"I also know that I am impulsive in Dongyang" Dongdong sighed "I will pay attention later, but I don’t regret hitting her today"


Yuanyuan is going to talk business with Yan Cong to Tianling Technology today. As soon as she heard Tianling Technology, she felt that her scalp had been smoked. Only when she arrived at somebody else’s company did she know that her boss was dyed. Her scalp was numb and she even told her that she had a silk tong yesterday.
She thinks it’s the right thing to play Silk Tong, but Dyeing Che, including Qianfeng, loves this sister very much, which is the most deadly thing.
As soon as she entered the meeting room, she saw Dye Che sitting at the meeting, and there was a row of suits and trousers sitting next to it. This battle was really scary.
Yuanyuan took a deep breath and thought about how to talk about it and how to talk about it. It should be changeable. This case has been followed up by Yan Chen in the early stage. This time, it is mainly about the intention base.
It was a long meeting, and Yuanyuan was a little tired, so she went to wash her hands and fix her makeup first.
As soon as I came out from washing my hands, I saw Dye Che coming face to face, and I knew that Yuanyuan was a Yanchen company. Somehow, he was looking forward to meeting at this moment.
"Hello, always." It’s really not a good place to see you in front of the toilet. Yuan still smiled politely at him.
"You’re welcome. You can call my brother by my name." Dye Che obviously blocked her here. "You almost became my sister-in-law, didn’t you?"
"He and I have broken up," Yuanyuan said coldly.
"So that’s it?" Dyed his brow slightly. "Your mother called my father the other day and said that my brother kidnapped you and asked my father to restrain him, otherwise she would call the police and I would return your old love?"
Yuan Yuan’s eyebrows always feel that this dyed Che speaks like a malicious person. She is even more surprised that her mother actually called Ling Tian. How many things did she do behind her back?
"It’s none of your business." Yuan coldly replied sideways to go.
"I know why you can’t be with my big brother." Dye Che grabbed her wrist and turned to smile and said to her.
Yuanyuan was shocked and looked at Dye Che Dong Dong. She suspected that it was Silk Tong who gave the information to her father. She also suspected that Silk Tong knew the truth of that incident in those days. How did she know that Yuanyuan suddenly realized that it might be inseparable from Dye Che!
"Actually, I don’t think you should be with my brother," Ranche went on. "How about coming to my office and talking?"
Yuanyuan wants to refuse directly, but he wants to see his cards and see what this man really wants to do.
She followed Dye Che to his office. As soon as she arrived at his office, Yuanyuan asked, "How do you know?"
"If you want to know something, you’ll know it." A smile crossed the corners of her mouth. "Actually, you are also a victim. You shouldn’t let yourself go because of that."
"Si Tong can do so many things because you are a helper beside her, right?" Yuan asked some angry.
"Tong Tong is still young. Sometimes she doesn’t know what she does?" Dye Che smiled and said, "Actually, I have a better proposal. I wonder if you are interested?"
"What discussion?" Yuanyuan asked
"I know you’ve always wanted to break up with my brother, and now your parents don’t approve of you being with my brother. I think you can’t pass that either. But I know my brother’s character best. Once he has identified a person and a thing, he can’t let go easily. How about I have a way to make my brother give up completely?" Dye che suddenly close to her almost posted on her face and said
"I don’t know what you mean?" Yuanyuan took a step back. She realized the danger of this man. This man is a completely different person. He smells evil and is very frightening!
"You be my woman!" Dye Che said, "If you become my woman, I’m sure my brother will give up."
Yuanyuan was confused at first. She almost became his sister-in-law. What about her being his brother and woman? How could Dye Che give her such advice?
"I don’t care about him, and it’s always your own brother. Don’t you think it’s unkind of you to do so?" This man has no brotherhood at all. She is very angry! The wind is not worth it!
"I want to help you and my brother. You and my brother won’t have a future, and you know that it’s not good for him to hang him so half-way." Chapter 49 is not very happy to eat.
"I don’t think you want to help him, but you want to hurt him." Yuanyuan said and turned away without hesitation because this man is not normal at all.
"You can think it over again," she said behind her. "You will find that my proposal is very good."
Yuan sneer at a "total I really doubt that you are his brother? If you were really his brother, you wouldn’t say such things. Is it glorious to rob your brother and woman? "
"Didn’t you say that you and your brother have broken up?" Dye che asks with a smile.
Yuanyuan felt that there was no way to communicate with this person and gave him a look with anger and turned to leave.
The meeting went well and I decided to go to Dongguan next week.
Yan Chen visited her from time to time on her way back. "Did you see the one who always felt embarrassed? If you are embarrassed, you won’t come if you talk to Tianling again?"
"No," Yuanyuan said flatly, "I know it’s very important for us to get along with Tianling."
Although dyed che’s words have a great influence on Yuanyuan’s mood, she still misses the wind.
After two days, my father will come to Beijing to have a class and a class. She thinks it’s because my father probably has limited time to see her. Who knows that she just finished class this day, and my father asked Mi to call her for dinner.

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