Then, every time his body swells and shrinks, his concise physical strength is rising crazily for four times. At the end of the swelling and shrinking, a mighty force comes out and spreads around like water ripples. These are all things born in a blink of an eye. Although people think faster than light, their bodies are faster, but their thoughts are white, and their bodies have not yet been mobilized.


Here, the ratio is that phase liu’s capability is higher than that of Song Chang-geng, and his reaction is faster than that of Song Chang-geng. Before Song Chang-geng can react, the impact has already rolled in front of him. Song Chang-geng’s right hand flashed like a pinch and threw up a few syllables, and a golden shield stopped in front of him, but it was just missed.
At the same time, the raging shock wave raged and impacted. After four consecutive powerful shocks, phase liu broke the sword array. Song Chang-geng was also hit and rolled in the middle, and his face turned pale. After phase liu stabilized his skill, he now hurt himself and was not light. He urgently said to the distant ethereal fairy road, "Look, you should be the master. Let your younger brother stop. Say how can you leave?"
The ethereal fairy paused. "I can’t say that all the grievances are between you and my younger brother. I naturally want him to be responsible for protecting other things as a brother. It’s not that I should take part in it. What conditions do you have before you are willing to leave this thing? It’s not that I can manage you to find someone else."
Phase liu a listen to can’t help but scold the old bastard this time push the 625 playing dumb with me, it’s a guy who should be killed, but his strength is not as good as that of others. He can’t help but frown when he stops turning his head and sees that Song Chang-geng has stabilized his body in the distance and is converging with the four swords and Huang Yun.
Wanted to think, he looked at the ethereal fairy eyes coldly tunnel "if it weren’t for my strength fell too much, it would be the turn of this little thing to attack me here. The people killed me so many people and destroyed my foundation. It should be normal for me to kill them. You should be mortal? Or is there another reason? "
The ethereal fairy had to smile for a long time before phase liu said slowly when he was impatient, "Of course, there is a reason. We got involved in this matter because my younger brother was the one who killed you. Because my younger brother doesn’t like what you do, it is naturally a good excuse, so I advise you not to make any plans in this regard."
Seeing him like that, phase liu was so angry that he didn’t fight. At this time, Song Changgeng had already condensed the four swords together in such a few words, and then flew back. He couldn’t help wondering why he had to play a game when he saw phase liu staying in the middle. Nai’s strength is higher than his own, and he can’t help but feel a little worried.
Just fly near ready to begin to listen to phase liu coldly tunnel to him, "in the past, everything was a misunderstanding. I have just done it with you once. We are even. I killed your hand. You took my million units. You took advantage of it. This should be two, right? Please go home if you have nothing to do. I promise you that I will never step out of this island in this world? "
It’s about asking and discussing, but his arrogant tone and expression upset Song Changgeng. In fact, Song Changgeng knows that he can’t stand each other until the ethereal fairy makes a move, but he doesn’t want to give up. Since he’s here today, it’s natural to take this opportunity to put an end to those shameful things that future generations will have to live in.
Of course, if there is no enemy, there may be one enemy and another. If future generations fail to live up to expectations and are bullied, they deserve it. They will be bullied by others in the future. It can be said that rotten mud can’t help the wall. Thinking of this, he thinks that this inexplicable battle should be ended according to the other party’s words.
I was about to hear phase liu say, "And give me back the magic weapon you just took away!" Song Chang-geng was not happy when he heard it. When he just put it together, he saw that it was a red branch glittering and translucent as jade. At first glance, it was unusual. Now he wants to return it. Of course, he can’t. He pretended not to hear it and turned and ran away.
Phase liu saw that he didn’t pay attention to himself and knew that he wouldn’t return it. He stared at his back bitterly and didn’t say anything. He turned away. He ignored Song Chang-geng’s encirclement of those countries and Tianjin, and Song Chang-geng flew to the ethereal fairy. Suddenly, the ethereal fairy asked, "It is reasonable that a character like phase liu should not be in the mouth after the magic weapon was collected. What magic weapon would make him like this?"
Song Chang Gung smiled and took out the branch and handed it to him. "I don’t know it either, but it feels like a baby. My senior brother saw it just now and thought it would be good to fight with me for a long time."
