"This … this is just my guess, but do you have another explanation that makes sense?" Zabu pointed to the gully on the ground and asked.


Jason seems to be angry and doesn’t want to talk anymore. Pique, on the other hand, looked at the ravines and deep pits on the ground. I don’t know what I was thinking.
Yes, if we can find another possibility, then none of them want to believe it, which is caused by Xingtian. All three have received higher education. Although both Pique and Jason believe in God, it is only a belief, and it has nothing to do with the existence of God.
"China is an ancient and mysterious country. Maybe some legends are true. Let’s go back first. It’s not too late to find more clues and come back." Pique wanted to think and said. Say that finish, he turned and walked back, ready to get on the horse and leave.
He doesn’t believe that Xingtian really exists. He likes to take risks, but he doesn’t want to risk his life. Even if this is not caused by Xingtian, something very dangerous must have happened here.
"Falk, we shouldn’t have come here." Jason scolded, picked up his backpack and followed Pique.
Chapter 206 Lead thunder
"Jiedi, as I said, that’s impossible, and your two places at once can’t resist the end of LeiJie. If you go near Xingtian yourself, you can’t resist his attack at all. " Yuyangzi is still persuading Qin Shaojie that this kind of death behavior is very disapproving. And promontory pavilion, just watching two people argue, without a word.
"I said, I have a way, really have a way." Qin Shaojie said.
"What else can you do?"
"By the way, there is really no way out." Qin Shaojie mind suddenly in a flash, said. "Have you noticed that if you attack Xingtian at a very close distance and at a very fast speed, he has no time to wield an axe at all, so he can only attack with that shield?"
"That’s true, although the axe is powerful, but the attack speed is slow. What do you mean by this? " Yuyangzi asked.
Qin Shaojie smiled, until enough jade yoko appetite, just said. "My wings of Raytheon can use the iron feather on the wings as an attack weapon, which is very fast. In this case, Xingtian will have no time to use his huge axe and can only rely on the square shield to defend against the attack of the iron feather. In this case, I can use the speed of Raytheon’s wings to deal with him, and then lead the lightning to him."
"This is a way." Jade Yoko wanted to think and said. "However, with Xingtian’s toughness, even if it thunders in 1999, it may not be able to kill him."
"I don’t expect to kill him. I just need to find an opportunity and take the mirror of Qin Wang from his waist." Qin Shaojie said.
"But, how do you forcibly raise your cultivation to Jiuchong Leijie, and forcibly attract thunder?" Yu Yoko said. "I do have a way to help you forcibly improve your cultivation, but time is limited."
"Don’t worry about it, I have my own way."
"What way?"
"Blood curse,"
"You mean the blood curse?" Yuyangzi was suddenly surprised.
"Why? Fat brother? Do you know the blood curse? "
"Of course I know." Yuyangzi is a little incredible. "That’s the evil work of the magic way. How did you get that blood curse?"
"As you know, I am a descendant of the Heavenly Immortal, and I can learn all kinds of spells. There is no limit. It was not long after I started practicing, and two people from the Magic Way attacked me. They used the blood curse and I learned it." Qin Shaojie perfunctory way.
You can’t tell him that there is a big devil hidden in your body. Who knows what this old ghost has done before? If this old guy has done something that makes people and gods angry, then let others know that he is hiding in his own body, then he will really be enemies with the world.
The right way does not allow a devil to exist, and the magic way does not allow ghosts to live.
"But have you ever thought about the consequences of that blood curse?" Yuyangzi is a little worried. "You are now the triple cultivation of Lei Jie, and you are forced to use the blood curse to upgrade to Lei Jie Jiu Jie. Even if you succeed in Du Jie, the danger is not small. I am not sure that I can help you open the true yuan in your body."
"It doesn’t matter, it’s not that I haven’t used the blood curse, and it’s not always good." Qin Shaojie said, and secretly glanced at the cape pavilion sitting at the stone table. I thought to myself, even if you are not sure to help me, there are still your school sister, Xian Ting. By the way, am I not her boyfriend anymore? In fact, double cultivation is also possible … Qin Shaojie thought very wickedly. However, he dare not say it. Who knows if the pavilion will be pulled over with one mouth? In that case, it would be a tragedy for me. Before he got the mirror of the King of Qin, she slapped him to death. It was really but before he could conquer, he was dead.
