Why don’t the rest of my brothers go to Ouyang Daoyou’s husband’s house for a few days and then let them return to Kuzhu Temple for disposal? Do you have any other plans? "


Ouyang Shuang said with a smile, "We don’t have any other arrangements here. If you want to go to my husband’s house for a few days, you are welcome, but you don’t want to abandon it."
Zheng Gu and others all said with a smile that they wouldn’t be led by Ouyang Shuang to fly the royal sword as soon as they cleaned up. There is a big basin in sight.
Although the surrounding mountains stand tall, the plain is oval in shape and the center is a small lake. Seeing the terrain here, Zheng Gu can’t help but frown.
Everyone is flying in China. Shuang Ying and Han Calyx Shen Ruolan ride with Zheng Gu in a bird purple bell. Seeing her frown, Zi Ling can’t help but ask curiously, "Sister frowns and points to Zheng Gu’s light way." Sister, you see that the terrain here is like a woman. It is yin and suitable for the evil method. I just heard that there are demon people haunting here recently. Is it not the terrain here? "
Purple bell turned red and wanted to say something, but she couldn’t say it embarrassedly. Although she was a monk, after all, she had feelings in her heart and couldn’t be like Zheng Gu. quiet inside couldn’t help but think and blink when she heard the word.
They fell down in a courtyard, and many mortals came out of it and stood respectfully beside them. A middle-aged man with elegant appearance and burly figure was on the front steps.
He is pale, but he looks at Ouyang Shuang, but his friendship is strong in front of everyone. Ouyang Shuang is a frank person who does things, but he looks as red as his little daughter when he sees this man.
Everyone was behind her, so I introduced this middle-aged man to you, that is, her husband Xiao Yi. It has been more than 50 years since his father’s generation moved here.
Zheng Gu looked at it carefully and smiled. "Ouyang Daoyou, I think your husband’s bone qualification is still medium strange. Why didn’t you include his brother?"
At her husband’s glance, Ouyang Shuang nai said, "It’s a lifelong doubt that my teacher once said that my husband is a man and my master refused to accept a man’s job."
Qin Ziling couldn’t help but wonder, "Since my sister and master don’t accept it, but you wu-tang clan occupied the Wudang Mountain Gate, didn’t you specially include and teach male brothers?"
OuYangShuang shake head wry smile way "I this is not no way? Although my husband is well qualified, he is too old and unwilling to abandon the people here.
A few people were talking when there was a noise at the door. Everyone couldn’t help but look at the door. Three teenagers were arguing with Shuangying, who was in charge of guarding the door.
The twenty-first volume Yuanjiang take treasure Chapter two hundred Contradictions intensified
As we talked, we walked into the room and were talking when we heard a noise coming from the door. Everyone couldn’t help but look at the door. Three teenagers were arguing with each other at the door.
Ouyang Shuang hurriedly walked over and pulled up three children to Shuangying and laughed. "These three are my children who don’t know what happened? What are you arguing about? "
Look at her Li Yingqiong pie pie way "your child? No wonder this is his home. We are just like slaves. Let’s make way for them, whether we know them or not! Ill-bred "
"How can school sister talk like that?" Qin Ziling hurriedly came over and stopped drinking. She turned to Ouyang Shuang and said, "Children are not sensible. We spoil them at ordinary times. Are you a child? Qualification is really good. "
Ouyang Shuang wryly said, "Taoist friends flatter me. These children have been blessed by the master and have lived here since I was a child. I have never seen the world, and I have never spoken or done anything in this mountain. Forgive me if Taoist friends have no discretion."
Then she said to the three children with a straight face, "Jane, Lian and Er, how did you three talk just now?" How do I usually teach you? So rude? "
Her husband Xiao Yi put his arm around the three children and explained with a smile, "Don’t take it for granted that people have been trembling for fear of making mistakes since they came to the monastery, so they are very strict with their children."
When people left, they were afraid that she wouldn’t be in trouble for children to learn magic, so they were all confined in the backyard for a long time. The children missed her and hurried over after hearing her come back.
