dragon.
It is only a matter of time before the frost dragon attacked the lava king and was defeated. The joining of the God Capture Corps greatly accelerated this process.
Twenty minutes later, there were nine lava kings left, and they followed in the footsteps of the previous lava king, and their pet eggs fell into the hands of the players of the God Capture Corps.
Ten lava Wang Jun were wiped out!
When the last statue of lava king turned into a pet egg, the lava sea around him suddenly roared and rolled up, and the giant làng rushed to the crowd. At the same time, a towering figure slowly rose after rolling the raging sea.
Chapter three hundred and six Jiuyang ares
? "Bad magma tsunami!" See from all sides with heavy magma miraculously alive in just cannon fodder hell trip Wang Baobao hands holding his head, "don’t I protect the flower corps today is doomed to die? !”
"Not you, even we will be wiped out!" Wang Baobao side double lyu3 bu4 looking at what monstrous magma tsunami a face of dignified way 4 ∴ ⑧ 0 ⑧ 5.
Seeing how pale the manpower is in this natural disaster-like offensive, players feel a sense of strength and despair.
"… extreme field! !” Just then, the incarnation of the giant Buddha, like the Buddha, fell slowly on the top of everyone’s head from the middle of the half, displaying a light snow stunt "extreme field". A blue light curtain in his center rushed to all directions to include lonely players.
With the huge volume of Jiuzhong itself, the scope of the extreme field has doubled, and the radius of the solitary land is several kilometers. Not so. After covering the whole solitary land, the scope of the extreme field continued to expand until the magma tsunami collided with it.
Extreme fields are extremely cold and continuously release freezing effect. Magma sea is extremely hot and continuously release scorching effect. The collision quality of both sides is at the same level. The winning and losing key depends on which side has stronger endurance, that is, more endurance.
Nine times in the extreme field, there will be no failure in these ten minutes, unless the other side can forcibly destroy the whole extreme field. Obviously, this magma tsunami is not small in scale, but it has not reached this level ~ ~
And the magma tsunami is a B-not-giant làng. The goal of destruction is to stress one puff, then decline and exhaust the explosive force, but it is obvious that the stamina is insufficient and there is no strength.
Sure enough, the magma tsunami in the nine extreme areas collided with each other and oppressed the magma tsunami. With strong explosive force, it oppressed the extreme areas and pushed forward to the solitary areas layer by layer.
However, after pushing in for tens of seconds, the explosive force ran out of stamina, and it was invaded by extreme opponents in the magma tsunami exhibition, which turned the future retreating magma into a crater-like hell. The players were in the center of the crater.
I feel that the magma tsunami offensive has retreated, and the effect of "one gasification and three cleanings" of Taiqing operator has been started nine times. The real body is divided into three bodies, and the two avatars form horns with each other. At the same time, the boxing potential is pulled up at the same time. !”
3927 giant white tiger fist smashed forward in three directions, went out to blink and condensed around the crater J: and crashed together.
"boomed! !” There was a devastating noise, and the surrounding volcanic rocks should be shattered.
Gravel splashed like rain, and everyone’s sight resumed. They all looked at the magma sea and summarized the scene. The huge shadow still stood, and the heart suddenly became entangled again.
Shown in front of the players of hell’s crazy flowers is an immeasurable horror giant, whose size is simply the embodiment of indomitable spirit. The giant Buddha, the flying dragon knights, and the frost dragons are dwarfed by this horror giant, just like a group of little J ○ s facing an adult human being.
This giant terror engine is also composed of rolling magma, and the whole magma sea is integrated without feet. This giant terror engine holds a fiery fireball like the sun in each palm with its hands horizontally, and forms a circle behind it, and it is also suspended by nine flaming fireballs like the sun.
"… the bottom! !” Although I don’t know the details of this horrible giant, the players have already known it. This must be the bottom BOSS. If this is not the case, it will be unreasonable.
Nine heavy a "critical eye" throw it in the past to get the name of this terrible giant Jiuyang God of War!
Cancel the effect of one gasification and three clean-ups, restore your true identity, and keep your eyes fixed on the god of war of Jiuyang and say to the lonely players, "Be careful! This is the BOSS—— at the bottom of the second picture-Jiuyang God of War! !” Say the first turn into a stunning cut and rush to kill the god of war in Jiuyang.