The ethereal fairy took it and looked at it over and over for a while. The more he looked at the frown, the deeper he looked up and said to Song Changgeng, "I haven’t made a move just now. First, everyone is from the demon family. Second, I will give you an experience. But now it seems that I still have to make a move. If he really has this thing, we must take it away."
Chapter six hundred and thirty-three Four spiritual roots
"What is it?" Song Chang Gung looked at the branches in his hand and then at the ethereal fairy queen. She asked doubtfully, but the ethereal fairy didn’t answer him. Instead, she looked across the street and didn’t answer Song Chang Gung. She was impatient, but he didn’t say hello again. She looked around gloomily and saw that Guojin God had been swallowed up and almost disappeared. She quickly cast spells to gather them together.
After they swallowed the last national god Jin, he pinched the tactic and returned all the four banners and thirty-six skulls. After the four banners and skulls entered the left chest of the body, he couldn’t help but smile. It turned out that the four banners were a low-level magic weapon for growth, and the’ bones and bones are wonderful’ must be absorbed to be refined into instruments and gradually grow up.
The newly refined’ Bai du Huang Zan’ is to absorb all kinds of poisons and grow up’ Xuan Yin Lian Soul Zan’ is a specialized Xuan Yin force to condense the soul growth, mainly because of various spells to attack the Lord, while’ blood charm Yin Bing Zan’ is that the soul’s flesh and blood and vitality should be condensed into’ blood charm Yin Bing’ because of the mixture of flesh and blood.
This time, they absorbed millions of ghosts and gods’ Xuan Yin Lian Soul Zan’ and’ Blood Charm Yin Bing Zan’, although they were not the main bodies, but they also absorbed hundreds and 200 thousand ghosts and gods’ Xuan Yin Lian Soul Zan’, which even absorbed our time in Yuan infant, and they all grew up a lot, but what made Song Changgeng most happy was the growth of 36 bones and ghosts.
After absorbing 500,000 or 600,000 ghosts and gods, their strength has returned to the Yuan infant period. If we absorb some more estimates, we can return to the full strength of the immortals. Unfortunately, we can’t beat phase liu and won’t let Song Chang-geng. I really want to rush to absorb the remaining seven million ghosts and gods now and see how far the two banners can grow, but now it’s just thinking about it.
When he finished observing his own affairs, he saw the ethereal fairy still frowning and thinking about something. Song Changgeng couldn’t help wondering what made him scratch his head as an old monster. When I was about to ask questions, I heard the ethereal fairy sigh and turned to the blissful real person who had never spoken. "Jingxu, you have been here for a long time, but do you know there are other names and sayings here?"
Blissful Reality’ Li Jingxiu shook his head after thinking about it.’ I have been here for a long time, but I don’t know many ancient things. I know even less. There seems to be a Fusang name here besides Dongwon, so I don’t know what’s wrong here, Master?’
The ethereal fairy looked at each other again, then raised the branches in his hands to Song Changgeng and Blissful Reality, and asked them, "You two have also cultivated successfully. Do you know what branches this is?"
Song Chang Gung and’ Blissful Reality’ Li Jingxiu both looked at the branch and then shook their heads. The ethereal fairy smiled and said, "I don’t know this. If it is the era of the universe, you must know that this is the’ four innate spiritual roots’, a woody fire spiritual root’ Fusangmu’ branch. No wonder you don’t know it."
Blissful Reality’ Li Jingxiu looked at Song Chang Gung and then at the branch and frowned and asked, "Master’s so-called innate spirit root brother still knows that it was born in chaos, but according to the innate spirit, there are many masters who say it is the four spiritual roots." Is there any difference in this? Is it the same as the difference between’ first Tianbao’ and’ innate Lingbao’? "
For these knowledge, Song Chang Gung is completely blind. I don’t know anything. I can listen to the two people saying that the ethereal fairy nodded approvingly. "Yes, I once told you that the so-called’ congenital’ in the whole world refers to those congenital creatures that appear one after another after the heavens and the earth are opened. Baby has a magic weapon and a spiritual root.
