Brother Li, "It’s hard for us three to keep the walking route in mind and then dig a river by ourselves. Isn’t this the Silk Road?"


Female "Brother Li, this method is very second!"
Male: "If we can really explore the Silk Road, the brilliant reappearance of Datang will surely be just around the corner!"
Female "Brother Li is mighty!"
Male "Brother Li Gude!"
Li Xiong: "Hehe, the three of us will join hands to accomplish nothing. This time, we will go deep into the wasteland and build a great cause …"
Hearing such a familiar and friendly sound, the mad dog dragon jumped at him without considering his body aches and even rolling and crawling.
"Three or three young poets are coming!"
Looking back, I can’t help beaming. "It turned out that it was fate that a brother could meet a brother outside Datang."
Gambling negative also laughed, "I was rescued by a brother when I was in distress in the second sea. Is it necessary to meet a brother again this time?"
Pear sunny zhao said, "is there a sea ahead if you want to be in distress? With the water source, I will be saved! "
Gambling negative eyes are bright. "A brother is really a blessing!"
Li Qingzhao clapped her hands and said, "My brother is a pillar of the Tang Dynasty!"
The two of them sang and built a mad dog dragon, and I was dizzy. I said what logic you were, and I was so thirsty that I called for help, but you were also thirsty.
However, the ghost ships of the three great poems can all be called the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea, so what is the land of silk in the eyes of the three great poems?
Of course, humility in front of big poems is necessary. Mad dog dragon smiles and waves "Where where?"
He is welcome to gamble modestly. "I haven’t seen a brother for many days, so I think a brother must have improved a lot. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and got a new song, Money, Moon, Stripping Clothes, Land, Cool Giants, Net Name, About Handing Head, Wet Shares and Xiang Yi Brother. What do you think?"
Mad dog dragon’s eyes turned. "Gambling brother is fierce. Recently, the country has cracked down on pornography and gambling brother can find inspiration from it. It’s really a good poem, but the younger brother’s inspiration is also quite good recently. How about crying, pain, old uncle, fainting, running water, holding back and tinkering, fine sewing, hand numbness, sucking yang and knees, and licking again?" Not bad? "
"High is really high!" Gambling is a big compliment. "This poem is not only unique in form, but also profound in meaning. It is worthy of a strange poem that I, a family planning worker in Datang, endorse …"
The two of them are still arty, reciting poems and shouting "Look, everyone, look, is that the Silk Road?"
Follow her finger. There’s light in the dark.
Four people immediately is the spirit of a shock crazy to run away where there is light.
The so-called light is actually a weak bright spot, and the bright spot gradually becomes clearer. It is a pale yellow light mass, and so on. When you really get close, all four people are shocked.
This is a large city before the scale, which belongs to the medieval Huaxia people. The palace garden style is complete, and the wall is as high as 2 meters and extends to both sides, but there is no end in sight
The two gates were open, but they were blocked by a ball of energy, which gave off light.
I tried to touch this mass of energy, but the energy reacted. Four thirsty guys went in without saying anything.
When you enter the city, you will see a square, which is actually an earth dam. There are actually many people sitting in the dam.
The people who can sit here are obviously players, but it is strange that these players are unkempt as if they have rolled in the mud, and most of them are sad.
At the sight of mad dog dragon, four people got into the city, and these people were not surprised. A few people were still whispering.
"Look, four idiots came in again!"
"Just come in this forced sample? It is estimated that it is also poor! "
"I told you that someone would come in here. Do you believe it?"
"I believe your mother said that this is a sacred place!"
"Do you believe it or not?"
Mad dog dragon also feels strange. It’s strange that players touch this body in such a deep unknown area. But I don’t know what’s wrong with this city by watching these players swear and retaliate against the society one by one.
In fact, as soon as they entered the city, all four of them felt that something was wrong with the city. Although it was obviously an abandoned city for a long time, the city looked around from the dam as a kind of gray stone and mud, and the alleys were not generally dilapidated.
The most important thing is that this abandoned city gives people a feeling that it is not angry at all.
Yeah, it’s that lifeless, desperate smell.
Seeing a broken wooden cart with a mage player pointing at himself all the time, Mad Dog Dragon couldn’t help but go forward and said, "Hey …"
"Feed your mother!" The mage swore.
The mad dog dragon fainted. "Are you crazy?"
The mage said, "God your mother!"
Mad dog dragon said, "fuck you, repeater?"
"After your mother!" The mage is not generally angry.
"Mom, your sister!" Mad dog dragon freely rang rang 1
"Mom, mom!" Mage scold shun mouth directly to that.
Mad dog dragon was suddenly a burst of hilarious laughter. The mage gave him a hard stare and no longer scolded him.
Mad dog dragon conveniently pulled out a bottle of mineral water from his bag, and there was a little bit left. He was always reluctant to drink it. At the moment, he was too thirsty to stand it. He looked up and drank it.
When the mage saw that he actually had a water horse, he leaned in. "Is there any water?"
Mad dog dragon looked at him. "Water your mother!"
"Yes, yes!" The mage didn’t scold "water". Do you have any water, my mother’s brother? Give a drink? "
"Here you are, but you can tell me about it. I don’t even know you, but as soon as I came in, you were calling us an idiot? What do you mean? " Mad dog dragon threw him half a bottle of water.
After drinking all the nectar after a long drought, the mage sighed with satisfaction. "Alas, brother, you are too moldy. This is a ghost town!"
"What?" Mad dog dragon curious way "ghost town? What kind of ghost town? "
The mage sighed, "This place is haunted and you can’t go out again if you want to enter this ghost town."
Mad dog dragon obviously doesn’t understand "what do you mean?"
The mage said, "Aren’t you white about my words? If you come in, you’ll never want to go out! "
The mad dog dragon pointed to the city gate and said, "You mean we can’t leave the city as soon as we get into the city?"
The mage nodded. "That’s what I mean!"
Mad dog dragon doubted, "true or false?"
The mage said, "If you don’t believe me, try it yourself. Do you think you can go out?"
The mad dog dragon looked at him incredulously and then walked slowly towards the gate, and soon got into the pale yellow energy.
He kept going forward, and when he drilled out the energy, he found that the root outside was not the vast desert, but somehow returned to the city.
What the fuck is this? Mad dog dragon was dumbfounded.
"Let Brother Yu try!" A moment after the gambling master got into the energy with high spirits, he came out again with Shi Shiran’s face like a mad dog dragon’s end. That’s really not an exaggeration. "That’s weird. That’s weird!"
"Really can’t get out?" Master Pear never believed such a thing, and she also got into it.
This time, she came out in less than ten seconds. "How is that possible?"

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