Because I was anxious to see what my mother said, I rushed a few fairy goddesses. Don’t care if I compensate a few fairy goddesses here. Don’t blame them for asking a few adults to have a lot. "
That woman, two men and three children knew from their parents that these people were all experts in cultivation, but they relied on themselves to cultivate a collar since childhood, with Wudang Sect behind them and high spirits.
Especially it is better to see Li Yingqiong and others with flying swords than to be jealous in their own hearts. Although their father is making an apology, they glare at Li Yingqiong and others with contempt and no.
Qin Ziling saw Xiao Yi being a child at such a big age. She smiled at Li Yingqiong and other little girls and thought of her father. Her heart was blocked and she said to Li Yingqiong in a stern manner.
"School sister, we are here to be a guest. How can you do this to somebody else’s children? No matter what, we shouldn’t quarrel with others. What a scandal! You have lost all our faces in Qingcheng Mountain. "
Li Yingqiong has no mother since she was a child. Although Li Ning pampers her, she should be polite and reasonable, and she will not relax her education. Although Song Changgeng pampers them, she must tell them and never speak to them like this.
It’s that Ouyang Shuang’s child is impolite to speak, but Qin Ziling didn’t destroy the two families and actually scolded herself. Li Yingqiong felt that her heart was on fire. She gave Qin Ziling a hard stare and turned away angrily.
Yu Yingnan stared at Qin Ziling hard way "is that they speak impolitely. What makes you scold us? Don’t be a big sister, you will be great. Don’t be brought up in front of us.
Are you great yourself? If it weren’t for my brother’s ground, we wouldn’t care about you. I’ve never seen you scold one of your own people for flirting with others like this. What did we do wrong? "
Say that finish with his disciple Mi Niang chasing Li Yingqiong to Qin Han calyx beside a stamp airway "sister, what are you talking about? Did you talk like that? It’s really … "
See the eyes look pale Qin Ziling she also chased out Shen Relan face unhappy to follow ran out a few boys look pale but embarrassed to say anything.
Zheng Gu saw Qin Ziling pestle’s face changing in the local area. Obviously, she was choked by Shuangying and their words. She couldn’t help shaking her head. Qin Ziling was young after all, and her means of handling things were not smooth enough.
She came over and smiled at Ouyang Shuang’s husband and wife. "Several school sisters are still young. At ordinary times, everyone spoils and has a big temper. Don’t take it to heart. Let’s go in."
Say that finish will Qin Ziling aside to her wry smile way "purple ling, you mean well, but you speak in the wrong way. Do you think about how Ouyang Daoyou and his wife spoke for their children just now?
You mean good, but this situation is not to ease contradictions by belittling one’s own side and praising the other. To be a good leader, it is important not to belittle one’s own members at any time.
Face is very important. Everyone has a face. The parties are angry. How can you talk to them like that? What kind of blood or deep affection do you have with them that you can belittle them so wantonly?
They didn’t belittle their own children, but they defended them. What about you? They are your peers. What right do you have to scold them like your children?
Think about it. Today, you are wrong about many things. Just say that the things of those Qingluoyu brothers are the same. Now things are the same. Think about your practice, right? Being a leader is not so easy. "
After Qin Ziling finished, she changed her smiling face and walked over to talk and laugh with Ouyang Shuang as if nothing had happened, while Qin Ziling was there in wait for a while.
Song Chang-geng’s nominal wife got started earlier than everyone else, and she was also stable. Before Zheng Gu came, except Song Chang-geng, she had the highest skill in a bunch of students.
On her family background and qualifications, she is a leading figure, and Qin Ziling naturally becomes the leader of everyone. She has always recognized that she has done a good job and is arrogant to her classmates.
However, after all, she has no experience and has seen much of the world. Zheng Gu and Ouyang Shuang are different. She and her sister have seen each other since they were born. It is just a few people who have been practicing and being lonely.
After meeting Song Chang Gung, Zilinggu came into contact with many people and things, but if you want to say that people are tactful and exquisite, she can’t compare with Zheng Gu.
Because of many things, she didn’t handle them well, and everyone didn’t see them in front of Song Changgeng, but today she said it was a little too much to make Shuangying angry.