I’ve heard from my tutor that there is the law of the avenue in everything contained in chaos, and it condenses with the chaotic gas to form the same type of law, HarmonyOS Purple Gas, and HarmonyOS Purple Gas blends with each other to finally form fifty roads, and all roads in HarmonyOS Purple Gas are fifty and the sky is forty-nine. That is to say, there are forty-nine roads in the heaven and earth.
But if you can’t escape to a place where the heavens and the earth grow, once you get out of the avenue, the heavens and the earth will be destroyed, and everything will return to chaos. These’ HarmonyOS Purple Qi’ condensed into 50 paths, and 36′ HarmonyOS Purple Lotus’ were born together. Among them, two complete’ HarmonyOS Purple Qi’ gave birth to the great god Pangu’s five axes of’ HarmonyOS Purple Qi’.
Then all the others are scattered except one, and all of them are scattered into a wisp, which more or less contains a certain law, but none of them are complete. These scattered’ HarmonyOS Purple Gas’ is combined with the essence condensed in chaos’ Chaos Stone’, which breeds different magic weapons or spiritual roots respectively according to their own law characteristics, and Pangu Tianhou appears one after another.
Among these congenital things, a complete HarmonyOS purple gas baby is called "Xian Tianbao", and the rest are called "Congenital Lingbao" according to their own purple gas content and different functions. Three kinds of congenital spiritual roots, namely, top robbery, advanced congenital Lingbao and ordinary congenital Lingbao, also belong to congenital Lingbao.
Although innate spiritual roots have many different functions, four of them are the most famous ones which were collectively called "the four innate spiritual roots" in the flood era, and this hibiscus is one of them. The other three are woody water spiritual roots, gourd vines, woody soil spiritual roots, ginseng fruits, woody metal spiritual roots and bodhi trees.
Speaking of which, he seems to have remembered something. He just looked up and looked at the empty sky with one hand and twisted his beard behind it, lost in thought. Song Chang-gung listened to a wait for a while. He didn’t know these things. Even in the puzzle set up by the Taiqing sage, he also felt something about things before and after the day. Of course, he didn’t know.
Although the reality of bliss has lived for thousands of years, it knows things about people, and it is also a bit of a claw to know about the universe, but it is even more unknown to the ethereal fairy. After all, it is a thing of the past that both of them are wait for a while to see themselves. Obviously, they are not very clear about what they say to themselves. He can’t help but shake his head.
But if he thinks about it, he should make it clear. Otherwise, both of them don’t know what it’s boring to go to war, so he continued, "These four innate spiritual roots are all famous because they have a great deal to do with many great events in the wild, and they are called’ the four innate spiritual roots’ by everyone. The most famous one should be the wooden metal spiritual roots’ Pu Shu’
It was born by nature, accompanied by the same birth, and there was an innate creature, namely the later Amitabha, who came to follow the law of the wild. One of the two innate creatures was bound to refine and the other enslave it, but the innate creature, the Taoist, was merciful and unwilling to hurt the wooden metal spiritual root, Bodhisattva, which already had spiritual wisdom, and took shape by itself.
It was later that the famous "quasi-Taoist" or the Bodhisattva founder, he and Jieyin later achieved the sacred position and became great saints of heaven and earth. Because they were grateful for the compassion of Jieyin Taoist, they didn’t refine their own "quasi-Taoist" and always served Jieyin Taoist. They ran around in Buddhism and offended many great talents.
And another woody soil spiritual root’ ginseng fruit’ is also very famous. When it was born, it was protected by Houtianbao’ land’, but the earth’s fetal membrane can adjust the earth’s force.
Later, the woody soil spiritual root’ Ginseng Fruit Tree’ was truly spiritualized. Zhenyuan once went to’ Purple Night Palace’ when he preached at’ Hongjun Daozu’. He was also called’ Dixianzu’ as soon as he mastered the land, but his personality was peaceful and he didn’t like fighting. He just knew that he was a ginseng fruit tree.
