Pastoral male nodding "good good" he has a deep understanding of this matter. If he loves children and has something to hide from him, even if he loves each other again, he will be put to death in anger.


"Face depends on the means of herding men," said Miss Nian faintly. "It’s not so easy to end up robbing people from Shao Qing’s adult."
The shepherd shook his fan and smiled. "Miss Nian will rest assured for a while and I will want that girl. If she wants to pamper Shao Qing again, she will abandon her."
Miss Nian is still an unmarried girl. It’s hard to blush when she bows her head.
Pastoral male got up with a careless smile and said, "Miss Nian helped me get what I wanted in the future, and I will definitely return it." Then I hurried out of the door.
Miss Nian’s servant girl couldn’t help but pout, "Miss, it’s better to have less contact with such people and get dirty ears."
Miss Nian knows that the shepherd is in a hurry to "eat" quickly, so as to save big sleep from getting back by the green ink face again.
"Go and find a reliable person to follow the shepherd and see where they have taken that little bitch." Miss Nian ordered.
The servant girl asked in surprise, "What do you want to do, miss?"
Miss Nian smiled and said, "When things are almost done, go and send a letter to Shao Qing so that he can see it with his own eyes or give up."
The servant girl asked nervously, "Will Lord Shaoqing suspect the young lady?"
"How come I don’t know anything?" Miss Nian spread her hands. "I kindly found Miss Ru’s whereabouts and informed Shao Qing that he should thank me."
The servant girl went out to find Miss Nian’s confidant who followed the shepherd quietly behind her.
Green ink yan sitting in the elegant, such as some upset.
"The world … the world …" The door to Xuanyu anxious voice with a hint of panic.
Blue ink Yan looked out the door and saw Xuanyu running in with a big sweat. The sweat on his temples was running into a river.
"What’s the matter?" Blue ink Yan sank his face because he didn’t see a little figure behind Xuanyu.
"The world is not good, Miss Ru is gone!"
Green ink Yan whoosh up from the chair.
"Why can’t you see that you are not following her?"
Hyun-woo has never felt so embarrassed that she can’t even look at a child, but this time she lost her face.
"Genu always followed Miss Ru, but suddenly she disappeared and turned into a piece of paper." Xuanyu complained and took out a piece of paper folded into a herringbone.
Blue ink yan see at a glance that it is RuXiaoNan draw operator’s eyes suddenly cold.
He dare not imagine that his little thing ran away by itself.
Is this what she planned for a long time?
No, it’s impossible. Even if she is leaving, she should tell him.
Although the girl says she wants to be free, she still has him in her heart. Every time the poison is sent late, she will cling to his arms, and even when she is asleep, her little hand will pull his clothes.
"Go find" green ink yan cold way "even dig three feet to find her"
"Yes!" XuanYuRu amnesty immediately took the dead out of the elegant will monitor the whole restaurant.
In less than half an hour, Xuanyu transferred more than one hundred hands to seal up the whole street.
Diners in the restaurant were driven out, and everyone gathered in the street to talk about it.
"What happened to this?"
"Dali temple Shao Qing took the girl he adopted to dinner and the child disappeared …"
"It’s too arrogant for a child to bring in so many people."
"Who let him be a red man in front of the emperor? He can sit in this position at a young age. Where can others have such scenery as soon as possible …"
"But he is suffering from a strange disease, how can he be beautiful? I don’t know how many years he can scamper." Some people in the crowd also expressed disdain.
Miss Nian mixed in the crowd and listened to people’s comments with a slight sneer.
Qing Mo Yan really is a character.
Only such a man can deserve her to be a loser like the second young master, even if she can live for 10 thousand years, she will still be a loser!
Chapter 94 The escape method of bringing stupid dogs to fragrant raccoons at all times
A Update the latest chapter of Shao Qing’s pet career in Dali Temple as soon as possible!
Green ink Yan people almost searched around the restaurant. Finally, everything comes to him who waits. Some people say that they saw a teenage girl coming out of the restaurant alone and being knocked out from behind and carried away by a carriage.
Xuanyu’s heart sank, and she plopped down to the blue ink face. "It’s all about being able to make things happen. Even if the land in the capital is torn down, you must find Miss Ru!"
Blue ink yan hands over the sleeves, a pair of black and white eyes is faint now bleeding silk and imposing manner depressed suffocating.
"Xuanyu, you hurry back to Hou Fu and bring the stupid dog." Blue ink Yan faint way.
Xuanyu froze.
I didn’t expect him to take the stupid dog in Hou Fu courtyard at this juncture.
"Go back quickly!" Green ink Yan cold way
"Yes!" Xuanyu dare not guess again and ride to Hou Fu in person.
Green ink Yan in the restaurant room window looking at the crowd gathered outside the building, dark fire surge in the fundus.

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