In order to hide his embarrassment, Huangfu Zhantian gently coughed a heavy way. "Now Henaan has been promoted successfully. I hope you will all give me a promotion to Sword God in half a month at the latest, or I will make that benefit without you." Say that finish, Huangfu Zhantian will ignore their reaction and directly pull Henaan into his arms, and then a flicker will disappear in front of everyone.


They took one look at each other and then collapsed. Why did they go to practice, of course? What they are most afraid of now is that they can’t follow Huangfu Zhantian. Even the strongest snow vulture has always felt a strong crisis. If he really stands still, he must be surpassed by this group of younger generations sooner or later. He must work hard. Anyway, he has Huangfu Zhantian to give many pills for a short time, but he will be worried about the lack of pills [
After that, the situation was in a state of tension. There are not many days left for them. None of them want to be dumped. In this case, they can’t follow Huangfu Zhantian’s side after it is possible. After taking revenge, Xiao You is also very rational in controlling the blood Shaqi, which has to be said to be a good thing. Although his practice speed is slower than his, he is no longer afraid of being controlled by the blood Shaqi.
Although Xiaoyou knew that Huangfu Zhantian said that he definitely didn’t include himself in that half month, he had already identified Huangfu Zhantian and he didn’t want to be dumped. Although everyone had a better foundation than him, he also had his own advantages. During this period, he gave full play to his own advantages and cultivated his progress speed as desperately as possible, which made Xiaoyou die of shame without a series of chances. Now Xiaoyou is already a middle-ranking blade master. You know, he was a fool who didn’t know anything more than a year ago, but he relied on himself when he was a child. Hard work and talent, of course, as well as the continuous support of Dan medicine from Huangfu Zhantian, have risen to this point. It can be said that if the little secret things are said, it will definitely set off some waves in the mainland.
These days, when Huangfu Zhantian was desperately refining pills to improve his strength, he didn’t care about the loss and success rate of medicinal materials, so he came to Zhanmeng to get medicinal materials from Zhanmeng Yu Zuhui and the headquarters of Zhanmeng didn’t change the gold. Knowing that Huangfu Zhantian needed medicinal materials, he personally ordered all parts of the mainland to find the medicinal materials needed by Huangfu Zhantian at all costs.
Once the behemoth of Zhanmeng is in operation, its strength will be extremely terrible. In less than a week, all the medicinal materials needed by Huangfu Zhantian have been transported to the Zhanmeng branch of Julu City, but Huangfu Zhantian has come or not to pay attention to these medicinal materials and left. Every so often, Huangfu Zhantian will come to Zhanmeng.
However, the requirement for Huangfu Zhantian is to meet as much as possible. You know Huangfu Zhantian has never asked anything and never asked for anything since he created this war alliance. This time, an order finally came. Of course, he tried his best to do it well.
Of course, such a big move of the war alliance has also affected the situation in the whole continent. The whole continent was shocked by the crazy move of the war alliance this time. After all parties inquired, all forces paid attention to Julu City. Because of this war alliance, all the medicinal materials were found from all over the mainland and transported to this giant Lucheng, but it made all the forces understand that this batch of medicinal materials was transported to Julu City, and there was no movement after the war alliance. If they inquired, they didn’t know the real place and place of this batch of medicinal materials. Let alone the unpredictable strength of ghosts and gods, even if the top powers of all parties in the mainland were explored,
But this kind of thing is bitter for Yu Zuhui. Fortunately, Yu Zuhui is a gold digger. It took a while for the headquarters to reach Julu City. Although it is a little difficult to deal with this kind of thing, it has not gone wrong, which fully shows its outstanding ability.
Huangfu Zhantian walked out of the small world with a tired face and a pile of jade bottles with a wave of his hand. So many days of continuous alchemy appeared in front of him. Even his high-order sword god strength is too much for him. After all, refining these Dan medicines is very advanced. Now almost no one in the whole Lifeng mainland can refine them. Even if someone can barely refine them, it is impossible to refine them in batches like Huangfu Zhantian, let alone continuously.
Henaan next to a face of love dearly, but she also knew that it was hard to comfort Huangfu Zhantian with her tenderness.
