Whew! After a white light passed by, the toughened wall exploded, and a large fire burst out. There was a similar flash of white light in the fire.


"Hello, player. Congratulations. Your hair test has passed the naming before it can be produced …"
"ouch!" Mad Dog Dragon is excited. "Buddy, the field of arrow making has finally succeeded. Hahahaha."
He is still different from a real blacksmith. This equipment is still in the category of props, not weapons.
But what? What’s a good name to choose?
This is the first time my buddy has set foot in the bow and arrow equipment system, and he must have a very awesome name.
Yes, it’s called-"drunken silver arrow!"
If you have a gun, I don’t have an arrow, an arrow doesn’t have an arrow, an iron arrow doesn’t want a silver arrow, and Jianghu people call it a drunken silver arrow! Finally, the realm of harmony between man and nature-Arrow Man!
This name is apt in image and profound in meaning. Of course, the attribute is absolutely very fierce.
Drunk silver arrow
Attack power +12 attacks: 34. After hitting, the target will suffer an additional 137 points of technical damage with 1 point of real damage. The shock wave has a short stagnation effect on the target for 15 seconds.
Durability 1/1 maximum maintenance times limit;
The power of this arrow has surpassed that of his destroyer machine gun. Because it cooperates with recurve bow and his basic attributes, the damage will be achieved when an arrow is shot out.
12 points (arrow attack power) +493 points *34 points (strength multiplied by attack number) +137 points (scientific and technological damage) +1 point (shock wave real damage) =435 points of mixed damage.
This damage is much higher than that of ordinary archers. Even the great soul brother dare not shoot at him.
The attack number of drunken silver arrows is even higher than that of magic crystal arrows, thanks to the advanced facilities of the Oriental Dynasty Science and Technology Center, and what will cause technological damage?
The reason is that the arrow was cut out by the mad dog dragon, and two small holes were filled with the main thunder powder. Because the arrow branch is thick and the tail is designed with a concealed buckle, the variation Mercury energy is injected into the arrow branch. Once the energy is emitted, it will boost the arrow branch to fly much faster than the ordinary arrow branch.
With his current 39-point field of vision, the mad dog, the dragon and the drunken silver arrow fly 99 meters, and the shot is 435 points of damage.
Comrades, now I have a word to say to you, "Those who stand in my way die!"
He was still intoxicated in his own Jie when the door automatically made love crimes and came in leisurely with his hands behind his back. Mad Dog Dragon quickly returned to the reception room to make tea and pour water quickly.
Love sin sat on the sofa and smiled and waved. "Don’t be so polite. I just went back to headquarters to see your research and development results."
Mad dog dragon also sat down. "Thank you for your love. I’m making good progress."
"Of course it goes well!" Love sin smiled. "You are my favorite in the Eastern Dynasty. Recently, I heard that you sold a batch of props to people who are as cold as ice. They used your hair in the western region to hold down the flower-lovers. This is a good thing!"
As cold as ice Mad Dog Dragon remembers that there seems to be a person with this name among the five-star members of the Eastern Dynasty, who seems to be a 7-level ranger swordsman. Is it true that the so-called boss of Da Long Steamed Dumplings and Qian Qian is this person?
Love crime looked at him and seemed to know what he was thinking. He couldn’t help laughing. "Xiao Leng, they are Han Laoda’s office."
"Oh!" Mad dog dragon nodded thoughtfully. "Brother Ai must have something for me this time, right?"
Love smiled. "It’s not a big deal, it’s not a small thing. You know that our Oriental Wang Chaosheng is based on Xiao Leng recently. They got one near the boundary line of obsidian in the western region, which is to excavate obsidian. Unfortunately, it was eventually taken away by flowers and completed at the same time."
Mad Dog Dragon has also learned from the players’ forum these days that many flower guilds have risen very quickly recently, not only replacing Caesar’s palace status, but also vaguely catching up with the Eastern Dynasty. It is also confident to dare to rob the Eastern Dynasty vice.
Love crime continued, "In fact, it can’t be said that it is a valid reason to rob our two guilds, but after all, Xiao Leng’s efforts have not been rewarded, and we are not willing to give up. I want you to retrieve the goods this time, and Lao Li will cooperate with you this time. I know it is a bit difficult to retrieve them, but even if you can’t get them back, you can’t return home without your hand. You have to make these people pay the corresponding price."
This is very flexible, and the difficulty is definitely not small. The mad dog dragon wondered how such an important event could have thought of letting me go.
Fortunately, the crime of love has been explained. "Since the establishment of the Science and Technology Center, I have hardly participated in any action. Boss Han has complained a little bit about this, and there are many people. But I have repeatedly insisted that our science and technology center is an elite. Generally, small things can’t disturb us, but this time it will make us more United. I have decided to let you fly far away. I will not return to you for a short time. Don’t let me down this time. At the same time, let everyone see how powerful our science and technology center is. It is beyond the imagination of ordinary people."