"Are you sure about this?" Yuyangzi asked.
"I’ve made up my mind, fat brother, no need to say more." Qin Shaojie said with a serious expression that he was ready to die generously.
"That’s good, then my school sister and I will plunder the array for Jiedi." Yuyangzi saw Qin Shaojie’s determination and could only agree.
In fact, if you can’t find the mirror of the king of Qin, you can forget it. Now you know where it is, but you can’t get it. He is not very happy. Although he is careless at ordinary times, his personality is very detached, but after thousands of years of practice, he has long since lost Qin Shaojie’s impulsive head when he is hot. Now, Qin Shaojie said this is not the way, and he can only give it a try. When you are in danger, just take your own brother and get out of here.
"So … shall we go?"
"Let’s go, I hope we can succeed." Yuyangzi sighed and took the lead to the cave entrance.
When three people came to the valley, Qin Shaojie could obviously feel the pressure of Xingtian’s killing gas. Some people will say, why can’t Pique and others feel the pressure brought by this breath? Actually, it’s very simple, because they are not practitioners, and they can’t feel the breath of Xingtian, and neither can Xingtian.
Nodding at Yuyangzi and Maoting, Qin Shaojie called out the wings of Raytheon and flew slowly forward alone.
"Shua" Qin Shaojie cut his palm with the iron feather of Raytheon’s wing and silently read a formula. Suddenly, Qin Shaojie felt that his cultivation was gradually improving, and it was not until the Leijie period was nine times that he stopped. It was good, just right.
"Jiedi, get that Xingtian out quickly, and the thunder robbery is coming." Not far away, Yu Yoko shouted.
Qin Shaojie looked up at the sky. Sure enough, the cloudless sky in Wan Li just now has been covered by a thick layer of black clouds. Is the black clouds mixed with purple lightning and thunderous thunder? Qin Shaojie looked at it, and his heart suddenly pulled. Damn it, it’s a terrible thunder robbery, but we must succeed, or we will really die.
"Xingtian monster, come out and die." Qin Shaojie flapped two metal wings flying in the air and shouted, plus the dark clouds mixed with purple lightning overhead, which was quite imposing.
1 of "bang", Xingtian suddenly jumped out from the valley. Breasts are like two angry eyes staring at Qin Shaojie.
"It’s you yellow emperor’s lackeys again, looking for death." Xingtian roared, and he was about to raise his axe.
"Shua shua shua" Qin Shaojie can’t give him the opportunity to wield an axe, and five busy people come out in a row. And Yuyang son also moved, direct 18 golden firm but gentle attack to Xingtian.
"Damn it, this damn place, this damn weather, it was fine just now, why is it suddenly going to rain?" Jason looked at the dark cloud overhead with lightning and cursed.
"Let’s go, and try to find a place to shelter from the rain. Look at this black cloud, the rain will not be small." Zabu said some worry.
Just then, suddenly a lightning as thick as a small snake chopped down directly.
"This … Zabu, the place where the lightning fell seems to be the place where the gully was just now."
"Yes, yes, it is there." Zabu said with a trembling voice.
"Come on, let’s go and have a look." Pique seemed to feel what happened there, turned his horse’s head, ignored Zab and Jason’s shouts, and ran back directly.
Chapter 207 Thunder, Iron Feather, Xingtian
"Click, click" several days when the thunder fell, Qin Shaojie’s doppelganger was also entangled in Xingtian, and that day, the thunder also landed on Xingtian’s huge body without head. Xingtian did not move, but directly waved a square shield to attack Qin Shaojie’s doppelganger. After five days of thunder, Qin Shaojie’s doppelganger was scattered by Xingtian.
"Grandma, how can we insist on such a little time?" Qin Shaojie heart surprised, this Xingtian, too much.