In a small hollow near Yuanjiang, there is a local magnificent palace that stands completely unsuited. At the entrance of the palace, Zheng Yin, the blood god, stares at the sky and doesn’t know what he is thinking.
Sitting in the hall, the god of the stars smiled at the sand prodigy sitting there. "It seems that Zheng Xiandi’s heart in building a career is very hot, and he is very unwilling to rob Yuanjiang treasures."
Sand prodigy laughed. "We all had this intention once, but at that time, the long eyebrows were so sophisticated that we became lazy after living in seclusion for a long time."
Zheng Xiandi is different from us. We haven’t experienced any great setbacks, but his top qualifications have been repeatedly suffered, and he is very eager for his own power. "
The stars and gods sighed lightly, "Heaven is so damaged that it can’t make up for it. The theory of long eyebrows and sophistication is not as good as Zheng Xiandi’s, but it has established Emei Sect and soared."
And Zheng Xiandi’s theory of being in the right path or entering our magic road is better than his failure in several times, and his wife was killed by others. How can he be willing to finally fall into a suppressed field?
Although we haven’t seen this Song Chang Gung, he is a man who can practice magic and magic, and he is like a duck to water in the right path. I don’t want to be an ordinary person. I really want to meet him. Can he be integrated with Zheng Xiandi? "
Zheng Yin can naturally hear them talking at the door and know that they are trying to make themselves white by talking behind their backs. Some things can’t be forced, but his heart is burning like a fire. He knows that his opportunities and fate are not enough, but he is really unwilling to let his wife die in his arms. He can’t forget the scene.
With a sigh, he didn’t look back and whispered, "It’s not easy for two brothers to see that person? Now that the opportunity to deliver the door has come, do you want to shoot? "
The sand prodigy and the star king looked at each other and then walked over with a glass of wine with a smile on his face. "Oh! What did Xiandi find? Say it out and let us also learn a thing or two. "
For the two people’s painstaking Zheng Yinbai’s mutual affection for hundreds of years, some words are not said. He laughed. "There are three big birds flying to Yuanjiang from two hills here. I know two of the little girls."
They are very close to that person. I met them in the wild that day. If two brothers want to see that person, they might as well let the two smiles send a message. "
After a silent investigation, the star king said, "Well! These little girls have good qualifications! Long magic away, my magic way has not been born for hundreds of years. "
Sand prodigy proudly laughed. "What about that? We weren’t a hero at that time, but we were unlucky. That’s all. I’ll tell those little girls to tell them what a hero that person is. "
After Li Yingqiong came out angrily, Yu Yingnan and others chased her out. Qin Han calyx was still eager to make an apology for her sister. Shen Relan and Mi Niang also persuaded her to get rid of her anger.
However, when she looked at Ouyang Shuang’s home, she didn’t have a home since she was a child. She felt a burst of irritability in her heart and everyone said that she would take a black carving as soon as she went back to Kuzhu Temple.
Yu Yingnan and other people looked at each other so that Shen Relan could go in and tell everyone that Yu Yingnan and Mi Niang’s mentor and apprentice took the ancient god dove Qin Han Calyx and ran back to Shen Relan and chased him by the Millennium Griffin.
The twenty-first volume Yuanjiang take treasure Chapter two hundred and nine Domesticated God sound
The Yuanjiang River keeps running for thousands of times, but still moves forward. The narrow peaks on both sides of the river make the castration of the river more urgent or sinister, whimpering and roaring for a thousand miles or slowly advancing all the way forward at a gentle place.
As time went on, there were more and more visitors from all walks of life in Kuzhu Temple. When I came back, I didn’t say anything. Qin Han calyx found a time to tell the story because it was difficult for her sister to hide it.
Song Chang-geng didn’t say anything about it. Qin Ziling showed that she was too hasty when dealing with things without experience, but no one was born tactful and sophisticated, and she always had to grow up.
Fortunately, Shuangying is not an outsider. Although she has suffered a little injustice this time, she will know that they are all mature and know how to treat some things without saying a word or complaining when they come back.