"Brother, don’t say you are my brother at this time!"


After reading it, Zhang Chengyuan cried and thought that these girls would really "fall into the well". None of them put in a good word and what nets were there in the early morning? I really don’t know when to cherish it!
Yu Jae Seok couldn’t help laughing after watching it. "It seems that it’s not a good thing to have too many younger sisters. Even if everyone says a ridicule or ridicule to you, it will make you unbearable." Because he is next to Zhang Chengyuan, Zhang Chengyuan didn’t avoid him when reading text messages, so he also saw the text messages sent by Xiao Crystal and others.
On the other side of Zhang Chengyuan, Victoria Song also saw it, but she didn’t dare to tease Zhang Chengyuan for covering her mouth with her hands and snickering there. She never thought that Zhang Chengyuan, who has always been majestic in front of her sisters, would be teased by her sisters one day.
Ten minutes later, because there were some seats in the back row, everyone sat down, and then Zhang Chengyuan and Yu Jae Seok sat together and chatted away-they no longer felt embarrassed after being watched for so long, so they also had leisure to talk and chat.
Yu Jae Seok asked, "Are you interested in coming to this program again after Chengyuan?"
Zhang Chengyuan said with a wry smile, "If I don’t have this punishment that makes me regret it, I may take part again." Before, he didn’t care much, but he regretted it after receiving the text message from his sisters, because he finally realized that his present situation would affect his dignity in the eyes of his sisters.
Yu Jae Seok thought for a moment, "This kind of punishment should not last long. After all, you can’t always repeat the same or similar, so there is no reason for you not to come again. Well, it’s a deal for Cheng Yuan, and you must appear in this program again."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "In Shige, I mean, maybe not."
Yu Jae Seok said, "Don’t worry, I know that you have always disliked participating in variety shows, so it won’t be too difficult for you. I won’t invite you to participate this year, but I will invite you again from 2006 and invite you once or twice a year. Is that all right?"
Zhang Chengyuan mused, "If that’s the case, I just don’t know if Brother Hu will invite me to his show when he knows that I have agreed to appear in your show again."
Yu Jae Seok is very irresponsible. "I don’t care about this. Anyway, you must not miss my program, otherwise I won’t attend your wedding with Miss Yuri."
Zhang Chengyuan shook his head and said, "You’re too ungrateful in Brother Shi. Well, forget it. I’ll also participate in the Tiger East Brother program several times."
Yu Jae Seok said, "You’re right to think so. It’s really a big wave if you’re so popular. Do you know what a pity we and our fans can’t often see you in variety shows? Although you are not interested in variety shows, you have to perform a few times occasionally so that you can live up to the expectations of the people? "
Zhang Chengyuan smiled and didn’t care about his jokes. He changed the subject and said, "What do you think of my performance this time in Brother Shi?"
Yu Jae Seok ha ha smiled. "You should know how you behaved. No, I’ll say it again."
Zhang Chengyuan shook his head and said, "I also know that I didn’t perform very well. My sense of variety is very poor. But in Shige, you know that I will never perform well in variety shows, but you still want to invite me to your show?"
Yu Jae Seok said, "I still say that your name and your face alone are enough to attract many viewers to watch your show carefully."
In addition, you are not really in the variety show. Sometimes your superb skills and extraordinary responsiveness are still very eye-catching. It is like this time in the rae link, you and Victoria Song climbed over the wall to avoid searching and ran with Victoria Song on your back, but the whole team of Zhong Guoyi could wait. The scene will definitely make the audience reluctant to change channels.
I believe that the ratings of this issue of "runningan" will definitely be a few percentage points higher than the previous one, which is much higher than that of the previous issue. "
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I hope so, too. If I can’t bring you some help, I will be embarrassed to appear in your show later, and you probably won’t invite me again."
Yu Jae Seok said, "I don’t think this will happen in ten years, and after ten years, I may have turned behind the scenes."
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-seven; visit
About a moment earlier, Zhang Chengyuan, Yu Jae Seok and others arrived in Jiangnan, and then told the camera about the depressing feeling of taking a bus. After that, this recording was official. Then Zhang Chengyuan invited everyone to have breakfast together. After all, it is rare to get together with Yu Jae Seok, and it is almost breakfast at this time. It is better to invite him to eat a meal than Seok-Jin Jee and Lee Kwang Soo.