If both the Bodhisattva Tree and the Ginseng Fruit Tree are lucky to be able to take shape and live freely in the heavens and the earth, it can be said that the experience of the woody water spiritual root’ Gourd vine’ and the woody fire spiritual root’ Fusangmu’ is tragic. The woody water spiritual root’ Gourd vine’ was born in Kunlun Mountain after heaven and earth, accompanied by an innate spiritual root’ Wind Fire Banana Tree’.
It’s a pity that he was born in a different place. Although the Kunlun Mountain was transformed by Pangu’s right hand, it is full of aura, and other places can’t compare with all the celestial beings born there. However, it is also a place where many wild and powerful people live or often go, where creatures, especially plants and plants, are often looted. This is the case with the gourd vine.
It gave birth to a red gourd after a long time behind the heavens and the earth, and it had already given birth to a yuan body in it. Unfortunately, the red gourd was picked by the first cloud of heaven and the earth before it could be attached to the true spirit. As a result, the’ gourd vine’ lost its transformation appendage and had to give birth to a new orange gourd. As soon as the yuan body was condensed, it was picked by the East Emperor Taiyi.
For the third time, Gourd Rattan had five gourds in her life, and as a result, Nu Wa’s three ancestors who cleared the way and the Taoist of Styx in the sea of blood came to the five great powers, so she divided Gourd Rattan and its associated innate spiritual root, the wind-fire banana tree, because Nu Wa arrived first and got the most yellow gourds, and later she refined them into the famous devil gourds.
Later, before the Lich’s last war, Di Jun gave her the charge of’ recruiting the demon complications’ as a three-piece sacristy to suppress the demon race. Even after everyone divided the gourd, the gourd vines were taken away by Nu Wa, and when they made people, they made the merits of making people into a three-piece sacristy to suppress the demon race. "
Speaking of this, he couldn’t help but stop and shake his head and sigh. It seems that he feels sorry for the tragedy of the gourd vine, and he is also glad that he can become a fairy from a bird, and now he can freely live in heaven and earth.
Chapter six hundred and thirty-four Views
Blissful Reality’ Li Jingxiu listened quietly to this thing, but he didn’t say anything, but Song Changgeng was different. He knew that one of the two innate treasures suppressed in Taiji beads was a green gourd. Was it a gourd vine knot? He tentatively asked, "Brother, did the master give me that green gourd …"
The ethereal fairy saw his one eye and smiled faintly. "But your green gourd was the gourd vine that made seven gourds. But when the master got it, it was different from the mature red gourd. At that time, it was just a congenital Lingbao embryo. It was unusually weak after being refined by the master and it took a long time to warm up."
However, I have heard from the master that this gourd is immature after all, and no matter how warm it is, it can’t reach the level of red gourd or orange gourd, because it hasn’t yet produced a meta-body, which is just a gourd magic weapon, but a mature red gourd or a semi-mature orange gourd, which is the real innate treasure, and it contains certain rules.
That’s the second-class magic weapon that can gather heaven and earth. It’s only in Tianbao. In fact, everything in heaven and earth has its own worst magic weapon. Whether people have different magic weapons has different functions is actually your green gourd. If it is refined properly, it’s not impossible even to become Tianbao, but that’s just thinking about the materials and time, you can’t prepare it. "
Song Chang Gung couldn’t help but frown. He didn’t expect the green gourd to be so weak. If it hadn’t been refined by the heavenly saints, it would be the most rubbish magic weapon. He hesitated and asked unwillingly, "Brother, you said that even if it is refined properly, it is not impossible. I don’t expect it to be a treasure first. Just tell me how to strengthen it."
The ethereal fairy shook her head and said, "Teacher younger brother, don’t be too ambitious. If you can strengthen it, the master would have done it already. Can you wait for you? Don’t look down on yourself. You should know that the magic weapon of garbage can become powerful after being refined by saints. In the hands of quasi-saints, for example, the "seven treasures wonderful tree" is actually a branch of the innate spiritual root "Bodhi tree"
There is also the most powerful’ sky-turning seal’ in Lingbao the day after tomorrow. The sky-turning seal is refined by half of the hills, and the hills are there in the world. It can’t be regarded as a magic weapon. The embryo was later taken away by the original Buddha and refined into this sky-turning seal. Therefore, compared with the sky-turning seal, the half of the hills is a magic weapon embryo!