But the little fish and others are all reddish-eyed. They all know that they are the boss, and they are really desperate. What they need to do is to improve their strength. After seeing Huangfu Zhantian desperately, they are no longer shouting bitter and tired. In addition to Huangfu Zhantian’s daily distribution of Dan medicine, they don’t even care about eating and drinking Lazarus. If they really control and don’t solve these problems, there is no problem.
Snow Griffin knows that refining Dan medicine in his practice place costs a lot, and he also sweeps away his lazy cultivation attitude, like a young man, and tries his best to practice together with Xiaoyu and them.
"Come on, don’t be such a pussy, just take the Dan medicine and practice!" Huangfu Zhantian looked at the small fish and their expressions suddenly burst into nai. He didn’t want to see them crying. Section 958: Huangfu Zhantian planned to.
Small fish, they took their jade bottles one by one and then left without looking back. They knew they couldn’t hold the boss back, and he paid so much. How can they live up to the boss if they don’t practice well?
Watching them leave, Huangfu Zhantian was very pleased with his strength. Of course, I can see that they have improved because Huangfu Zhantian is not good at praise.
"Xiaotian is exhausted!" Henaan said that he came to the front of Huangfu Zhantian, and Huangfu Zhantian immediately smiled when he heard Henaan’s words, then he was very skilled in lying on a couch and then closed his eyes, while Henaan held Huangfu Zhantian in his hands and gently rubbed it. Henaan did not last long, so Huangfu Zhantian was very comfortable and fell asleep.
Looking at a tired face, I feel very distressed that I can relieve his fatigue in this way. The fatigue of refining Dan medicine is not physical fatigue but mental fatigue. You know, one day when Huangfu Zhantian is refining Dan medicine outside is equivalent to a small world alchemy, and no one can stand it. Even if Huangfu Zhantian is already a high-order sword god, mental fatigue can be eliminated without strong strength.
Stay in the sunset mountain suspection.i Zhantian, open your eyes and look at the delicate face in front of you. I can’t help but kiss Henaan deeply with the first hook [
"Xiaotian, are you in such a hurry to let them break through this time? Do you want to go to the palace of Tiejia?" After a good half-day, Henaan was kissed by suspection.i Zhantian, and crazy in love finally caught the opportunity to free himself from suspection.i Zhantian Sirius kiss, and then Henaan directly changed the subject.
HuangFuZhanTian although some wanting more, but hear Henaan HuangFuZhanTian didn’t press hard, but fled out Henaan recruit waved to Henaan called to the side HuangFuZhanTian point a little bit of her quite become warped nose laughed "know me better than Henaan, yes, I have coveted the palace of TieGu for a long time, this time after they broke through, I will take them there, although I have a hunch that their strength is not good, but it is good for them to deter an outsider outside. I guess I will collect it then. I’m afraid there will be a lot of noise when I go to the underground palace. I’m afraid that those old monsters who are not born will come to intervene. If that’s the case, they can help me stop them. "
Hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, Henaan finally understood the idea of Huangfu Zhantian, but she was careful about Huangfu Zhantian.
Seeing Henaan’s expression Huangfu Zhantian laughed, "You shouldn’t be the sword god is the peak strength of Li Feng’s mainland, right?"
Henaan rightly nodded his head.
Any suspection.i war heaven "when I was so recognized, you know, A Dai’s strength has gone beyond the sword god’s territory, and he is now in the feather realm". Any suspection.i war day was afraid of Henaan’s unbelief and threw a blockbuster.
Sure enough, after listening to the words of Huangfu Zhantian, Henaan showed a horrified expression. After a long time, Henaan digested what Huangfu Zhantian said and then said to Huangfu Zhantian, "In that case, wouldn’t it be said that this continent is still strong in the realm of eclosion?"
Huangfu Zen Heaven "That’s not because of the emergence of the strong. If anyone breaks through a little, they will be forcibly sucked to Shenyuan Mainland by the laws of heaven and earth, but I don’t know if this mainland has just been promoted to the emergence of the world. It’s not long before you know that this can be extended to hundreds or even thousands of years. It’s very difficult for the emergence of the strong to be promoted. If there is, it’s really not good!" Any suspection.i war days don’t worry about a way
After listening to Huangfu Zhantian’s explanation at this time, Henaan finally understood that Huangfu Zhantian was worried about her comfort. "It’s not as horrible as you think. You know, a person can carry many factors and rise to the realm of feathering. If you don’t say that this human nature and perseverance must be very strong, it is impossible for such a person to be willing to be in such a challenging place as Lifeng Mainland. After all, although the top strong are enemies, they also lack the loneliness of their opponents. This feeling will torture people crazy."