After dinner, everyone left by car. Zhang Chengyuan first sent Song Zhuan to the building where her apartment was located, then turned back to her apartment. Then she changed her clothes without rest and immediately went out to meet his sisters to chat. This morning, things were forgotten by him, but his sisters didn’t let him go after learning that he was embarrassed this morning. They either laughed at him face to face when they met him, or sent text messages to tease him, which made him depressed for several days.
But it’s no wonder that they have known Zhang Chengyuan for so long and it’s the first time that they have seen Zhang Chengyuan’s "embarrassed" side. How can they not make fun of him? It’s natural to take the opportunity to vent your anger at this time when he bullied them. Zhang Chengyuan is also not good at losing his temper. Fortunately, he is also a cheeky person, and this little ridicule can only be resisted. In addition, he is not without means to fight back. Many sisters have been tortured by him these days.
Suddenly, it was more than a week. On the morning of the 5 th, Zhang Chengyuan came to Gimpo Airport in Seoul with a small crystal to see off the girls who were about to fly to shwase in Japan and have a good visit to a private jet for girls-Boeing bbj3.
Small crystal was used to liking novelty by Zhang Chengyuan since childhood. Ten days ago, when I heard that Zhang Chengyuan had prepared a private jet for girls and had arrived in South Korea, I cried for a visit. I was busy preparing for the S family concert, Seoul performance and some later trips the other day, but it was so flawed.
Now she has come when Zhang Chengyuan’s help has made room for rest. This morning, the girls will take this Boeing bbj3 plane to Tokyo for the first time. Naturally, she has to hurry to see it. In her opinion, this kind of thing needs Zhang Chengyuan’s company to be more interesting, so she ran to Zhang Chengyuan’s apartment early in the morning and pulled him out.
Zhang Chengyuan, who arrived at Gimpo Airport, held his name to the airport staff and said his purpose. Then he entered the airport flight area with a small crystal accompanied by several executives and hitchhiked to the apron where his bbj3 airport was parked. Immediately, he met nine girls, including their agents, assistants, makeup artists, bodyguards and other workers.
At this time, the girls were just preparing to board the plane. After seeing Zhang Chengyuan, they immediately turned around and respectfully greeted Zhang Chengyuan and others. At this time, they did not dare to be too accommodating. Zhang Chengyuan was not too affectionate, but smiled and nodded at them. Usually, he would touch their heads, pat their shoulders or say a few jokes.
After a few idle words, Zhang Chengyuan took the little crystal hand and the girls to board the plane, while the girls’ agents and others stayed at the apron and didn’t bother Zhang Chengyuan. Anyway, there is still some time before the plane takes off, so we need to hurry to board the plane.
A few airport staff who accompanied Zhang Chengyuan did not follow Zhang Chengyuan because there were pilots and professionals. If Zhang Chengyuan wants to know anything, he can ask these people what they need to accompany him.
When boarding a plane, there are five rows of seats that are arranged slightly more tightly. Four seats in each row can seat a total of 20 people. You can know at a glance that these seats are for the workers around the girls. However, these seats are luxurious and comfortable. The feeling of sitting on the surface is by no means worse than that of sitting in the business class seats of ordinary passenger planes. It is almost comparable to that of the first class, but there is no shortage of various seats to see, watch, listen to music, surf the Internet and so on. Therefore, it will not be unsatisfactory for brokers, assistants and others to think about them.
After that, there is a small door, which is a special cabin for girls. When you go in, you will find that the decoration and decoration here are much more luxurious than in the front, and it is also more spacious, and the decoration style is bright and warm. Girls like pink as the main color with beige, lavender and yellow, which is very suitable for their preferences. Girls feel great when they see it, and they can’t help but smile and be surprised.
On one side of this cabin next to the hatch, there are two sofas for four or five people, and a long and narrow tea table is placed in front of the left and right sofas, and there is a single person sofa chair at both ends of each tea table. It can be seen that this is the area where girls sit and chat over tea.