Nine times and one order alone, all players act.
In the narrow road just now, players suffered heavy losses due to terrain factors. When they reached the bottom of Jiuxu, nearly 7 million troops were damaged, and half of them survived, and the remaining 4 million were hung back.
At present, among the three million combat troops, the cavalry regiment has the smallest loss, leaving 700 thousand people. The second map of the current national war has finally started, and the 700 thousand cavalry regiment has taken 700 thousand incompetent marines with it.
There are 1.6 million people left, and some players have flying pets, and all of them can be filled with soldiers, which has increased by 600 thousand
In the end, there are 2 million fighters who can be promoted, and the remaining 1 million fighters can be temporarily stationed in the lonely place, staring at the hope that Jiuyang God of War can get close to them or H 3U cold help.
Two million combat players rose to the sea of magma like Hao, and stood tall like a monument. Jiuyang God of War culled the past.
In front of Jiuzhong, Jiuyang Ares has pulled the war.
Without probing into the detailed information of Jiuyang Ares, Jiuzhong doesn’t know what weaknesses Jiuyang Ares has, so he can attack the head of Jiuyang Ares through the most intuitive judgment.
It took ten minutes to snatch the extreme field in front of the head of Jiuyang Ares. Just now, it took a few minutes to intercept the magma tsunami, but the skill effect was still not over. The head of Jiuyang Ares was instantly enveloped by the extreme field.
Affected by extreme domain skills, Jiuyang God of War is composed of magma. When the skull is formed, the eye can see the speed of cooling and condensation, and then it turns into a huge volcanic rock head in the blink of an eye.
Nine times saw that it was now or never, and suddenly hit the most massive killing skill, "Dragon luàn Dance! !”
"ouch! !” The dragon YIN raised a group of dragons, and at first it galloped and danced like a broken bamboo. The nine-sun god of war condensed into a stone statue, and his head was immediately smashed into slag and scattered.
Then just came to see the sun god of war head is one leng "… dead? !”
“……! !” Nine eyebrows is a wrinkly.
Chapter three hundred and seven Thoroughly
? Seeing that the magma of Jiuyang God of War surged toward the head, the head was just killed by Jiuzhong, and it was remolded at a speed visible to the eyes. In the blink of an eye, another brand-new big skull appeared. "Please be familiar with the domain name."
"Wow … really, it’s regenerative enough?" The players looked at each other. "Isn’t this a fucking fate? !”
“……!” Looking at the Jiuyang God of War, the magma poured back like water, and a key was captured in his heart. When there was no words to fight for it, he did not go through the forward action to get the answer he wanted.
The head is restored. The God of War in Jiuyang seems to finally realize that Jiuchong is a malicious stubble. He ignores the hell that has been scattered around him. A pair of giant palms like canopy hold off two huge fireballs and snap at Jiuchong in front of him.
Seeing that two sun-like fireballs have been attacked and killed, the first nine are as if they were under the spell of immobility, and they are always recognized as being bombarded by themselves.
"Boom! ! !” An incredible explosion of the palm of the god of war in Jiuyang produced a brilliant light, just like the light released by the destruction of the planet. A horrible heat energy j and dang overflowed and everything around it would melt and collapse.
Seeing the destructive power of this level of destruction, the players are grinning. Although they have 120 points of confidence in Jiuzhong, they are still out of control. They are worried about Jiuzhong, but their spiritual pillar is Jiuzhong. They are a steelworker who will never fall. If Jiuzhong dies, their morale will even fall to the bottom and they will not fight again.
"Kaka …!" Suddenly, the palm of Jiuyang Ares exploded, and then there were visions, followed by clouds releasing heat energy, which was as bright as the sun, and the light of the hot mass suddenly dimmed, and suddenly lost its luster and became gray and black.
This hot mass, together with the ice in the palms of Jiuyang God of War, solidified into volcanic stone carvings.
"Tsing lung broken! Kang long regrets! !” Then I heard nine deep and powerful sounds from the palm of the stone ball of Jiuyang Ares, and then I heard two "rumbling" noises, one green gold and two dragon dragons breaking through the stone ball blockade, and even more, I wore the palm of Jiuyang Ares to break through the brake.
The palm of Jiuyang Ares turned into rubble all over the sky, and it rained down nine times, and the damage reappeared in everyone’s sight.

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