The selection of players in the main team has undergone changes in the winter and the actual changes of the two coaches in Manchester City are not much, but more "counterpoint substitution". Several players transferred in January have occupied the main force in the half season. Irish goalkeeper given, Dutch midfielder Germany and English left-back Bridge Welsh striker Bellamy replaced Hart, Hernandez and Barzso respectively.


After the analysis report, Tang Hua also listed in detail the season competition data of each Manchester City player. In addition to the familiar data such as goals and assists, the main activity area and the average running distance efficiency value became the main data of Tang Hua.
Vast narrative text plus some clear bar charts and graphs, without too many comments or personal opinions, replaced by general text as Lin Sen thought. Tang Hua’s team analysis will be an important reference for him to specify the transfer plan.
"Very good"
Tomlinson simple two words let aside Tang Hua relieved.
Lin Sen smiled when he saw the change of Tang Hua’s expression. There are some things to get used to. It seems that when it is still needed, Tang Hua can slowly adapt to him. It is not helpful.
Put away the Tang Hua analysis report. Lin Sen got up and looked at it for a while. It was almost time to go out to eat. At this time, her attention has been attracted by Adriano for a long time. Ariel suddenly looked up and said, "Eat lunch at my grandmother’s side."
"Don’t bother," said Tomlinson as Ariel casually, and she followed suit.
"Why don’t you try my grandfather? Maybe he’ll be waiting for you outside right now."
Tomlinson immediately wry smile in my heart.
Ariel said yes, the old Cruz was already waiting outside, although he didn’t know whether he was trying to prevent Linsen from plotting against his granddaughter, but he didn’t come in, sitting in his yard with an armchair as usual, smoking a pipe and looking at the distant bay. It was only from time to time that he took a look at Linsen’s side room.
His wife thought he was in the way and kicked him out from the beginning, and he was happy to be quiet.
It was not until his wife left the room and told him that lunch was ready that Old Cruz got up and walked over and knocked on Linsen’s door.
The lunch was very rich. Old Mrs. Cruz seems to have cooked everything she knows.
Obviously, farewell is the theme of this meal, but neither Tomlinson nor Cruz deliberately avoided this topic. Tomlinson told the truth that he would leave Malaga and go to Manchester, but Cruz told Tomlinson that he had bought season tickets for Malaga and would take Aunt Belda to the Rose Garden to watch the ball when he had the chance. It was a pity that he would never see him again in the Rose Garden.
The first time I met the old Cruz couple, Tang Hua listened to Tomlinson talking to the old Cruz while eating silently. Because Tomlinson and the old Cruz spoke Spanish, I don’t know if he could understand it. At this time, Ariel said that she took the old Cruz couple to Manchester to watch the ball, so that the old Cruz could not help but laugh and say that she never knew that her granddaughter had not been raised in vain when she came to her side to eat rice.
Tomlinson received a message from tapia, the coach of Malaga, who wanted to see him. Tomlinson thought about it and asked an old Cruz, and then asked him to come directly.
A few minutes later, tapia appeared at the door. He was already on his way when he just talked to Linsen.
After a brief introduction, I sat down in tapia and asked Tomlinson when he would go to England. Tiantapia nodded his head and said in front of everyone that his purpose was to listen to Tomlinson’s advice on Malaga’s summer transfer.
After all the replacements were completed in Malaga, Vilalonga chose to believe in tapia, and the transfer workers in Malaga also entered the agenda. Just yesterday, Vilalonga personally met with tapia, and the transfer workers in the new season were naturally a must-talk topic. Vilalonga told tapia that the club would keep existing players in Malaga as much as possible, but at the same time, he also told tapia that some people were afraid that the club did not take too much initiative.
Tapia is not sure whether Vilalonga will really support himself as he said, but he is very clear about another meaning of Vilalonga. After all, the minimum termination fee is there. If the player insists on leaving, there is nothing the club can do. After becoming a season assistant coach of Lin Sen, tapia found that many of his ideas have changed. After consulting with Livermore, tapia thought of Lin Sen.
Of course, tapia himself knows that he can trust Lin Sen, the former head coach of Malaga, to give himself some advice, but he can never expect to be the same as Lin Sen, the head coach of Manchester City.
It’s not that tapia hasn’t thought about the possibility that Lin Sen may dig up Malaga players.
Attached is the list of Manchester City in the 89 th season
goalkeeper in ball games
1 given shaygiven Ireland /4/1976
19 Schumacher Kaspersheihel Jr. 11/5/1986
Hart jehar England April 19, 1987
Nelson gunnarnielsen Faroe Islands 7/1/1986
Richards iahrihards England 4/6/1988
3 Bauer ihaelball England 1979-1-
4 Onoha nedunuha England 3/11/1986
5 Zabaleta pablzabalea Argentina 16/1/1985
15 garrido garrid Spanish 15/3/1985.
Dunn riharddunne Ireland 1/9/1979
5 Bridge waynebridge England 5/8/198
6 haim albenhai color train 31/3/198
Kong Pani vinenkpany Belgium 1/4/1986
midfield region
6 Johnson ihaeljhnsn England 4//1988
7 Ireland sephenireland Ireland /8/1986
8 Phillips shaunwrigh-phillips England 5/1/1981
11 Elano elanbluer Brazil 14/6/1981
17 Petrov arinperv Bulgaria 15/1/1979
19 Hernandez gelsnfernandes Switzerland 9//1986
1 Harman didihaann Germany 1973-8-7
34 Germany nigeldejng Netherlands 3/11/1984
4 vladiirweiss Slovakia 3/11/1989
Kelviuhu, Etuhu 3/5/1988