The mad dog dragon heaved a sigh of relief. It seems that the buddy is going to solve the problems of the guild this time. To be continued.
Chapter one hundred and nineteen Lobbying jinqiao town
Obsidian is located in the west of the exile, which can be said to be the hottest area in the mainland, and jinqiao town is the hottest one.
Because there are many players looking for obsidian forging runes, the base of obsidian area is also a powerful guild to control the situation, so the border area has become a flower that individual players chase. As early as two years ago, they set their sights on jinqiao town and gradually controlled it after a long period of infiltration.
Jinqiao town was originally a camp, and slowly came to find Obsidian. As more players got up, people began to do business. After all, there are supply points in the wild, which every player is happy to see.
At first, the merchants and players were not flower-lovers. With the runes coming year by year, more and more people came here to find treasure, which gradually formed a deformed and prosperous jinqiao town.
To sum up, the prosperity in the wild is not three points: eat, drink and women!
Although there are three streets in jinqiao town, you can eat special snacks in Teisburg and drink special pine wine in Port Crista, but these industrial bases are controlled by flowers and flowers.
The footprint of this Caesar Palace is very similar, but due to the silence of Caesar Palace in the past two months, the flowers have expanded wildly in the exile.
It used to be fair to those players in the wild, but now it is openly treated differently.
For example, the noodles sold in front of a small stall here are all 2 gold coins. A bowl tastes good and the price is appropriate, but now only players with flowers can enjoy this price, and other players have to pay 4 to 4 times more.
Big guilds naturally have big guilds. How dare you be so arrogant? The price tag is also based on the recent surge in guild prices. Other players can swallow it and dare to speak out.
At the moment, it is already in the evening. Jianhui has visited all the shops and stalls and walked towards the Four Seasons Spring Restaurant.
He hasn’t changed this habit for two years.
Why would you choose to visit these industries in the afternoon? The reason is very simple. Usually, in the evening, you can see the turnover of this day at the store bases such as pharmacies, material stores, grocery stores and blacksmiths, and you can also count what goods players like to buy recently.
Jinqiao town’s growing prosperity is inseparable from his habit.
A man treats his career and wealth just like a woman cherishes her appearance.
Jian Hui, a member of Hua Fei Hua, keeps a good relationship with Hua Fei Hua. Two years ago, he led a bunch of his brothers to send Hua Fei here, which took a lot of human support.
In return, 20% of the industrial income here belongs to the top management, but the rest belongs to him. In addition, once Obsidian is found and transported back to the guild headquarters, he will also account for 30%.
The most important place in jinqiao town is here. From the map, it is the most central position of the nearby obsidian sub-refresh point, and at the same time, it is very difficult for players to pick stones when they arrive here. If they want to survive for three days without supplies, it usually takes a week to complete it in this area.
It doesn’t take a week unless your team comes from a big guild, which is exactly what the Eastern Dynasty did.
In a week, at the refresh point of Obsidian 99, the Oriental Dynasty team unfortunately encountered a flower-cutting team. Of course, the background of the two gangs is extremely deep and they can’t just fight.
There are good reasons for the Eastern Dynasty, and this point was first discovered by us.
But it’s not for the sake of flowers, so we have to live in this area. It’s not up to you to decide.
At first, the two gangs were still at peace, but when a large number of obsidian flowers were unearthed from the Eastern Dynasty, they quit and fought.
The two sides are evenly matched, and for a while they will not be able to distinguish high disputes, thus falling into a long-term war of attrition.
The Eastern Dynasty is not an opponent when it is consumed. After all, it can’t stand a few ups and downs to come here for supplies after a long journey, while the flowers and flowers are consumed by the nearby jinqiao town supply point.
In the end, the Eastern Dynasty team gave up the refresh point and withdrew to Teisburg.
In this incident, Jianhui jinqiao town’s forces were not the main characters, but played a reserve force in charge of transportation management. It should be said that it did not attract much hatred.
But this time, the number of people who died in the Eastern Dynasty is subtle. Do you think it is too much? This is really not too much to say that it angered the high-level officials of the Eastern Dynasty, but for the few people, the number of the Eastern Dynasties seems to be a bit large.
Eastern dynasties have always kept a low profile, but that doesn’t mean people won’t fight back.
The van full of obsidian was temporarily sealed in jinqiao town, and the obsidian was taken back to the headquarters if the Eastern Dynasty did not move later.
The high-level caution is very right. There is a player at the gate of the resplendent Four Seasons Spring Restaurant at this time.
The man looks like a fisherman in rags.
Jianhui found something wrong at first sight. In jinqiao town, he is the boss, that is, carrying the dam. He knows that people come in and out here every day, and he knows everything about sesame seeds every day.
This fisherman is definitely Zhang Sheng’s face, and what kind of "fisherman" can confidently block at the gate of the magnificent restaurant?

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