"It’s good to do this, but there is an obstacle. If you want to hold the emperor Liu Xietai, you must first kill him!" Jian Shuo said maliciously


Zhang let people a surprised "so into? He has thousands of troops in his hand! "
"Ha ha, I know that all the troops in this capital are in charge of Jian Shuo!" Jian Shuo said with a smile, it is indeed so. Although it is in charge of the mountain, the army in this capital is decided by Jian Shuo.
Zhang Rang thought for a moment and said, "It’s still not right. If you tell the army that you want to kill them, I don’t think any generals will promise because they are all in people." Zhang Rang thought deeply that he did listen to Jian Shuo before falling out, but it’s hard to say after all the hypocrisy was torn.
"Well, I think it’s too beautiful." Jian Shuo also thinks it’s a must.
Zhong Zhao then said, "Why don’t we fake a letter to the spirit emperor to let him enter the palace to discuss the establishment of Taitai and then kill him in this palace?"
Zhang Rang Jian Shuo’s eyes lit up and he said, "Good idea, let’s do it." Zhang Rang even said, "I’ll get an imperial edict now." This group of eunuchs have been in France for days, and even the imperial edict is written if they want to.
Soon after I entered my own home, I received a message, an imperial edict, that my sister sent me a message saying that the spirit emperor was dying and wanted to enter, so I quickly tried to establish the emperor Liu Bian Tai, and the imperial edict was naturally to let him enter the palace to discuss the establishment of Tai.
There is no doubt that he immediately ordered the maid to come in and dress herself for the entrance to the palace.
Looking in the bronze mirror, I am very satisfied with Huang Liu’s knowledge that he is young and has a big hand. Today, the queen can’t be himself! If there is an opportunity to enter, I don’t mind following the example of a former Han dynasty who took Wang Mang, a consort, into a generation of emperors.
After finishing the arrangement, I went straight to the palace in a sedan chair. Before I walked a few steps, I saw a man running towards me in a panic and found that it was Sima Panyin.
Jin laughed. "Is Pan Sima so flustered?" Into the corners of the mouth smile how also can’t resist.
Pan Yin said urgently, "I’m going to find the general. Let’s go. It’s not advisable to stay here long!"
“? Why don’t you want me to go into the palace to discuss the establishment of Taitai? " Into doubt asked.
"I just got a message from my close contact with Xiaohuangmen that the Lingdi is dead and the eunuch is going to kill the general!" Pan Yin pulled in and left.
"what! Eunuch, damn it! Look, I called the soldiers and horses to slaughter them all! " Into the great anger quickly ran to the house to call civil officials to discuss the eunuch.
Chapter two hundred and three Undercurrent surge
Hundreds of officials gathered in the hall of the government to wait for the arrival, but I don’t know if there is any important news to tell everyone.
This is entering my own house, and it seems that the last one is late. Nothing, just this posture, I have the ability, I can put on a fight.
Sitting in the high seat, watching Fang Baiguan waiting for his speech, there is a feeling that he has become an emperor. This feeling is really wonderful. The government has suddenly become a small court.
"Do you know what I’m doing here in such a hurry?" Jin Wen asked
"I don’t know, please tell the general."
Look at Pan Yin’s sad face and say, "I can’t say it, but let’s take Pan Sima as an example." Then I shed crocodile tears.
Pan Yin fell to his knees and cried sadly, "The eunuch’s frame-up has collapsed!"
"How is it possible!"
"What’s going on!"
Hundreds of officials asked one after another, and some people shouted sadly, "Hey!"
It’s not the time to be sad yet. The most important thing now is to help the emperor to identify the throne and then become the emperor!
"What the general said is justified, but the eunuchs just want to help the emperor to ascend the throne, but they want to continue to go to the spirit emperor with evil deeds. That’s the way it is. We will never allow such things to happen again," Sima Panyin echoed.
"Please also ask the general to kill this group of eunuchs!" Some officials drink a way.
I got up and shouted, "Who dares to go into the palace with me to ask for thieves!"
A general in Red Armor stepped forward and said with his fist, "May the general borrow 5,000 chosen men, and I will kill them all, clear the imperial court books, establish a new king and settle down!"
"good! I’ll give you 5,000 body guards to sweep the eunuch for the court at the beginning of your ambition! " Make a decision
An hour later, Yuan Shao led troops into the palace and escorted Jin Anjin, Yinqing, Xun You, Zheng Tai and other ministers. More than 30 members entered the palace one after another. First, they found their sister and took Huang Bian away.
The spiritual emperor had already been put into the coffin by those ministers, and he helped the emperor to argue that the emperor was a little emperor by the way.
Jian Shuo got the news that he was going to lead troops into the palace and hurriedly fled to find Zhang Rang and others to discuss matters.
Baiguan saw the new emperor Jin and quickly ordered Yuan Shao to catch and kill Jian Shuo. Who knows that Yuan Shao has sent a small yellow goalkeeper Jian Shuo’s head before he left?