Next, ten people can eat together. There are ten fixed seats at the table. Although it is slightly compact, the slim figure of the girls is definitely more than enough. On the side of the table side by side, a small refrigerator and a small wine cabinet are installed to put some food and drinks that girls like.
Then there are two sets of office desks and chairs in the office and leisure area, each with the latest notebook computer or playing games. Of course, Xu Xian, who loves reading Laojiu, can also sit here and study his homework, do business and so on.
Then there is a small door, and there is a bathroom on each side behind the small door. It is convenient for girls to take a bath-this is not natural in passenger planes, but it is in luxury private jets, but it will definitely not be too comfortable to wash because of the narrowness, so it is necessary to take a bath in the plane if necessary.
There is a small bedroom behind the bathroom. There is almost nothing in the bedroom. If you squeeze it together, you should be able to lie down for four to five people. If the girls are too tired, you can lie down here in batches.
Here, except for the cockpit, dining room, toilet and other places in front of the plane, the girls were all very happy when they saw it, but Zhang Chengyuan was not satisfied. He thought the plane was too narrow, and some methods met the needs of the girls. Maybe he would change it for the girls after a higher-grade and larger public plane came out.
I wish I could simply buy a large long-distance passenger plane and refit it. Anyway, he can’t afford it. So it seems too aggressive. It will definitely attract more criticism to the girls. Now this Boeing bbj3 is enough for some people to accuse them of being too extravagant. Thinking of this, he temporarily put this plan aside.
Then a group of people turned around and returned to the front cabin. Zhang Chengyuan first picked Zhang single person sofa to sit at will, and then waved to the girls to sit together in the small crystal. When Zhang Chengyuan just sat down, she was habitually sitting in his arms. Anyway, now that some sisters are present, she also needs to avoid anything, and Zhang Chengyuan just knocked on her head.
Zhang Chengyuan asked, "How long will it take for the plane to take off?"
Kim TaeYeon looked at it for a moment and said, "It will take about fifty minutes?"
"So long? Since it’s still so long, why don’t you sleep a little longer and come later? But now we can talk for a while. "
Yu Li said, "It’s our first time on a private jet. We came to visit with some excitement. I didn’t expect ppa. You came to ppa. Are you here to see us off?"
Zhang Chengyuan shook his head. "I’m not in this mood. You know I’m most afraid of seeing someone off, whether I send someone else or someone else to send me. Anyway, I don’t feel good in my heart. If it weren’t for Crystal pulling me up and clamouring for me to accompany her to watch the plane, I’m afraid I’m still lying in the bed with my arm around you. Sister Yuri is sleeping in."
In front of the girls, he has always been ashamed and not used to talking, and the girls have become accustomed to it, so there is no reaction after listening to his words. Seohyun is the most shy and blushes slightly. Of course, this is also because he said that he was hugging sung yuri instead of others, otherwise they would be tempted to scold him for being immoral and a big cesium wolf in their hearts.
Zhang Chengyuan paused and added, "Are you satisfied after seeing this plane? If you feel that there are any shortcomings, just let me know. I’ll let you Zhixiu sister and the aircraft manufacturer make improvements. "
The girls looked at each other a few times, and then Choi Soo Young said, "ppa has this luxury private jet, which is several times more than flying in first class. We have nothing to be dissatisfied with. If it is not satisfactory, then we are too greedy."
Zhang Chengyuan shook his head. "I knew you would say that to me. What are you welcome for? Forget it. Now I won’t ask this question for the time being. When you have more feelings about this plane after a while, I will ask you or let each of you write a suggestion. "
Seeing the girls seems a little, otherwise he went on, "Don’t bother. You may be your third home after this plane. If you are not used to living or comfortable, you will suffer."
Small crystal suddenly said, "Brother, don’t you take this plane?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "My demand and style for airplanes are different from those of your sisters, and the decoration and other aspects of airplanes can’t be changed at will. Generally, I won’t take this plane, but I will buy my own special plane."
Small crystal said, "Does that mean that after this plane, my sisters specialize in airplanes?"
"So to speak"
"Did you also prepare a special plane for me?"