After hearing Henaan’s words, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and laughed. "It seems that I scared myself. Maybe things are not as horrible as I thought. If I had no opponent in the whole mainland of Li Feng, I would definitely be tortured crazy."
"But although the emergence level of the strong is unlikely, there may be some people who are not born all the year round, so if these people smell such treasures as the Iron House Palace, then they will definitely not be able to stand the temptation. If they come, I’m afraid …!" Henaan went on to express his concern.
After Henaan decompressed his mind, a big stone finally fell. At this time, I heard Henaan worry about suspection.i Zhantian and immediately laughed. "Ha ha! Don’t you forget the strength of A Dai? It’s not easy for A Dai to deal with these old monsters of the Sword God level. Yes, I don’t intend to let A Dai deal with these old monsters. I want you to take this as the touchstone. You have to try the strong sword God level to fight for life and death, so that I can adapt to my own strength more quickly. Don’t tell them that I will let A Dai supervise and not let you encounter any life danger, but this matter can’t let them know that otherwise they won’t have the pressure of life and death tempering. "
Henaan took a white look at Huangfu Zhantian and didn’t good the spirit. "If the mainlanders know that you actually give us those sword gods as touchstones, I’m afraid I’ll scold you to death."
"Ha ha …..! Then let them scold! "
After listening to Henaan’s words, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly laughed. Although Huangfu Zhantian recognized that he would become a strong man because of Raytheon’s decision when he was a child, he didn’t expect that he would come to this point. These years of experience made Huangfu Zhantian feel a burst of sorrow. Section 959: Small and tragic.
Once upon a time, he was so weak in front of his little golden bucket, but now he doesn’t even care about blade master, and he is more confident that such a change will make Huangfu Zhantian feel in a trance, which is very unreal, but he knows that it is all true and he will not be satisfied with the present situation. There is a wider world waiting for him and more powerful challenges waiting for him.
After half a month’s hard work, the first peak to reach blade master was actually Xiaoyou, which made everyone fall below their eyes, but Xiaoyou himself was also very surprised. Of course, this incident dealt a blow to Xiaoyu Single Crystal and Fang Jinyu, but it was not light, but there was no way to practice harder.
But today, they didn’t practice, because today is the eleventh day when Xiaoyou is going to attack the Sword God, which is also the eleventh day when Huangfu Zhantian said that they would be promoted to the Sword God in half a month.
At this time, there are also enough pills to break the gods and a list of pills to restore energy. Of course, there is also a list of strange pills to restore energy. Because he is afraid that Xiaoyou’s promotion will not be so easy, then if there is an emergency, it is a precaution to prepare more pills.
Xiao You adjusted his physical condition to the best condition, then opened his eyes and looked at Huangfu Zhantian with gratitude. It was this man who changed his fate. Today, if he must succeed, he had a hunch that he would not be promoted so easily today, but he had a firm mind. Today, nothing can stop him from breaking through. It is a master [
See small deep and remote eyes HuangFuZhanTian smiled and nodded at him, see HuangFuZhanTian eyes encourage small deep and remote eyes from HuangFuZhanTian body back, and then from the ground to pick up a bottle of broken god Dan bottle cap from the inside out a golden broken god Dan without hesitation into the mouth.
After breaking the entrance of Shen Dan, the blood Shaqi of the small secluded body was successfully "activated" for the first time. It’s not that the blood Shaqi of the small secluded body was dead, but that the blood Shaqi of the small secluded body was aroused at this time. Because Xiao You has a suspection battle day around him, many strong people such as them have always been suppressed, including the small secluded body who helped his grandparents get revenge. The blood Shaqi of his body did not dissipate, but continued to lurk. At this time, the blood Shaqi of the broken Shen Dan will be activated as soon as he entered the body.