At that time, Zhang Rang and other ten regular attendants were also in a panic to discuss and decided to send Jian Shuo’s head out for fear of entering Wei, but Jian Shuo didn’t know that Zhang Rang and others in the imperial garden were sent to Jin by Guo Sheng, the ten regular attendants, when they told their own plan, hoping to calm down a little anger.
And Zhang rang was also very eager to find Cui in front of the Cuidian, crying loudly, "Empress, save the old slave!"
The door of the temple opened and a belle accompanied by a maid-in-waiting walked out of "Zhang Rang? What can I do for you? "
"The prince’s uncle wants to kill the old slave, please ask the empress to save the old slave!" Zhang let his head cross with blood.
Cui couldn’t bear to "get up and speak clearly."
"The thing about Empress Xie is that Jian Shuo, an army captain, wants to murder my uncle, and I have already killed such traitors as Jian Shuo when I know it, but my uncle listened to Yuan Shao, a captain from Sili, and wanted to kill me together. May the Empress have mercy on the old slave!"
Cui saw that Zhang Rang was old and full of tears and blood, and sympathy flooded. "Don’t panic, I promise you will be safe. I will send someone to write a letter to my uncle."
"Old slave, thank you, Empress!" Zhang rang finally relieved himself that his life was finally saved.
Soon I received a letter from Cui Pai, not that we were born lowly, but for Zhang Rang and others, how could we have such splendor? Jian Shuo is dead, and they can’t make any trouble. Let them live with an open hand.
Jin felt justified and his sister sent someone to say that she had to give it to a hundred officials, saying, "If Jian Shuo wants to murder me, he must destroy his family, and the rest don’t have to be harmed arbitrarily."
Yuan Shao hurriedly said, "How can a general be soft-hearted? Cut the grass and get rid of the roots, or you will be poor in the future. "
As soon as I got to the top of Li, Yuan Shao came to contradict me. He was very upset and said with a low face, "I’ve made up my mind. Do you still want to disobey my orders?"
"The official dare not!" Yuan Shao was afraid to say more when he saw that he was democratic, so he suffered from an accident.
In this way, after a few months, Li’s territory has also developed more steadily, and Tianmen Town has also been promoted to a high-level town. The sword club has not come to Li’s trouble, and it may also feel that Li’s involvement is not easy to provoke. Now it is still developing, and no one wants to fight.
There is still an undercurrent in the palace, fearing that the situation of hegemony will come soon.
Liu bian called herself Emperor Cui, and the queen naturally became the queen mother, taking all the benefits into her own hands, allowing Jin to participate in the decision-making of state affairs and others to hold good positions.
The queen mother here holds the big Dong Taihou over there reluctantly. Once the Emperor Ling told her that she wanted to establish the emperor Liu Xie. It’s a pity that she died too suddenly and hasn’t been canonized to see Cui becoming more and more arrogant. Dong Taihou is very unhappy.
One day, when Zhang Rang waited on him, he said that he was unhappy. "At first, Cui wanted her, but now her son is the emperor’s official department. Their confidant is too powerful. What should I do?"
Zhang Rang’s eyes turned. "The Queen Mother can listen to the government and seal the emperor’s association, and the king can master the soldiers in the official position of the prince’s maternal uncle Dong, and then the important affairs can be achieved."
I’m afraid that the last sentence is Zhang Rang’s heart.
"good! Just do it! " What can a pampered woman in Dong Taihou have in mind? At this time, when she heard Zhang Rang’s opinion, she didn’t immediately agree, and Zhang Rang also went to steal the fun, fearing that her prosperity would not be far away.
The next day, the officials don’t know if they saw the little Emperor Liu Bian figure, but they also saw Gao Wei and sat in Dong Taihou and immediately asked, "Dong Taihou, is this? But do you want to listen to politics like Lv Zhi? " Full of threats
Lv Zhi once occupied Hanting. After Lv Zhi’s death, Jiuzu disappeared, which means a lot.
"Don’t worry about what the mourning family wants to do!" Dong Taihou replied coldly.
Chapter two hundred and four Two factions fight
Dong Taihou has already said this, and really dare not say anything more. After all, you can’t go too far when you look at the officials in the court. Empress Dowager Dong Taihou should have respect or should have it.
"The queen mother calmed down and said many words." She leaned down and went back to her original position.
"Ai Jia came here just to tell everyone that some national affairs are not handled well after all, so I will help him personally." Dong Taihou said with contempt for Fang Baiguan.
Into a cold hum, "You are young and have to be taught by the three public schools and abandoned by the Queen Mother!"
"Alas, my uncle was surprised by this remark. This is also a good thing for me. How can I refuse the kindness of my grandmother?" Liu bian immediately said and then looked respectfully at Dong Taihou and said, "Thank you. It is much easier for me to have my grandmother here."
Liu bian is not young, he is fourteen years old, and there is still some judgment. Of course, he knows that Dong Taihou’s move means interfering in the failure of state affairs, where will he think about helping himself?
However, Liu Bian still readily agreed, because he also wanted to benefit if Dong Taihou did not join him, and how to cultivate his own power from the cracks between the two. At last, there were not a few big men in the DPRK.