[Nearby] Stewed pig’s trotters, er …


Zuo Tangtang rarely hesitated. Can she say that she was going to have a big surprise and said that she would come back? But now she has been shocked nine days later?
[Nearby] If you don’t want to come back after nine days?
Seeing that Zuo Tangtang didn’t respond for half a day and teased the truth for nine days, he always felt that this was a dig at himself-this help will not even come back.
But I didn’t expect …
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters are stewed. Yes, I want to come back
Zuo Tangtang than happy answer to be continued.
[44. Four hundred and fifty Thermal field? ]
Zuo Tangtang is heartless, saying that the old Wang’s classmates were decisively speechless for nine days.
Just as the two men stared at each other for a long time, Zuo Tangtang was surprised to see that she was still shaking and stumbling for nine days. Ma Liu climbed up from the ground and leaned over to her. She seemed to carefully look at her vest and fell to her feet directly from the broken meridians.
Zuo Tangtang …
This …
What the hell is this?
Is it possible to force a person to death by speaking with your own weight?
Thought of here Zuo Tangtang was stunned by himself.
Before she could react, the body disappeared nine days later.
There is no one around, and the tree is quiet and Zuo Tangtang is quiet.
It was not until a minute passed that Zuo Tangtang finally found out that this was the rhythm of drying her here!
Damn nine days, I was so kind and comforted him. I gave him a lot of sugar pills that I couldn’t bear to part with. As a result, I was so scared that I broke myself when I heard the news that she wanted to come back! There is nothing more insulting than this!
Thought of here, Zuo Tangtang rolled up her sleeves and looked angrily at the plaque with "soy sauce" hanging on her head. Her eyes seemed sharp and she flew out in the blink of an eye-she had been beaten by that woman for so long! Although the final result may have to die, she can still do a good job of cleaning up each other!
Just after being disturbed by this mess outside the "surprise plan", Zuo Tangtang was still thinking about how to plot the best deal for nine days at the bottom of his heart when suddenly a figure came running in the distance …
Hoof ~
Hoof ~
Zuo Tangtang looked at the cheerful little waves in the bubbles above the north finch’s head with an expression on his face, and they also fluctuated with his bouncing pace.
[Nearby] Beique told me in nine days that you would come back.
[Nearby] Is Beique today?
Beique was very excited to look at Zuo Tangtang and said that it has been a long time since Huihoo told him to come back. Is today the confirmation day?
[Nearby] What are you going to do after stewing pig’s trotters for nine days?
Zuo Tangtang didn’t answer Beique’s question. She’s full of thoughts now, or she said she would come back and kill herself nine days later.
[Nearby] Beique him?
[Nearby] Beique said that he had drunk too much, and the screen was shaking and he couldn’t see clearly, so he went to sober up.
This ….. Wine can wake up?
Zuo Tangtang’s forehead black line also deepened.
Just as she hesitated to tell Beique that she probably didn’t want her to come back for nine days, a figure came running again not far away …
[nearby] hooves and hooves in nine days ~
[Nearby] After nine days, hooves … Ouch, why am I still dizzy when I go?
With a slightly normal pace for nine days, the news brush of the nearby channel kept running all the way.
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters stew. What have you been doing …
Attention was diverted. Zuo Tangtang frowned and asked, "Although nine days has not staggered like just now, she always feels that it will take a gust of wind to blow this over for nine days."
Nine days trying to remember one
[Nearby] Nine days later, um … I broke my life first, but the wine didn’t wake up, and then I went to kill the monster and boarded it again. I probably got stuck in buff successfully, and now I can shake it a lot except for a few steps.
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters stew …

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